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This is the ultimate makeover show-for businesses. Marcus Lemonis finds failing or near failing businesses and swoops in to save them, with one catch: the owners have to do it his way. Marcus goes over the books, the files and essentially leaves no stone unturned in his thorough research of all aspects of operations. Marcus develops a plan that can bring the most success and even offers his own money and expertise as a partner in the venture. The allure is the scandals that he sometimes uncovers concerning shady doings behind the scenes and how he confronts employees and demands change if they really want his assistance. Marcus Lemonis is direct and fearless in his advice and at times that ends up with his walking away from a sinking ship without throwing the lifesaver.

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Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on CNBC
3 Seasons, 27 Episodes - Currently Airing
Action & Adventure, Family, How To, Learning & Education, Reality
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  • Marcus returns to four companies—Coopersburg Sports, Key West Key Lime Pie Co., Artistic Stitch, and Unique Salon & Spa—and reveals which partnerships have flourished and which have floundered.

  • Mike and Scott Ciprari started SJC Drums and quickly transformed it into a million-dollar company. But sibling rivalry forced Scott out of the company, leaving Mike in charge and SJC in free fall. Can Marcus Lemonis resolve this family feud?

  • Marcus revisits businesses from Season One & Two, such as Athans Motors, WorldWide Trailer Sales, Inc., Mr. Green Tea, Michael Sena’s Pro-Fit, and Sweet Pete's.

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