Brothers to Brutha

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  • 2008
  • 1 Season
  • 8.7  (30)

The BET reality series Brothers to Brutha premiered in 2008, focusing on the musical journey of an R&B group composed of seven brothers from Pasadena, California. Anthony Harrell, Grady Harrell III, and Jared Harrell were among the members of the group featured in the show.

The series followed the group as they navigated the music industry and their personal lives, portraying the challenges and successes they faced as a family group trying to make it big. The show documented the brothers' daily routines, which included vocal and dance rehearsals and interactions with their management team. Viewers got an in-depth look at the brothers' relationships with each other, as well as their parents and siblings who were not a part of the group.

Throughout the series, the brothers faced many obstacles, such as disagreements within the group, tension with their management team, and financial struggles. The show also depicted the intense competitive nature in the music industry, as the brothers competed for gigs and studio time with other artists. Despite the challenges they faced, the brothers always managed to come together as a unit, utilizing their bond as siblings to push through adversity.

One aspect that stood out in the show was the musical talent of the brothers. They frequently performed both original material and covers of classic R&B songs, showcasing their passion for music and their ability to harmonize as a group. Episodes would often end with a performance by the brothers, leaving viewers wanting more.

Another remarkable aspect of the show was the brothers' dynamic personalities. Each member had a unique persona that added to the show's overall entertainment value. Some brothers were outgoing and outspoken, while others were reserved and introspective. The show highlighted their differences in a way that allowed viewers to appreciate each brother's individuality while also recognizing the importance of their collective bond.

The program also addressed more serious topics, such as the brothers' struggles with weight and motivation. The show provided a window into the pressures of maintaining a physically demanding occupation while also dealing with personal demons. It also shed light on the difficulties of balancing family responsibilities with the pursuit of professional goals.

Overall, Brothers to Brutha was an engaging reality series that gave viewers a look into the lives of a talented and incredibly close-knit group of siblings on their way to success in the music industry. The show provided relatable insights about the obstacles and challenges that come with chasing a dream while maintaining family ties, as well as highlighting the joys that come with shared accomplishments. Its combination of music, drama, and family dynamics made it a must-watch for fans of reality TV, and its impact is felt to this day by those who followed the brothers' journey.

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Brutha's Single
6. Brutha's Single
December 23, 2008
The first season finale finds Drano bringing Anthony to an AA session due to his drinking. Later, the guys set up a listening party to hear their debut CD.
Just Like Rock Stars!
5. Just Like Rock Stars!
December 16, 2008
While shooting a music video in Miami, the guys embrace the party atmosphere and have a good time.
A Brother's Love
4. A Brother's Love
December 9, 2008
Jacob wants to heal the family but he fears bringing them together will end in another all-out bout.
Sister of Mine
3. Sister of Mine
December 2, 2008
After a successful interview, drama surfaces between the brothers and their sister.
What Happened in Vegas?
2. What Happened in Vegas?
November 25, 2008
A visit to Vegas starts with joking but ends with flying fists as old wounds sting the brothers.
Under One Roof
1. Under One Roof
November 18, 2008
The guys prepare a dinner as their estranged father is coming for a visit. Elsewhere, Brutha first CD and single are being planned out.
  • Premiere Date
    November 18, 2008
  • IMDB Rating
    8.7  (30)