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After foiling Cruella DeVil's plot to make a fur coat with the puppies' skins, the Dearly Family (Roger and Anita Dearly, Nanny, Pongo, Perdita, their 15 birth puppies and 84 adopted puppies) move to a new farm home in the country. 101 Dalmatians: The Series is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on September 13, 1997.

Where do I stream 101 Dalmatians: The Series online? 101 Dalmatians: The Series is available for streaming on Disney Channel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 101 Dalmatians: The Series on demand at Disney+ online.

Disney Channel
1 Season, 65 Episodes
September 13, 1997
Animation & Cartoon Comedy Kids & Family
Cast: Kath Soucie, Tara Strong, Jeff Bennett, Frank Welker
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101 Dalmatians: The Series Full Episode Guide

  • The pups try their best to help Roger find Anita, who is held captive by alien cultists who refuse to let her leave until their Shaggy-Green Messenger comes for them.

  • Cruella finds out that she can steal the farm away from the Dearlys if they don't get married in 48 hours. So Cruella comes up with stunts to keep them from getting to the church in time. Including tricking Roger into signing a contract to play baseball.

  • Roger plans a second honeymoon trip for him & Anita to renew their wedding vows. But the Dearlys wind up taking the 101 dalmatians and then Cruella along with them or Anita will be fired. Then Roger and Anita find out they aren't married.

  • While Pongo, Perdita, and the humans are away, Cadpig discovers she has PDS, and Swamp Rat takes over the house for his party. The pups, with Lt. Pug, try to drive him out.

  • Spot wishes she was a dog. Drumstick, her fairy god-chicken, shows up to grant her wish. Soon, however, Spot gets more than she bargained for when she discovers that being a dog has many disadvantages.

  • While out on a picnic, the Dearly's and the Main Pups discover DeVilVille, the enchanted village that appears only once every 100 years.

  • At a job interview, Horace and Jasper recall their previous jobs in their own clip show.

  • Rolly, fed up with being taken for a sucker by Mooch's gang, joins forces with Swamp Rat to get even, but becomes mean in the process.

  • The pups tell of how the show 101 Dalmatians begin.

  • When Lucky's horseshoe spot pattern rubs off, he believes he has lost all his luck along with it. Meanwhile, Cruella tries to sabotage Roger's newest computer game.

  • Cruella disguises herself as housekeeper Cranny to find out about Anita's secret project for ""royal"" clients.

  • Cruella has a family reunion so they can figure out on ways to get the Dearlys farm.

  • The Main Pups thwart Ivy's attempts to beat Anita's cousin Amber in the Junior Miss Grutely Pageant by cheating.

  • The pups remember times when Cruella was mean and tried to steal the farm.

  • The pups climb aboard a spaceship. The farm believes Cadpig is psychic.

  • Spot becomes Pullet Marlow again to find the culprit behind mysterious disappearances of kibble from the chow tower.

  • Cruella fires Anita on Christmas Eve. What a Scrooge!

  • The Bark Brigade. The pups find a purse and return it to the wrong owner.

  • Cruella's art critic friend Leticia judges some paint marks Spot makes as great art. So Spot becomes excited at the possibility that she might be a genius artist.

  • The Main Pups secretly help Cruella romance Baron Efrem Von Schnittkerdoodle so that she can marry him and move away.

  • Concerns of the family splitting up. Rolly's jealous of Lucky's new friend.

  • Lucky and Cruella get trapped in a computer game Roger created.

  • Pongo and Perdita forbid the Main Pups from using Hiccup Hole when Lucky won't apologize to Lucy for splashing her.

  • Spot runs away when she can't fit in with the pups or her family.

  • Rolly egg sits for Cornelia and Spot. Spot babysits Peeps.

  • Someone has stolen stuff from all the farm animals, and they blame Mooch for the thefts.

  • Rolly suddenly develops an insatiable desire to chew on expensive shoes, and Cruella schemes to use his addiction to bankrup the Dearly's.

  • The trio helps Spot relearn how to act like a chicken in time for the Silver Egg Social. Jasper and Horace hunt for feathers for Cruella.

  • Cruella plans to hijack Colonel's vintage train car and sell it.

  • Spot becomes Pullet Marlow, Private Chick and tries to catch the thief who stole Cornelia's new giant egg in this film noir parody.

  • P.H. DeVil uses Rolly's appetite to lure him into the animal testing lab of his Double Dip Ice Cream factory.

  • Spot has to repay a debt. Pug prepares the pups for the Great Cat Invasion.

  • Lucky discovers that Cruella's new theme park is actually a front for an illegal oil-drilling operation.

  • Pug and Cornelia boast that each can do the other's job and then switch jobs to prove it.

  • Rolly attempts to charm Dumpling. Lucky's idol films at the farm.

  • The Main Pups compete against each other in a treasure hunt, but the treasure turns out to be just some jewels Cruella is hiding from an IRS agent.

  • Rolly becomes a tough guy. Cruella tries to impress a super store owner.

  • Lucky is a contestant on a game show. Lucky wants to win a race.

  • Cruella plans to make perfume from mushrooms found under the Dearlys' barn.

  • To Lucky's annoyance, Dumpling starts serving Lucky hand and foot when he inadvertently saves her life.

  • Lt. Pug gets a visit from an old nemesis. Rolly lies to Colonel.

  • The trio go to the mall to see Thunder Bolt.

  • Lucky and Cruellas pet, get stranded on a deserted island.

  • Cadpig's headstrong efforts to resolve a small dispute between the cows leads to disaster.

  • A baby elephant follows Rolly to the farm. Two-Tone and Lucky go on a date.

  • Cadpig liberates a lobster named Lance from his restaurant fish tank and tries to find a new home for him.

  • When the Trio won't let Spot into the barn, a hen named Sal asserts that the pups have become possessed by aliens.

  • Lonely Cruella thinks Roger's fancy valentine for Anita is for her instead, while Horace and Dumpling try to find love with a reluctant Nanny and Lucky.

  • Lucky's plan to earn paw merits by saving Pug's life goes horribly awry.

  • Lucky runs for mayor so he can get rid of the rules at the farm.

  • Cruella will take posession of the farm if she can maintain residence in the barn for 24 hours.

  • The Main Pups think the Dearlys are going to give them all away. Cruella thinks Anita is moonlighting for Ralphie St. Lowrent.

  • Lucky wins a starring role in Cecil B. DeVil's latest Kanine Krunchies commercial.

  • Roger and Anita announce that they are moving to a house in the country.

  • Rolly becomes Ed Pig's protege when he has a fallout with the other pups and Ed gets fed up with Dumpling.

  • When their favorite show is delayed due to Cruella the pups imagine on how the show ended.

  • When Lucky wants to live alone, Pongo and Perdita send him to live with Perdita's rich cousins Coco and Beamer Vandercreme.

  • Lucky hides in the DeVil manor when the vet visits to administer shots to the pups.

  • Cruella has face surgery to look like Anita, because Anita wins the award Cruella wants.

  • The Main Pups establish their own place in a haystack, but Pug steals it from them.

  • The Main Pups get an emergency Bark Brigade message but don't know how to translate it.

  • Thrown into the pound, Cadpig tries to help her fellow inmates but drives them up the wall instead.

  • Convinced that he is Roger's favorite, Lucky bitterly competes with Tripod over whom Roger will enter in a bone-digging contest.

  • The trio try to figure out a way to break into the silo when they miss lunch.