Building Green

This series takes a look at the construction industry and how they are using new technology and information to build greener homes. These homes will use electricity and are built with materials that are environmentally friendly. The viewer will also learn ways in which they can make their home greener.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
September 29, 2006
Home & Garden, Reality
Cast: Kevin Contreras
Building Green

Building Green Full Episode Guide

  • The process was off to a slow start due to limited information resources and understanding about green building.

  • Before he begins building, Kevin invites a Feng Sui expert, Victoria Miller, to come and give her opinion of his architectural plans.

  • The greenest garden of all: one without any green -- a rock garden.

  • Alyssa Alvord, building Green health expert, explains why clean water is so essential to our health.

  • Alyssa Alvord, building Green health expert, explains that electromagnetic frequency is everywhere around us and educates on the dangers of low-level exposure.

  • In his new green dream home, Kevin has chosen concrete slab as the primary flooring on the first floor, therefore, he will need to finish it with nontoxic stains and sealants.

  • While the straw bales are the envelope of Kevin's dream home, plaster will be the skin. Therefore, he doesn't want any ordinary plaster, he is looking for earthen plaster.

  • Kevin's straw bale dream home is coming along very well. Next step? Start the plastering process.

  • Kevin works on his first step: finding dry, structurally sound straw bales to transport them and move to the center of the house so that they don't get wet.

  • Kevin goes to see green architect Eric Corey Freed to talk about the environmental differences between using steel and wood for the post-and-beam structure of his new home in Santa Barbara, CA.

  • This episode is dedicated to foundation planning, host Kevin Contreras explains, "Today we're going to talk about straw-bale building before preparing and pouring the foundation."

  • Follow host Kevin Contreras over the next 13 episodes_4-18, as he builds his green dream home in Santa Barbara, CA.

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