90 Day Fiancé: More to Love

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90 Day Fiancé: More to Love is a series that airs Extended Enhanced Episodes with extra information and unseen footage from the show 90 Day Fiancé that also airs on TLC.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on TLC
4 Seasons, 24 Episodes
October 16, 2014
Drama Romance
90 Day Fiancé: More to Love

90 Day Fiancé: More to Love Full Episode Guide

  • Tensions rise between Pedro and Chantel's brother; Russ chooses between moving to Miami and a life without Pao; Mohamed faces off with Danielle's family; Loren comes clean to Alexei about the bachelorette party; with bonus footage.

  • Chantel and Pedro battle over a prenup; Alla reveals that she doesn't love Matt; Nicole is hesitant to discuss her Morocco vacation with Jorge; Anfisa's conflicts get worse; Narkyia and Lowo contend over gender roles; bonus scenes.

  • In an enhanced episode, Anfisa throws Jorge out; Chantel is confronted with ultimatum from her parents; Nicole and Azan contemplate a decision about their future; and Lowo labors on his paperwork in Vietnam.

  • Anfisa throws Jorge out; Chantel is confronted with an ultimatum.

  • Anfisa make her true intentions known; Chantel asks for forgiveness; Nicole wonders if she should move forward with the visa.

  • In a souped-up episode, Anfisa tries on a dress that costs $45,000; Nicole gets a surprise from Azan; Narkiya loses contact with Lowo; and Chantel is overcome with feelings.

  • Discussing episode 4.

  • Chatting about episode 3.

  • Jorge is unsure if he's single after a bad fight; Nicole takes a risk and leaves America to meet her fianc? Azan for the first time in Morocco; with bonus scenes.

  • Before the foreigners arrive, the Americans must prepare. This special episode showcases the anxiety before each relationship's 90-day clock begins - and in one case, before the decision to apply for the Visa process has even been made.