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The Carol Duvall Show is hosted by none other than Carol Duvall herself. Carol Duvall is known by many as the Queen of crafts. Her namesake show began in 1994 and ran for 12 seasons. It was one of the very first shows on the then new Home and Garden television. It was a very popular show amongst her many fans and a great many were dissapointed and dismayed when the show ended in 2005. DIY network ended up running the Carol Duvall show for four years after it left HGTV due to a high demand from fans.

With each show Carol Duvall led a nation of crafters in projects ranging from simple to difficult in expertise level. On any given day her show may feature projects with rubber stamping, scrapbooking, jewelry making, intricate polymer clay designs and anything in between. Carol loved working with polymer clay and she had many polymer clay artists on her show and was responsible for getting them more recognition in the community at large. She had other artists on her show as well. She loved to interview them and film them working in their private studios. These were special segments that were placed throughout her show.

Carol Duvall hosted the show with a gentle personality and a witty sense of humor. She instantly put her audience at ease, making them feel like they were hanging out with a good friend. During the run of her show she inspired creativity in many and boosted craft sales in stores as a result of the increase in crafting. Many crafters went from novice to expert by watching her show and following her detailed instructions. If you are someone that is interested in crafting and making your home a more beautiful place, then the Carol Duvall Show might be a show of interest for you to watch.

1 Season, 1196 Episodes
December 1, 1994
Cast: Carol Duvall, Bruce Gray, Mark Sawicki
Carol Duvall Show

Carol Duvall Show Full Episode Guide

  • Put your glue guns away (temporarily) and grab a cup of tea! Join Carol and your favorite guests for a look back at 10 years of laughter, fun and crafting.

  • Keep your favorite family photos close at hand! Guest Karen Thomas crafts up a "charming" shrink plastic photo charm bracelet. Next, guest John Kennedy shows us how to make a cute chick puppet out of fuzzy fun fabric.

  • The Carol Duvall Show cameras visit Lisa Pavelka at home where she shows us her unique art form of carving on eggs. Next, guest Evette Potts shares her technique for weaving a stunning wire and bead bracelet. Then, crocheting plastic'or maybe you'd rather knit? Host Carol Duvall shows different needle craft methods for fashioning rugs and totes from plastic bags.

  • Guest Helen Gibb shows how to make a silk ribbon flower pin that's perfect for accessorizing anything from jean jackets to hats. Next, guest Debba Haupert has a bright idea for turning a tomato cage into an elegant lamp that is sure to light up any room. Then, it's shoebox time as host Carol Duvall opens the shoebox to share viewer projects.

  • Guest Linda Johansen crafts up a fun and funky fabric "takeout" box that is sure to wrap a bit of style into your home decor. Next, guest Beth Cote shows how to create a fun memory book with "altering" techniques.

  • "Eggstraordinary" guest Lisa Pavelka shows how to cut, hinge and embellish an empty eggshell using polymer clay and crystal accents. Then artist Sian Poeschl shares her technique for creating stunning art glass. Next, host Carol Duvall looks into the shoebox to see what projects viewers have been creating.

  • Come on along as the Carol Duvall Show cameras visit potato princess Mary O'Neil, who's hard at work creating a potato stamp and a rubber stamp design. Next, learn how to transform a stone into a pretty, pink pig with guest Lin Wellford's painting tips. Then, it's never too early to start thinking of holiday crafting! Host Carol Duvall shares holiday projects from the shoebox.

  • Creative scrapbooking is unleashed onto canvas for some real dimension! Guest Ana Araujo serves up a spoonful of sunshine with her sun catchers created from beads and antique silverware. Next, host Carol Duvall looks into the shoebox to see what crafts our viewers have been creating.

  • Guest Jacqueline Lee uses colorful strips of paper and a birthday theme to create quilled decorative elements. Next, guest Vivian Peritts gives new life to an old-fashioned recycling project'creating delectable pincushions from castoff clothes.

  • Guest Mariah Peterson saddles up to create western-themed clay embellishments that capture the look of leather and are perfect for decorating your next memory page! Then guest Suss Cousin shows how to knit a cuddly heart pillow, and host Carol Duvall opens up the shoebox to see what crafts our viewers have been creating.

  • Guest Todd Scott shares how to make a tote bag from Duct tape--no sewing required! Next, the Carol Duvall Show cameras focus on innovative collage artist Claudine Hellmuth, who introduces us to a printmaking technique that you can use to create images on everything from paper, to glass, to wood.

  • Painting guru Priscilla Hauser leaves her flowers behind (temporarily!) to paint a merry moose on a handsome wooden box. Then guest Pat DeSantis turns an inexpensive table runner into a fun and stylish purse with a clever beaded handle. Next, it's shoebox time as host Carol Duvall checks out viewer projects.

  • Judy Belcher shares a polymer clay technique to replicate the beauty of cloisonné and create a wonderful pin. Then Toni Brody invites our cameras into her classroom where she teaches students to create art using polymer clay. Next, a spool of ribbon, a pair of scissors, and a stapler are all host Carol Duvall needs to create fabulous bows for package décor'no matter the gift-giving occasion.

  • Viewer guest Theresa DiCello uses plastic drinking straws to create a terrific hanging flower ornament. Then Linda Peterson returns with a new concept for jewelry crafts, and her funky paper earrings and pendant designs.

  • Guest Lisa Pavelka transforms the clear lid of a small container into a fun and stylish shadow box pendant. Then Michael Strong shares an ingenious way to create beautifully colorful sheets of fabric from baby wipes and a little ink!

  • Guest Cherryl Greene shuffles up inspiration from the traditional faces of playing cards to craft playful paper dolls. Becky Meverden molds polymer clay into a cheese and mice trinket box.

  • Guest Donna Kato forms colorful polymer clay canes and uses them to make a series of beads, which she strings together to create a beautiful bracelet. Linda Ames creates art glass beads then weaves them into gorgeous jewelry. Host Carol Duvall opens the shoebox to share viewer craft ideas.

  • Linda Peterson makes a cute polymer clay pen that looks like a moose. Then watch an artist create his masterworks. Finally, join Carol Duvall in the poncho craze with some simple knitted (or crocheted) designs.

  • Elaine Woodhouse captures the cloisonné style with this brilliantly transformed wood frame. Kriss Weber constructs a whimsical "cake" from terra cotta pots. This double-decker birthday cake is a perfect centerpiece on any party table! Then host Carol Duvall shares some of her picks in craft books.

  • Artist Jan Eckardt draws on damp clay to create intriguing designs on porcelain known as "sgraffito." Maureen Carlson uses clay, wire, and other fun embellishments to make a truly personal journal to record all your wishes. Lynne Farris shows how easy it is the use wool felt and roving to needle-felt a floral mosaic postcard that is the perfect gift to mail out!

  • Guest Grace Taormina transforms plain white tissue paper into one-of-a-kind marbleized papers. She layers paint on the tissue paper and squeegees it around for a fun swirled effect. You'll love this "blast from the past" when host Carol Duvall weaves a vinyl tablecloth into a durable tote. See what surprises await Carol today in the shoebox.

  • Guest Helen Gibb shares her creative techniques for making a beautiful floral centerpiece out of colorful ribbon. Skilled artist Priscilla Hauser gives us a behind the scenes tour of her decorative painting studio. Host Carol Duvall peeks into the shoebox to highlight viewer crafts.

  • Sherri Haab uses silver clay to make a beautiful pure silver pendant that looks like an elaborate miniature artichoke. Paper magician Karen Thomas is at it again'this time she's folding her way to a fun and fanciful photo cube.

  • Guest Emi Fukushima adds a variety of crafty Asian-inspired touches to an ordinary album cover. Next, Julie McCullough creates whimsical dolls from beautifully embellished fabrics, then host Carol Duvall opens up the shoebox today to see what crafts viewers have been creating.

  • See how to take journaling to a whole new level when Dee Gruenig joins the show with some inspirational ways to beautify journal pages. Then, guest Sandi Reinke shares her technique for using organic materials such as wheat, leaves and linen bark to create a decorative table runner and coordinating bowl.

  • Holly Cleeland makes two quick and easy costumes for kids: first, bacon and eggs and then a cute lobster. Then Ana Araujo makes a pumpkin tote.

  • Kriss Weber constructs the perfect party set all out of terra cotta pots! She builds a cake plate using different-sized pots and saucers to build the stand from the bottom up. She decorates with decals and some simple painting techniques to complete the set. Then Ann Mitchell uses a paper paint tub and a paper towel tube to shape a planter all out of polymer clay! Finally, join Carol for a peek into her Shoebox.

  • Lisa Pavelka gives a plain magnetic address book a polymer clay makeover. Shirley Rufener uses stickers and embossing metal to create a rugged tool-time clock, and Carol peeks into her Shoebox.

  • Helen Gibb uses handmade ribbon flowers, fabric and trim to create a beautiful cover for a plain photo album. Then Grace Taormina folds, decorates and ties together the perfect complete stationery gift set. The set includes cards in two styles, tags, and a portfolio to hold it all!

  • With Mary O'Neil, embossed velvet ribbon blossoms into chic and fun fashion accessories. Linda Peterson uses polymer clay to capture the essence of the great outdoors in a rustic "gone fishin'" frame, and Carol peeks into her Shoebox.

  • Sandi Reinke creates a floor mat using organic fibers. The ever-inventive Bunny Delorie makes handsome faux crocodile to use as a book cover. Then join Carol for a peek into the Shoebox.

  • Suze Weinberg shares a quick and easy way to make marble-like keepsake boxes using embossing enamel. Then Charlotte Bird creates a fun wall hanging with dye, stamps and paint.

  • Priscilla Hauser paints up a pretty jewelry box adorned with her signature rose. Then Judy Belcher shows us a fascinating technique for making a beautiful kaleidoscope pattern pendant out of polymer clay.

  • Beth Cote creates a handsome altered checkerboard perfect to play on or as an addition to your home decor. Then Pam Beamon creates a unique card by using brightly colored and patterned tissue paper and a simple folding technique. She cuts an organic shaped window on the front of the card to expose fancifully folded tissue papers.

  • Vivian Peritts stacks up colorful wax discs to create wild and wacky stacked candles. Then Carol shows us recycling at its old book becomes a snappy little handbag!

  • Donna Kato combines polymer clay and colorful seed beads to create a beautiful pin. Then Dee Gruenig uses some clever cutting techniques to create a handsome layered journal.

  • Jami King combines her love for wood and stained glass to make a unique wooden scrapbook. She uses copper wire and glass marbles to add a three-dimensional look to a fanciful cherry vine pattern. Whether this ‘handy' container holds your finest jewels or a bowl of pretzels is up to you. Carol has a lot of fun making this project, and it's even more fun if you invite a friend to help you make it.

  • Debbie Jackson shows us how to make a beautiful polymer clay bangle that's a perfect fit for anyone. Then Gina Livingston Murray creates fine art from remnant linoleum previously used as ink blocks. Finally, Carol creates a card that will have you and the recipient spinning. The focal image--whether it's a sticker, rubber-stamped image or a die-cut--does all the work and you receive all the credit.

  • Tricia Morris folds a paper photo box that holds precious pictures. Origami techniques are used to alter an inexpensive bamboo placemat into an Asian inspired wall hanging by Emi Fukushima.

  • Suss Cousins knits up a fun and funky purse, and artist Bonnie Belt creates functional ceramic tree sculptures. Then Carol Duvall uses bookbinding disks to make a darling charm bracelet. Glass-like tops adorn each of the images to magnify your fun.

  • Designer Elizabeth Dunn paints and stamps her way to a pretty container made from an ordinary box of tea. Then Carol creates beautiful flowers from a humble tin can. When painted and placed in a bouquet, it's hard to believe they started life in the pork and bean section of the grocery store! Then artist George Foster creates metal sealife sculptures that he turns into sconces.

  • Jennifer Ferguson creates a clever coffee center using a window box design and simple stenciling techniques. Then Kristi Dailey uses colored wire to create a "day at the beach" scrapbook page. She bends and twists wire to create a palm tree, some fun-shaped clips, and spiral lettering. Then Carol opens up the Shoebox to reveal a variety of characters made out of candy! Plus, a fun and clever spy kit made from pizza boxes.

  • You'll be proud to display a plate as pretty as the harvest platter Priscilla Hauser paints up today. Then Vicki Payne brings out the artistic functionality of glass that anyone can achieve in a glamorous glass moon box.

  • Viewer guest Ann Culpepper fashions a lovely purse from plastic mesh and colorful beads. Then artist Deborah Pope creates fantasy-based characters from handmade felt. Then Carol's Shoebox phone guest shares how to create polymer clay ornaments.

  • Susan Greening Davis uses basic needlework stitches to create a gift pouch embellished with her magical ribbon work. Elaine Woodhouse adds a personal touch to her cards using a pierced metal design.

  • Lynne Farris sews a complete floral arrangement using rich and colorful felt fabrics to create a vibrant display in just a few easy steps. Fran Seiford uses embossing powders to create a treasure box with a fossil frame.

  • Candi Jense embellishes ready-to-wear pieces with fun and easy crochet techniques. Artist Damian Priour creates sculptures made from ancient fossil stone and limestone, mixed with glass elements, creating a metaphor for water and sand. Then Carol plays with the latest and greatest craft toys.

  • Maureen Carlson uses polymer clay to create a unique character to hang from your garden wall. Then Pamela Smart arranges and scans mementos and photos on a computer to make a scrapbook page.

  • Tim Holtz creates clever cards using a brushless "watercolor" technique. Then Jeen Brown turns a plain box into an adorable baby keepsake box with chenille and cute embellishments.

  • Lin Wellford turns an ordinary rock into a pretty stone cottage with the help of some fabulous painting techniques. Then Susie Fowler creates clay pots that are pieced together like a puzzle and then carved by hand.

  • A trip to the kitchen is as far as Carol went to get the ingredients for this trendy little mobile. Cookie cutters, slices of bread, a blender and some white glue make for a fun afternoon of crafting--with a bread dough clay mobile. Leslie Scruggs carves an abstract wood sculpture. Heidi Boyd turns plush fur slippers, a few scraps and pom-poms into a purrr-fectly playful project!

  • Using canning jars and scrap paper, Robin Knutson creates fun votive candle table decorations. Ellen Allen brings us an inventive way to make your next dinner party special with her one-of-a-kind napkin ring place card. Then Carol opens up the Shoebox to find a party inside--and some great party ideas.

  • Everyone loves to brag about their kids and what better way than with pictures! Tricia Morris shows us how to create this photo book that fits perfectly inside its own pouch--and it's all made out of paper! Then Laura Yager makes giant whimsical sculptures out of papier mache. Finally, Carol makes a reversible tote inspired by an expensive raw silk tote.

  • Becky Meverden shows how to make an outrageously cute octopus using an ordinary glass votive candleholder and polymer clay. With an assortment of glass beads, wire and colored safety pins, Pat Desantis creates two hip and stylish sets of jewelry.

  • Sandra McCall creates a lined purse accented with painted fabric. Judy Belcher uses polymer clay to replicate handmade glass lampwork beads and strings them together to make a terrific bracelet. Lee Skalkos creates jewelry from children's artwork.

  • Sandi Reinke turns a plain cupboard door into a paper-embellished decorative bed tray. Elizabeth Dunn uses an ordinary chandelier crystal to create a pretty necklace. Then take a peek inside Dee Greunig's craft room and see some of the stamped projects she created. Finally, Carol pulls a papier-mache Easter egg out of the Shoebox.

  • Karen Thomas folds her way to an adorable origami gift bag. Artist Ryan Blythe creates an elaborate chandelier from blown glass. Jeen Brown transforms an ordinary photo album using elegant lace and ribbon.

  • Joyce Hazen turns colorful rubber-stamped images into three-dimensional pages with hidden pull-out recipes. Dorit Schendzielorz needle sculpts realistic-looking dolls.

  • Shirley Rufener uses old game pieces and knick-knacks found around the house to create a fun game piece clock. Then Carol turns an old checker board into a wonderfully fun book of games. A traditional Japanese stab binding keeps everything neat and tidy.

  • Monica Heeren creates a candle screen using sheets of mica and copper with decorative wire swirls. Linda Peterson brings polymer clay to scrapbooking with her dragonfly scrapbook embellishments.

  • Bob Wiley uses polymer clay to create an eight-sided box. Sharron Parker creates exotic handmade felt wall hangings. Then, viewer Marj Shipe tells Carol how to make her unique pin using paper clay, tissue paper and a spoon for a mold!

  • Elaine Woodhouse uses metal pieces to create a chic frame with an iris folding technique. Bill Sherwood shares his process for creating reverse paintings on Plexiglas encased in a neon light box. Then Beth Cote shares altered art techniques while she makes a unique piece of altered luggage.

  • Fran Seiford uses shrink plastic to create unique charms perfect for this bookmark idea. A plain canvas tote bag becomes a fun and fashionable accessory with image transfers and beads, by Amy Barickman. Terri Haugen creates a beautiful layered batik painting on silk.

  • Lisa Galvin transforms a craft slide box into a light tray that truly says, "Home Sweet Home"! She starts by punching a window and door pattern on a metal tin sheet that is backed with light to create a personalized house-shaped light that is perfect for every home. Then Maria Del Pinto frames a favorite photo in polymer clay to create a terrific pin with wire and bead embellishments.

  • Lisa Pavelka uses stamped and/or textured polymer clay blocks in patchwork-collage style with photos and metal charms to decorate a plain journal cover. Lin Wellford paints rocks that look good enough to eat! Try her painted rock hamburger with tomato and pickle slices.

  • They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but master scrapbook designer Michele Gerbrandt shows us how to creatively crop photos to make them truly reflect just one word. Sherri Haab uses silver clay to make a beautiful pure silver picture frame charm. Greg Jaris creates a larger-than-life wood sculpture created from painted and assembled wood.

  • John Kennedy shares a fun creative project that completely transforms any regular stuffed teddy bear into a hand-puppet. Helen Gibb creates an elegant Victorian-style pillow out of beautiful velvet and handmade ribbon flowers.

  • Michael Strong's love for recycling, cardmaking and rubber stamping is what inspired his ingenious way to use old magazines to make bold, beautiful cards. By stamping over magazine cut outs, Michael creates the look of cloisonné. Liz Alpert Fay hooks artwork that can be used for rugs, wall art or pillows. Then Sandra McCall gives a plain wooden bead the look of porcelain.

  • Ana Araujo turns a simple stretchy glove into a darling doll. Karin Swildens carves intricate clay eggs, and Carol takes a dip into the Shoebox to see some unique cardmaking techniques.

  • Robin Knutson creates an altered book with a cutting-edge look using metal tape and microscope slides. Linda Crawford creates a cloisonne pendant made of fine wires and crushed-glass enamel. Then Carol shares some of her favorite new craft products.

  • Mary O'Neil embosses velvet with a rubber stamp and turns it into a luxurious throw. Cherryl Greene gives us a tour of her craft room and shows us her current projects. Then join Carol for a peek into her Shoebox.

  • Pat DeSantis gives an ordinary cigar box a style makeover with an assortment of trims, appliques and decorative paper. Wire wrapping and beautiful beads are combined to jewel up a pretty pendant by Mabeline Gidez.

  • Emi Fukushima uses origami techniques to create a kimono pendant out of silver clay paper. Steven Carouthers creates hand-carved wood sculptures and relief carvings. Terry Rye gives us the basics for floral arranging and creates an exotic orchid centerpiece.

  • Cherryl Greene shows us everything we need to know to get started on a new craft craze, artist trading cards. E. Moises Diaz creates relief sculptures from recycles aluminum cans. Karen Mitchell transforms an ordinary plain wooden frame into a decorative necklace rack and mirror using liquid clay.

  • Kriss Weber turns terra cotta pots into creative characters. Jacqueline Lee uses family photos and paper quilling to create a scrapbook page with a whimsical farm theme.

  • Koren Russell combines air-dry clay and craft foam to sculpt a handsome vintage-looking wall plaque. Then Michael Jacobs shares how to create a card that slides and flips by pulling just one tab!

  • Mary O'Neil adds funky retro flair to a stamped stationery set. Allen Cunningham creates a Folk Art candy box doll vignette reminiscent of a bygone era. Finally, join Carol for a look at some great knitting, crocheting and image-transfer books.

  • Tim Holtz uses embossing powders, alcohol inks, and metallic foil to capture the look of dichroic glass pieces for his pseudo-dichro bracelet. Phillip Myer paints a lovely lemon pattern on a beautiful blue plate and shares painting techniques to create luscious lemons.

  • Polymer clay is the basis for this fierce and funny jewelry holder by Michelle Ross. Then Lynne Farris introduces a sizzling new summer style and shares how to make a simple towel tote. When heading to the beach or pool, you won't just tuck your towel under your arm anymore! Then join Carol for a peek into her Shoebox for some origami crafts and clever uses for Scrabble letter tiles.

  • Vivian Peritts has a perfect project for kids that combines stamping and simple sewing to make colorful duffle bags. Then join Carol for a trip from the lakefront to the craft room in a behind-the scenes tour of her home and craft space. Finally, a Christmas in July Shoebox to get you started on holiday crafting.

  • Michelle Ross combines polymer clay and airbrushing to create a beautiful necklace that is fun to make. Then Monica Heeren uses some simple metalworking techniques to create an elegant floating votive. The copper leaf design is finished with a green patina, bringing the lotus flower to life as the candlelight shimmers through the layers of copper mesh and mica. Then join Carol for a peek into her Shoebox.

  • Whether it's store-bought or handmade, Candi Jensen shows how easy it is to spice up those scarves you have sitting in your drawer right now. Michele Gerbrandt makes a three-dimensional mosaic for your scrapbooks using a single photo! David Lain carves a primitive image into stone.

  • Mary O'Neil decorates a plain serving tray with a fascinating rubber stamping technique. Then Grace Taormina makes a no-sew fun fabric photo frame. The simple design makes it very easy to change your photo as often as you like, and it's a snap to make. Then join Carol for a peek into the Shoebox full of wire angels.

  • Donna Kato uses acrylic paint and polymer clay to create a beautiful pendant. Mary Lynn Maloney gives a plain satin purse charm and style using a unique painting technique and charm embellishments.

  • Ellen Allan crafts up a beautiful and unusual night light using felted wool. Then viewer guest Linda Hicks turns polymer clay into fun fast-food jewelry--a miniature pizza and hot dog earrings.

  • Dee Gruenig combines envelope stamps and pretty pens to make a keepsake holder that is truly one of a kind. Then, Becky Meverden shares how to turn an intricate daisy design into a simple picture frame, complete with adorable worm and butterfly accents.

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