Brothers to Brutha

Brothers to Brutha is a BET reality television show about five men who have landed a record deal with Island Def Jam Music Group. Calling themselves the R&B group Brutha, the show features Grady Harrell as the eldest at 28, Anthony Harrell as the next in line at 27 and a lead singer, Cheyenne (Papa) Harrell, the 4th eldest at 23 and also a lead singer, Jared Overton as the 3rd middle brother at 24 and Jacob Harrell as the youngest at 22 years.

The men work under the direction of a tough uncle who acts as manager. Drano mentors the group with an eye toward teaching them how to be professional singers. They must learn how to operate as a fully operational act so that they reach their goals of success.

During the show, the men openly talk about their upbringings and the challenges that they have faced. There have been troubled childhoods with absentee fathers. Tony and Grady have had to act as parents for younger siblings. They are also very openly respectful and loving toward their uncle. Despite the fact that he has two children himself, he is dedicated to providing his nephews with every opportunity to ensure their success both as men and R&B artists.

Unfortunately, they do deal with the usual sibling rivalry which seems exacerbated by the fact that they are pursuing a career in entertainment. They also have unresolved familial issues that lead to family feuds including fist and verbal fights. However, the emotions are genuine and it is evident that they really do care for each other.

Their relationships are obviously the foundation upon which they intend to build their success as a professional act. They know they will need to prove that they are worthy of belonging in the the often cutthroat music scene.

As they continue to work on their music, they also seek to find ways to balance their personal lives with their careers.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
November 18, 2008
Cast: Anthony Harrell, Donny Harrell, Grady Harrell, Jacob Harrell
Brothers to Brutha

Brothers to Brutha Full Episode Guide

  • The first season finale finds Drano bringing Anthony to an AA session due to his drinking. Later, the guys set up a listening party to hear their debut CD.

  • While shooting a music video in Miami, the guys embrace the party atmosphere and have a good time.

  • After a successful interview, drama surfaces between the brothers and their sister.

  • A visit to Vegas starts with joking but ends with flying fists as old wounds sting the brothers.

  • The guys prepare a dinner as their estranged father is coming for a visit. Elsewhere, Brutha first CD and single are being planned out.

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