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Big Shrimpin' is a reality television show airing on the History Channel, created in 2011. The show follows the adventures (and mishaps) of three lifelong friends, all of whom are fellow shrimp catchers, in the inhospitable waters of Texas and Alabama. The show, like many popular reality television shows the series is unscripted and focuses primarily on the interpersonal conflicts arising between the central cast members. However, the ins and outs of shrimp catching is also explored.

History Channel
1 Season, 8 Episodes
November 17, 2011
Cast: Redbone
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Big Shrimpin' Full Episode Guide

  • The shrimpers of Bayou Le Batre have experienced their fair share of challenges, now it's time to see who will be crowned king.

  • Enduring tropical storm Lee, Captains Bullfrog and Roundhead each race to reposition themselves for huge hauls back at sea, while Redbone, after spending time mourning his father, battles for saltwater gold in an entirely new location.

  • Miss Ashleigh and Miss Barbara return for their second trip on the gulf, but are forced to dock due to Tropical Storm Lee. Meanwhile Redbone's exciting record breaking haul is destroyed by the news that his father has passed away.

  • Emotions reach their boiling point as the end of the Texas Open draws near. From hysterical boat pranks, to near death shark experiences, to the sobering news that Redbone's father has had a stroke, the shrimpers of Dominick's are anxious to get home safely and cash in their saltwater gold.

  • The storm is over and the boats head back out to sea; a deck hand's negligence leads to leaky bags.

  • With the Texas Open in full swing the boats are banking on good hauls in order to cash in big. The captains are doing well and Roundhead lucks out hitting saltwater gold. Unfortunately Bullfrog encounters freezer trouble that threatens to hinder his success, and greenhorn BJ's inexperience is slowing things down on the Hannah. In difficult times the boats support each other--the Hannah and Ashleigh arrange a boat-to-boat trade to pass off some much needed supplies. But just as things turn around and the fishing gets good, the captains find out that they are dead in the path of tropical storm Don. When Dominick comes on the radio insisting the boats dock at the nearest port, it's a race to haul in their nets and get out of Don's path of destruction.

  • The crew prepares for the Texas Open in the Gulf of Mexico.

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