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Series Length:2 Seasons, 33 Episodes
Schedule: Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on CBS

Drama, intrigue and more are in store for viewers who tune in to "Unforgettable." The CBS series was canceled before the end of its first season following less than stellar ratings in the prime American age groups. However once other networks began showing an interest in picking up the show, CBS executives changed their minds and renewed the series. The one hour long weekly program is based on both the book "The Rememberer," written by J. Robert Lennon, and the Cam Jansen series created by David A. Adler.

This crime drama/mystery follows the story of Carrie Wells, a former police officer from Syracuse, New York, who is both blessed and cursed by the ability to remember everything. Called "hyperthymesia," the condition makes Wells a highly sought after recruit for the NYC police department after she helps her former partner - who is also her ex-boyfriend - solve a homicide case. After accepting a position with the unit, Wells uses her position and its connections and starts trying to dredge up the single memory she does not have - the things that happened on the day her sister was killed.

Actress Poppy Montgomery has been cast as Detective Carrie Wells, and the detective's ex-boyfriend and former partner, Lt. Al Burns, is played by Dylan Walsh. Award winning actress Jane Curtain plays the role of Wells' friend, Dr. Joanne Webster, and Kevin Rankin plays Detective Roe Sanders. Detective Mike Costello is played by Michael Gaston and Daya Vaidya portrays Detective Nina Inara.

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Status: Currently Airing
Genre: Drama
Rating: 7.7/10
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  • Carrie and Elliot are at a party hosted by the mayor and a group of criminals take over the building demanding a large ransom.

  • When a prominent lawyer is murdered, Carrie and Al take another look at a 13-year-old rape case and soon realize an innocent man may be paying the price.

  • The past prompts Carrie to investigate the seemingly ordinary death of a science teacher in a hospital.

  • The murder of a prominent couple leads Carrie and Al to pose as a married couple in order to capture the killer.

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