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Xena: Warrior Princess is one of the most exciting television shows to come out of the past twenty-five years. The show is relatively unique among TV shows of today in that it is known as a supernatural fantasy program. Not a lot of shows get made these days in that kind of genre. The show follows the titular protagonist, Xena as she goes through stores in a fantasy version of ancient Greece. The fantasy in the show is quite in line with Greek mythology, so those who are interested in that type of mythology will be fascinated by the show and al its twists and turns.

The stories told by the show closely mirror the style of Greek mythology. That means that many of the episodes are full of action and adventure, while others are more whimsical, with a musical quality that transcends space and time in a way. Many people enjoy the show for its anachronisms. These elements of the show bring it to a more modern culture, which is a great way to keep the show fresh and unique for viewers everywhere.

Xena starred the incredible Lucy Lawless as Xena, the warrior princess. She is known for this role in particular, and her beautiful charm brought an element to the show that most viewers remember quite fondly. It is worth noting that Lucy Lawless was essentially unknown before Xena: Warrior Princess, and as such her rise to fame can be almost entirely attributed to the show. Viewers will enjoy cameos from other familiar actors playing small roles as much younger people than they might remember.

The plot of Xena: Warrior Princess often causes the viewers to ask very serious questions about morality and what it means to be human. Since violence is often produced as a solution to problems in the show, it is often thought that the show promotes violence as a universal problem solver. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Often, the violence in the show is done reluctantly, with negative consequences shown. THe show is a great example of a program that shows consequences for the though decisions that have to be made in everyday life.

6 Seasons, 136 Episodes - Canceled
September 4, 1995
Action & Adventure, Drama
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Xena: Warrior Princess Full Episode Guide

  • Xena dies to fight Yodoshi as a ghost and Gabrielle takes on a dangerous journey to find her friend's body.

  • In the first part of a two-part series finale. Xena and Gabrielle are summoned to the city of Higuchi to defeat a samurai ghost who has enslaved 20,000 people. What is Xena to do when she learns that her dark past is the cause of this?

  • In modern-day time, reincarnated Xena, Ares, Gabrielle, and Joxer discovers a scroll that indicates Xena and Ares were married.

  • Xena and Gabrielle save a young virgin from being sacrificed by a group of religious zealots. Xena and Gabrielle has to deliver Hermes' helmet to Thebes.

Xena: Warrior Princess News

Xena Finally Comes Out in Reboot

You already knew that Xena was gay, but the writers of the character's original series weren't allowed to say so. In the upcoming reboot of the series, expect the writers to take advantage of changing cultural attitudes.

Xena Reboot: What We Know So Far

Despite what Lucy Lawless said a few months ago, Xena is coming back. But will Lawless be involved with the new series?

Lucy Lawless Arrested After 77-Hour Oil Protest

So, who wants to ask Lucy Lawless how her Oscar weekend went? The former "Xena: Warrior Princess" star was among several Greenpeace protesters arrested in New Zealand after a three-day protest against Arctic oil drilling. She claims that the "battle" to stop the drilling isn't over, but in the meantime, faces a court date on burglary charges.

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