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True Justice on Reelz is right for the Steven Seagal Lawman fan of A&E. The television series is very nearly the same as the cable television dramas of the 1990s era--so if you liked that type of era-oriented, dramatic syndicated programming: You will enjoy watching Steven Seagal in the starring role of the True Justice television drama.

Seagal in the show's primary role: plays character Elijah Kane. He is the leader of the Special Investigations Unit: however, it is not precisely clear which law enforcement agency the Special Investigations Unit is affiliated. Suffice it to say: he heads up Special Investigations. Kane and his team work undercover; and they are not favorable about police automobiles coming in close proximity of their Special Investigations Unit headquarters.

Seagal, the show's star: wrote the introductory episode. The other members of cast appear in deference to Kane. In example, when the Special Investigations Unit (referred to as SIU) gives chase in order to arrest a bad dude spotted at a nightspot: all of the characters go after the suspect; except of course for Kane. In deference to Kane the team members evidently know it's their job to give chase to societal predators. Kane sits watching the commotion, at a safe distance from the seat of his automobile. Kane though, plays it smart: working smarter, not harder - so nineties by taking up his position in the automobile, driver's side of course, and heads toward the drug dealer. He easily subdues the bad guy. Naturally, his Special Investigations Unit team members watch mesmerized as Kane goes after the bad guy--using his car as his weapon. They witness Kane's subsequent action with a great deal of endearing respect for Kane. To them: Kane is such a clever fellow. Later, during a bad guy confrontation, Kane does not take leave of his car's front seat, this time either, as he takes shots at the suspect.

Fans of Seagal will bask in the comfort of seeing him once again on screen. They will also like the 90s' throwback nostalgic theme tied to Seagal as Kane. Some of the show's cast is not exactly acting when they seem to hero-worship Seagal. They mention him in their professional bios: what a thrill it is to work with Seagal.

We may say then the support characters do most of the grunt detective work and give chase to the show's bad guys. Their actions allow the clever Kane to make his approach and easily subdue the bad guy when least expected. Naturally, he is glorified all the more and receives credit for the entire takedown.

Significant members of cast include: Warren Christie; Meghan Ory; Sarah Lind; and William Stewart. The show's fit within the Reelz Channel: Television about Movies branding is not quite clear. However, if you like Seagal and are nostalgic about 90s detective drama: It is a show worth checking out.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on ReelzChannel
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes - Canceled
March 11, 2012
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama
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  • The FBI closes in on Kane, just as he plans to retaliate against the Ghost, the man responsible for the attack on his precinct. With the authorities hot on his heels, it is left to Kane's team of hard-bitten cops to make sure he is close enough to finally take his revenge.

  • Kane continues to track the suitcase nukes, but now suspects that his contact inside the CIA may be working against him. Kane knows he’s running out of time and teams up with an old friend to stop the suitcase nukes from reaching their prospective buyers. Kane knows The Ghost is now closer than ever…Kane and his team have removed The Ghost’s support systems but fall under attack when they try to secure the suitcase nukes.

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