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  • 2009
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.3  (398)

Angel's Friends is a unique and exciting animated series that follows a group of teenage angels in training as they embark on exciting adventures in the magical world of Angel's Land. The show was produced by Play Entertainment and co-produced by Rai Fiction, and aired from 2008 to 2011. The series featured a talented voice cast, including Lisa Ortiz, Summer Crockett Moore, and Liza Jacqueline.

The series tells the story of four aspiring young angels: Raf, Uri, Sweet, and Miki. They are all enrolled in the Angel's Academy, where they are being trained to become Guardian Angels. However, the journey to becoming a Guardian Angel is not easy, and the young angels must pass a series of tests and overcome numerous obstacles along the way.

Throughout the series, we follow the angels as they navigate their way through the Academy, learning about the different types of angels and the different tasks they must perform in order to protect humans on Earth. Along the way, they must also confront their rival angels-turned-devils, Sulfus and Cabiria, who constantly try to sabotage their progress and destroy their friendship.

One of the show's most unique features is its portrayal of the angels as relatable and flawed characters. Despite being tasked with the responsibility of guarding humans, the young angels struggle with their own personal problems and insecurities. Raf, for example, must learn to overcome her fear of heights and flying, while Uri struggles with her self-confidence and ability to lead. These relatable aspects make the characters more likable and human, and allow viewers to connect with them on a deeper level.

Another standout feature of Angel's Friends is its stunning animation and breathtaking visuals. The world of Angel's Land is a colorful and enchanting place, filled with intricate details and magical elements. Each episode is a visual feast, with vibrant colors and beautifully animated scenes that transport viewers into a world of wonder and imagination.

Overall, Angel's Friends is a unique and delightful animated series that offers a fresh and exciting take on the angel mythology. With relatable characters, engaging storylines, and stunning visuals, it's no wonder that the show has become a fan favorite among viewers of all ages.

Angel's Friends is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (78 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2009.

Angel's Friends
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The Universe Balance (Part Two)
52. The Universe Balance (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
Raf and Sulfus are very hurt and Cassidy and Kubrall only continue to injure them. Meanwhile, the Comet of Fate has finally reached Earth. However, the love between Raf and Sulfus is powerful. They have restored the balance.
The Last Embrace (Part One)
49. The Last Embrace (Part One)
January 1, 2011
Archangel is challenged by Kabale. Kabale has the advantage in the Ghostville setting. It is up to her to defeat him.
Darklight Fly (Part One)
47. Darklight Fly (Part One)
January 1, 2011
Miki and Gas are in a deadly volleyball match with Abel and Mabel. Abel and Mabel may have won this round but the next challenge will be Sweet and Cabiria against Deimos and Phobos.
Brothers in War (Part Two)
46. Brothers in War (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
The Angels and Devils support one another in the battle against Cassidy and Kubrall. Urie takes center stage in this first fight.
...And If They Would Win? (Part Two)
44. ...And If They Would Win? (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
The Angels and Devils are still in the library studying. They worry about the lives of their Terrestrials if they were to vanish.
Apocalypse! (Part One)
41. Apocalypse! (Part One)
January 1, 2011
After retrieving the two parts of the map of the Temple of the Veto, the Angels and Devils find themselves in the dining room of Golden School. The two parts instantly combine and create an interdimensional door which leads directly to the Libra of the Veto. Only Raf and Sulfus will enter the door.
In Enemy Territory (Part One)
39. In Enemy Territory (Part One)
January 1, 2011
The two groups are having difficulties finding the map. They visit multiple locations in search and face different obstacles.
Mission Impossible (Part Two)
38. Mission Impossible (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
The interns implement their plan. The Angels successfully enter Match City and the Devils enter Angie Town.
Secret Meeting (Part Two)
36. Secret Meeting (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
Catherine sprains her ankle and Gas wants her to take advantage of her injury. The Angels and Devils are interested in learning more about the Libra of the Veto.
Friends Forever (Part Two)
34. Friends Forever (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
Urie and Cabiria must face their deepest fears in the Challenge Room. Urie's insecurities are revealed. Sarah Jane makes her decision.
Friendship Proof (Part One)
31. Friendship Proof (Part One)
January 1, 2011
Sweet and Sulfus' two week punishments are over. Meanwhile, Raf was urgently called to Angie Town by the high spheres. School continues like usual for the others.
Guilty and Innocent (Part Two)
30. Guilty and Innocent (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
Raf tells Cassidy and Kubrall about the kiss. Sulfus explains what actually happened and tries to show the basement where he was held captive. Blue transformed the lair so Sulfus looks like a liar. Sweet reveals her love for Alexander.
Disharmonic Vibration (Part Two)
28. Disharmonic Vibration (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
The real Sulfus escapes. Raf has the disharmonious vibration that Kubrall and Cassidy were waiting for!
Spring Dance (Part One)
25. Spring Dance (Part One)
January 1, 2011
At the Golden School students are preparing for the exciting annual event, the spring dance! Everyone will participate. This dance will be Sulfus' clone's chance to actually kiss Sweet in front of Raf. Meanwhile, the real Sulfus is taking advantage of Blue's feeling for him so he can escape.
Love and Hate (Part One)
23. Love and Hate (Part One)
January 1, 2011
It's been ten days since the trip to the castle Gorth. Raf can't stop worrying about Sweet and Sulfus. Kubrall and Cassidy have almost fulfilled the first step of their plan. The real Sulfus remains in captivity. While Raf and the fake Sulfus must go help Daniel.
The Gorth Castle (Part Two)
22. The Gorth Castle (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
The Terrestrials take a tour of the castle with their guardians following close behind. The ghost of the Duke appears and the battle begins. Angels and Devils activate their powers to avert the blows from the Duke and his guards. But where are Sweet and Sulfus' clone?
Group Projection (Part One)
19. Group Projection (Part One)
January 1, 2011
In the prison of the den, the real Sulfus tries to destroy the bars of the cell in which he is located. While Sulfus' clone is instructed to break Raf's heart. Angels and Devils will have to accompany their Terrestrial to a trip to the Castle of Gorth. Each of their Terrestrials must first overcome some difficulties to participate in the trip.
Imprisoned! (Part Two)
18. Imprisoned! (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
Sweet and Kabale are in the Challenge room where a yeti tries to attack them. Sweet tames the yeti. Lilly makes a decision. Meanwhile, we see Sulfus still locked in the cell.
Nobody is Perfect (Part Two)
16. Nobody is Perfect (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
Cabiria and Urie must face off in an "Impossible Island" challenge. A tropical island full of traps, carnivorous flowers and huge insects. Meanwhile, Sweet and Sulfus are still studying in the library.
Battle at the Coliseum (Part One)
13. Battle at the Coliseum (Part One)
January 1, 2011
Our interns are still in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, being chased by two shopkeepers. Raf is almost caught but Sulfus saves her and they escape. Meanwhile, Blue has followed them the entire time. She gives them the star pendant.
Geography Lesson (Part Two)
12. Geography Lesson (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
The Angels are in the streets of Paris searching for the Devils. They decide to split up and end up spending the day with their respective counterparts. They travel to Istanbul next.
Foolish Pride (Part One)
9. Foolish Pride (Part One)
January 1, 2011
It is a new day at the Golden School. This time the Spybell of Raf and Sulfus rings, a sign that their Terrestrial Daniel has a problem.
7. "Magic Miki and DJ Gas" (Part One)
January 1, 2011
The Angels and Devils attend their first lesson of Angelic and Diabolic History. The professors explain the history of the Veto and the War of a Thousand Centuries. However, Gas and Miki must go see Catherine at her house.
The Best Friend (Part One)
5. The Best Friend (Part One)
January 1, 2011
Sulfus find himselves in front of a long staircase. The Devil walks down and finds himself in the den of the antagonists, in the presence of the two mysterious figures in armor. Sulfus sees they have Raf's mother as their prisoner. Sulfus must obey them if he doesn't want them to harm her.
Earthling Alarm! (Part Two)
4. Earthling Alarm! (Part Two)
January 1, 2011
Urie and Cabiria will battle in the upgraded Challenge Room. Cabiria gets to make the first move on Sarah Jane.
A New Beginning (Part One)
1. A New Beginning (Part One)
January 1, 2011
It's time for Raf to go back for her second year at the Golden School and she couldn't be more excited. This year will be exciting for Raf, Sulfus and her mother!
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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (398)