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TV Land assembled some of your favorite classic television stars to talk about the secrets of your favorite classic TV shows. Each episode had a different topic. For example: Changing Trends, Casting and Character Creation, Breakout and Disappearing Stars, and others. TV Land Confidential tells us how Robin Williams got his guest starring role as Mork on "Happy Days." On the other hand, after one season, Chuck Cunningham disappeared from HD. The Maude Findlay character was supposed to be a guest role as Edith's cousin on "All in the Family," but she ended up with her own series called "Maude."

Wednesdays at 10:00 pm on TV Land
2 Seasons, 13 Episodes - Ended
September 14, 2005
Reality, Documentary & Biography
TV Land Confidential
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  • What happened when the Monkees met the Beatles? How did Motown turn out so many hits? Which Woodstock performer wrote a song in front of the half million people in attendance 'and why? What did Michael Jackson confess to Donny Osmond? We'll hear inside stories about song-writing and get the real story behind songs!

  • Why did a reluctant Ray Romano need to be dragged off to Italy? How did the Brady kids like shooting in Hawaii? From an evacuation on the set of Lost, to vacationers becoming part of a scene on the hit show Las Vegas; when a television shows goes on location – you can bet the unexpected happens and the untold stories are plentiful.

  • How did Christopher Lloyd go from a guest spot on Taxi to becoming a series star as Reverend Jim? Who showed up as a guest star and ended up marrying the star of a popular 80's sitcom? Why did a Mary Tyler Moore audience boo one guest star just for kissing Murray? Get the untold tales of the sometimes celebrated, sometimes unsung guests stars of series television.

  • What finale was originally planned for Mary Tyler Moore? And how did Bob Newhart keep the secret of his final Newhart episode? In the world of television all good things must come to an end – from the hit shows that go out with a bang to the series that are quietly canceled there's always a story behind the send-off. But on TV, good-bye doesn't always mean forever. How did What's Happening get a second chance at life and why didn't Larry Hagman appear in the Jeannie reunion movies? Saying goodbye was never so much fun.

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