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Series Length:3 Seasons, 161 Episodes
Network: Cartoon Network

Tom and Jerry was a series of animated cartoons that were created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and made for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. This cartoon featured a rivalry between a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry. These two fought and chased each other and were at times, quite violent but very funny. Children and teenagers watched these cartoons in the late 1940s, 50, 60s and on up until the 80s and 90s.

This cartoon series often focused on Tom's many attempts to capture Jerry and in between the chases, many funny things happened; usually to Tom. Tom tried so hard to catch Jerry that he often hurt himself in the process. However, there were times when each of them were concerned about each other and showed friendship for each other. In addition, there are times during their chases that they put aside their rivalry so that they can help in an emergency situation such as watching over a baby who has been taken away from a family.

Tom, the cat is clever and always thinks that he's going to win but it is often Jerry, the mouse who out foxes him. Many children and teens watched this cartoon and even today, some of the episodes can be seen on TV. Cartoons such as Tom and Jerry are not only fun to watch but give an insight on the kind of cartoons that many watched so long ago. Even though some of them were violent, they were still funny and entertaining.

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Status: Canceled/Ended
Rating: 9.2/10
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  • Tom is having nightmares about getting pounded by a bulldog. Jerry's dog bashes up tom many times, and Tom decides he'd rather sleep and dream about getting pounded by a dog than having it actually happen.

  • Another Space Adventure, this time Tom is a security guard. He spots Jerry's robot sneaking cheese from the Mining Facility. He sends his robot after him and gets the cheese back. The two robots end up injured, and put a controlling device on Tom & Jerry while the two robots operate the controls.

  • Tom is reviewing failed attempts to catch Jerry. he gets an idea to revise one of his old experiments. Unfortuneately, for Tom, Jerry was watching the old films and saw Tom drawing his new plan.

  • Tom's dreams of surfing are changed slightly when an Octopus, The Shark, and Jerry get involved. He becomes the surfboard himself when he swallows it.

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