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Auction Kings, a Discovery Channel reality TV series, focuses on Gallery 63, a Sandy Springs, Georgia, auction house owned and operated by Paul Brown. The series highlights items brought to the auction house by hopeful sellers and the reactions these items provoke in the Gallery 63 staff.

The series premiered on October 26, 2010, and runs in a half-hour format. For each 30 minute episode, 22 minutes are devoted to the series and eight minutes to commercials. Discovery Channel runs two episodes back-to-back to fill an hour slot. In addition to Paul Brown, several Gallery 63 employees are showcased in the series. Cindy Shook is the manager, including keeping tabs on every item in the inventory. Jon Hammond, as assistant manager and picker, responds to calls from potential sellers by visiting their homes and assessing the auction potential of their items. Delfino Ramos' handyman skills are put to the test repairing and cleaning auction items before they go up for sale. Other series regulars include auctioneers Jason Brooks and Guerry Wise. For the series' third season, beginning April 25, 2012, new cast members include Jamie Breese, a British collectibles expert, and Ernie and Steve Garrett, also called the Garrett Brothers, as pickers who hunt for off-the-wall items around the country.

Each episode of the Auction Kings follows the same format. Viewers are introduced to several items, usually three, that a seller has brought into Gallery 63 to put up for auction. Brown or another staff member asks about the item's purpose and history and how much money the seller would like to get from the item's sale. Many potential auction items are off-beat and unique, generating some interesting discussion.

Brown often calls in an expert to evaluate the item's authenticity and estimate its market value. Throughout each episode, viewers also see staff members' reactions to the items brought in for auction, through discussion with each other or taped interviews, and there are also occasional scenes highlighting Gallery 63's day-to-day operations. In the final part of the episode, viewers witness the sale of the showcased items by auctioneers Brooks and Wise.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
4 Seasons, 90 Episodes
October 26, 2010
Cast: Paul Brown, Cindy Shook, Jon Hammond, Delfino Ramos
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Auction Kings Full Episode Guide

  • This week at Gallery 63, Paul goes on a pick and comes back with a vintage shoeshine stand; an authentic bomb squad suit is put on the block; and a seller brings in a pair of WWI binoculars that were part of World War I era "Eyes for the Navy" program.

  • The Gallery 63 Crew auction off a Pannonia motorcycle, a printer from the '30s and a sales award that belonged to Michael Jackson.

  • The Gallery 63 Crew auction off a haberdasher, an exercise machine and a vintage Gulf Oil drum.

  • Country singer Clay Walker auctions off personal items for his organization Bands Against MS.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a cape signed by Evel Knievel, an antique Heberlein violin, and a vintage phone booth.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a 1930s book filled with autographs from Hollywood celebrities. Plus, the Garretts take a risk on a 1930s gas pump and fire alarm, and Paul tests out a vintage lie detector.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a Mercedes-Benz that belonged to Sugar Ray Leonard, a dive suit from World War II, and a map of the United States made out of license plates.

  • Jon travels to pick up an antique telephone; Paul takes in paintings by legendary sports artist, Leroy Neiman; a motorcycle modified by Michael Jordan's racing team.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off bronze horses, rare letters from Norman Rockwell and Helen Keller, and German U-boat telescope.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a Dodge Viper, a saddle that was allegedly commissioned by a king, and a pair of drive-in-movie speakers.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a rare 1956 Mustang Pony motorcycle, a "Star Wars" stormtrooper costume, and an air-raid siren.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a British knife from WWI; an opium-tax stamp; and a Swiss Army motorcycle.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a desk that allegedly belonged to Thomas Jefferson; and an antique horse-racing game.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off buckets filled with sterling silver and a seaman's locker from the USS Yorktown.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction an M16 training rifle; a vintage Vendorama pen dispenser; and a Victorian chair.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off an early 1900s ticket light from Yankee Stadium. Expert appraiser Jamie Breese authenticates a collection of namebrand vintage watches. A seller brings in his family's collection of historic letters signed by Samuel Adams.

  • A pit crew suit from the movie Talladega Nights brings out Cindy's inner redneck; a custom-built Hydroplane Speedboat pushes Paul's aquatic skills to the test; and a guitar labeled "Bigsby" arrives that could be worth a quarter of a million dollars.

  • In the fourth season premiere, Paul challenges his crew to the first-ever Gallery 63 Pick-Off! Each player is allotted $500 and 1 hour to pick their treasures at an antique market. The player with the biggest profit will be awarded everybody's profits.

  • The Gallery auctions an enormous New York City map from 1875 and Jackie Robinson and Dominique Wilkins memorabilia.

  • The Gallery auctions a pair of 1800s Japanese daggers, an ornate Art Nouveau cash register and a hybrid motorcycle.

  • The Gallery auctions off an 1868 stamp and an autographed football helmet; questionable Wild West memorabilia is accidentally purchased.

  • The Gallery auctions off a large antique fire extinguisher, a fire grenade, a cane sword, and the Beatles 'butcher-cover' album.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a baby scale from the 1800s and a collection of fishing gear. A Skee-Ball game is restored.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a Rick Fairless custom chopper and an antique scale. When a customer brings in a gas-powered blender, Paul decides to have a margarita-making contest between himself and Delfino.

  • The Gallery 63 Crew auction off a doctor's buggy from the 1800s and an artifact from the "Cleopatra" movie.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auctions off chastity belts, a barber chair and pole. Paul shoots for the stars with an 1820 land deed for a local Atlanta lot.

  • The dining set of the last Titanic survivor, Millvina Dean, is on the block at Gallery 63, along with a Gibson SG replica Eric Clapton guitar modeled after "The Fool." But will the condition of a 1952 Andy Pafko baseball card hurt its value at auction?

  • The Gallery 63 crew auctions a 1955 Ford Thunderbird and a gunner's sight from a WWII-era bomber.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auctions off a Ms. Pac-Man arcade game, a military sword and a bronze statue.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auctions off a Confederate sword, a motorized barstool and a 1000-dollar bill.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auctions off a plank cannon from the French & Indian War and a 20-ft Gibson guitar owned by country legend Travis Tritt. A custom calliope demands Delfino's skills.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a 1945 NFL program, a Star Trek USS Enterprise model kit, and a vintage Barbie. Paul heads to a dirt track race course to test drive a stock car used in the 2011 movie remake Footloose to determine if it's suitable to sell.

  • Paul and the Gallery 63 crew auction off a 1950s Gibson Les Paul guitar, a unique circular typewriter, and a skeleton from the largest bat in the world.

  • The Gallery 63 auction off an autographed drumstick collection, a 1967 C10 Chevy truck, and a 1988 Trans Am GTA on a reserve.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a 1937 Hudson Terraplane car, a Spark-Jump Cigar lighter, and a 1923 Electro Shock Machine.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a groovy-looking Rick Fairless custom chopper and an antique scale. When a customer brings in a gas-powered blender, Paul is inspired to hold an impromptu margarita-making contest between himself and Delfino.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a collection of vintage scrimshaw and a 1985 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur. Colonel Oliver North comes to the Gallery to reclaim his missing dress sword that was sold at auction last year to someone else.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction a 1907 Edison Morning Glory Phonograph and a mysterious Mercedes. The Garrett Brothers present an impressive display with Frazier and Ali's boxing gloves from their Fight of the Century.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction a document signed by Abraham Lincoln and a rare Harley-Davidson commemorative bicycle. Also: Paul considers putting his vintage Martin guitar up for bid.

  • The Gallery 63 Crew auction a bracelet owned by Elvis Presley and silver replicas of the three ships helmed by Christopher Columbus. Also: The crew tours a wildlife preserve.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auction off a screen-worn Star Trek: Generations Command Red Uniform, a vintage Mountain Man slot machine, and a Wild West-themed vintage BMW motorcycle.

  • The Gallery 63 Crew auctions a naval cannon believed to be from the 17th-century Spanish Armada and a deed signed by 6th President John Quincy Adams.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auctions a ship's telegraph, an '80s-era Omnibot2000 robot and a John Wayne commemorative gun collection.

  • The Gallery 63 crew auctions a 1917 T-Bucket Roadster and an Iron Maiden and a Cadaver Casket.

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