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The Amazing Stories television show was a science fiction anthology that often delves into other genres to keep the series fresh and exciting. Each show was very creative and drew you in to each eerie tale. The stories were often about subjects in science that were not main stream at the time. Each show had crazy twists and incredible in-depth story telling. The themes of these shows were often used as conversation starters for the next day. The show is family friendly, but it often leaves a lasting impression on those who fully understand its themes.

Nothing was off limits to the Amazing Stories series. It covered a wide range of topics including aliens, meteors, teen angst, wishes, mummies, robots, voodoo, creepy dolls, space pageants, killer toupees, and frightening Christmas tales. There were a few spin offs from this series. The first to hit the air was The Family Dog series. It was originally a short for Amazing Stories and was picked up to be a regular show in prime time. Batteries Not Included was set to be included in the third season of the show, but it was scraped due to the cancellation of the series. The script was then reworked and it became a major motion picture.

Amazing Stories was created by Steven Spielberg so everyone, from writers to famous actors, wanted to be a part of this monumental television series. Steven Spielberg wrote many of the scripts for this series and won many awards for his work on the show. The Amazing Stories series ran on the National Broadcasting Station that is known by the call sign of NBC. Despite all of the buzz that was generated by the creation of this show it would never become the top rated hit that it was intended to be. Sadly, to the dismay of its loyal fan base, it was cancelled after only two seasons by the network.

Amazing Stories ran for two seasons and showed a total of 45 episodes on the NBC network on American television. This series also runs in other countries as small movies that cover three episodes in each movie.

Amazing Stories is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (45 episodes). The series first aired on September 29, 1985.

Amazing Stories is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Amazing Stories on demand atAmazon, Google Play, iTunes, NBC online.

2 Seasons, 45 Episodes
September 29, 1985
Science Fiction
Cast: Danny DeVito, Kevin Costner, Christopher Lloyd
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Amazing Stories Full Episode Guide

  • "Weird Al" Yankovic stars as the Cabbage Man, an alien who threatens to destroy Earth unless the Miss Stardust beauty pageant accepts contestants from other planets.

  • Moving away is hard for any kid. But the pain is out of this world for outcast teen Alexander Webster, who learns that his new home is 85 billion miles away.

  • With his wife on her deathbed, an aging man reunites with the daughter he lost 40 years earlier. But the little girl hasn't aged a day.

  • The Lewise family is suspicious of the new neighbors, the Hellenbecks. They arrived in the middle of the night with no moving van, they don't have a car, and they don't know anything about the 20th century. Are the Hellenbecks... aliens?

  • A Broadway composer played by Bob Balaban gets some otherworldly inspiration when he enlists a psychic to channel the spirit of George Gershwin.

  • Future animation giant Brad Bird wrote and directed this classic episode about a suburban home as seen from the perspective of the family dog. Voice talents include Annie Potts and Oscar winner Mercedes McCambridge.

  • Robert Townsend stars as a talented but slow-working TV scribe who is given one day to write a sitcom. Although his creative well has almost run dry, his strange houseplant Lucy is overflowing with juicy ideas.

  • A cop who blames himself for his partner's death is reassigned to traffic duty. There, he reluctantly accepts a new partner with a mysterious past.

  • Driving on a lonely highway, Charlene picks up a stranded older woman who sees strange visions in passing vehicles. Kathy Baker stars as Charlene.

  • Jeffrey Jones does a bittersweet turn as a dying scientist and husband who gets a new lease on life when his thoughts are transferred to a computer.

  • A young boy longs for attention from his self-absorbed parents and wonders what would happen if Mom and Dad didn't come home from one of their many social engagements. His what-if musings soon yield bizarre consequences.

  • After 18 years of losing a local pumpkin contest to her rival, the miserly Elma is approached by a botanist who claims to have a formula for creating super-size vegetables.

  • Kyra Sedgwick and David Carradine star as a teenager and her mean stepfather, who get a Thanksgiving surprise in the form of a mysterious gold coin from their dried-up well.

  • A revenge plot goes awry when two students cast a deadly spell on an overbearing professor played by Christopher Lloyd. Robert Zemeckis directs this hour-long episode, which features eye-popping visuals from special-effects master Stan Winston.

  • While escaping from death row, inmate Eric David Peterson is struck by lightning and contracts miraculous healing powers. A pre-Dirty Dancing Patrick Swayze stars.

  • Charles Durning shines as Earl, a man who rushes to the airport in his pajamas after having a plane-crash nightmare he believes to be prophetic.

  • It's a Wonderful Life meets Psycho in this tale of a teen horror-film fanatic who wishes his life were like the movies.

  • A 10-year-old boy uses an ancient Chinese spell to switch bodies with his sick grandfather so the old man can relive his former glories on the baseball field. M. Emmet Walsh gives a touching performance as Grandpa.

  • Jon Cryer stars as a dorky high school student who spills chemicals on a picture of a dog and brings it to life. But this weird science gets much weirder when he tries the same trick on a magazine pinup.

  • Danny DeVito directs and stars as Herbert, a wax-museum costumer who steals a ring from a statue and gives it to his mousy wife (DeVito's real-life spouse, Rhea Perlman). But the ring, it seems, has magical transformative powers.

  • The scientific community is shocked when an aging janitor at a university becomes suddenly knowledgeable about every subject taught in the school.

  • Robin Hood is enchanted by a Byzantine princess who's being held captive in England by Prince John. Although the prince has convinced the royal beauty that he's in love with her, what he really wants is her father's army.

  • Young attorney Harry Ballentine is assigned to defend accountant Murray Bernstein, who's charged with murdering his previous lawyers. Harry has difficulty believing that the real cause of all of these deaths is a toupee.

  • Horror writer Jordan Manmouth confesses that he doesn't believe in ghosts or supernatural beings, even though he writes about them. After making these comments, Jordan finds himself haunted by a mysterious figure that appears in reflections.

  • Ben Dumfy stuns an entire hospital staff when he wakes up from a 40-year coma. When Ben follows a voice calling out to him at the hospital, he winds up at the room of Dorothy, a 7-year-old girl who went into a coma two weeks prior.

  • The ghosts of Nelson and Evelyn Chumsky have lived peacefully in the attic of their old house for many years. But that changes when the lovely Tucker family moves out and annoying porn producer Tony and his star actress, Sheena, move in.

  • After talking to a mysterious troll, young Jonathan ignores his parents' warnings and decides to live as a lazy dreamer. Years later, Jonathan confronts the troll who had such a significant impact on the course his life took.

  • During the height of the Depression, a group of bar regulars come up with a plan to score some money. They take out a life insurance plan on old, drunk Malloy, a man who looks as if he might die any day now.

  • On the eve of a major battle during World War II, a soldier named Arnold is picked on by the guys in his platoon. Later, when his fellow soldiers are trapped by heavy machine-gun fire during combat, Arnold attempts to save the day.

  • A divorced mother has trouble finding a babysitter for her two rowdy boys, who are known troublemakers. But new sitter Jennifer isn't worried about the boys -- she has some freaky voodoo tricks up her sleeves.

  • Soon after Byron learns that his paintings will be displayed in a famous New York gallery, his life comes crashing down when his wife, Vanessa, dies in an accident. Unable to cope, Byron stumbles upon a way to reconnect with Vanessa.

  • While making his deliveries, Santa sets off a home alarm system and is thrown in jail. In order to deliver the rest of his toys in time for Christmas, Santa must convince the grumpy sheriff to have a change of heart.

  • Heaven sends down the emotion Guilt, in human form, to help people when they're doing bad things. When Guilt himself gets into trouble for drinking too much on the job, he's ordered to take a vacation on a cruise ship.

  • As he's gotten older, a once-famous illusionist has had more and more trouble pulling off his card tricks. But after he buys an old deck of real magic cards, he's once again able to accomplish amazing tricks.

  • After building an antenna for a science project, a young boy starts receiving strange signals from outer space that appear to be coming from aliens. These aliens love classic television from Earth, and they're coming soon to meet their heroes.

  • During the course of one of his performances, the Amazing Falsworth gets an unexpected and unwanted surprise from the audience. Falsworth determines, with the help of his psychic powers, that there's a killer in his presence.

  • While in the midst of a battle to defend the Alamo, frontier fighter Jobe suddenly gets transported to the 20th century. But instead of being surrounded other brave men, Jobe is trapped among hordes of tourists.

  • After a meteorite crash-lands in his house, high school football player Brad begins to turn into a human magnet. Unable to stop random metal objects from clinging to his body, Brad may have difficulty getting elected prom king.

  • After a family moves into their newly built house, the grandfather expresses his deep concerns about the location. He explains to his young grandson that he was responsible for a terrible train wreck that took place there 75 years ago.