Davis Rules

A man named Dwight Davis is a school principal who is also a widower. He must raise his three sons. He has the help of his father but his father is rather silly. Sometimes the father is not as helpful as he thinks he is.

2 Seasons, 28 Episodes
January 27, 1991
Cast: Randy Quaid, Luke Edwards, Tamayo Otsuki, Nathan Watt
Davis Rules

Davis Rules Full Episode Guide

  • Dwight arrives home to find that Erika is coming for a visit.

  • Now that she has a job, Gwen is getting a bit carried away buying fun things for herself and the family.

  • Gwen's lonely, so Dwight and Gunny decide to find her a date.

  • Gwen prepares for a Saturday night out with the girls.

  • The school board is forcing Dwight to choose between keeping the band or the sports program.

  • Gunny and Dwight dispute ownership of Gwen's room after she leaves to go back to Miami.

  • When Skinner's friend, single mother Cathi, is in need of a place to stay while her apartment is being painted, Skinner volunteers the Davis house as a refuge for Cathi and her baby Betty.

  • Gunny gives Ben a jar full of "moon rocks" for his show and tell project, also telling Ben that he was the first man on the moon.

  • Margaret Davis, Gunny's ex-wife, stops off in Pomahac en route to Alaska.

  • Knowing that Skinner and Gunny are already far too interested in Erika, Dwight takes her to a fancy restaurant in Seattle, where it quickly becomes clear that every man in the state of Washington is also interested in Erika.

  • When Charlie constructs a telescope for his science project by using toilet paper and paper towel rolls, Dwight manages to spy on the girl of his dreams through it.

  • Dwight gets Skinner a part-time job at the local Hamburger Hut.

  • Gunny is off on a secret mission to sell Long Distant Night Seeing and Hearing Apparatus to the boys at the Pentagon.

  • After Skinner comes in late two nights in a row, Dwight encourages Skinner to feel free to invite a friend over, or to talk to Dwight about any problems.

  • Robbie is off to Prague for a year as a foreign exchange student.

  • Dwight's upset about the editorial that appeared in the morning paper, slamming him and the poor education system at Pomahac.

  • It's Gunny's 65th birthday and Dwight is planning a surprise party.

  • Dwight decides that he should learn how to speak Spanish after a Spanish-speaking parent is unable to communicate with him. He becomes a student in Julie Chavez's class, where he behaves like a class clown and is sent to detention for the afternoon.

  • At breakfast over a newspaper Robbie announces that the local drive-in is about to be torn down, prompting Dwight and Gunny to reminisce about their days at the drive-in.

  • The day begins the same as usual for the Davis family, with Gunny teasing Ben about the fictitious Indians he saw outside of the window, and Robbie giving Dwight the silent treatment because of his new found identity as the principal's son.

  • The whole family eagerly awaits the arrival of Aunt Gwen, Dwight's sister, who used to live with the family before Charlie and Ben were born.

  • It's Spring, and baseball season opens. Dwight and Gunny, both ex-baseball players, applaud Robbie's decision to try out for the baseball team.

  • Gunny urges Dwight to insist that Robbie, who's been cranky lately, accompany them on a fishing trip.

  • Mrs. Yamagami, Miss Higgins and Cosmo bake butternut squash cookies at the Davis house in preparation for Pomahac Day.

  • After an afternoon at the movies with Ben and Charlie, Gunny reports to Dwight that they ran into Cosmo, who was on a date with a Nordic-type hunk.

  • Ben is having trouble getting rid of a pest at school, but big brother Robbie is more than willing to step forward and stick up for the Davis family name.

  • Robbie is having a rough time with Algebra so Dwight seeks the help of a tutor.

  • It's a typical morning for science teacher Dwight Davis. Gunny tricks seven year old Ben into thinking Bigfoot is outside of the window, followed by a spat with his thirteen year old hormonal son, Robbie.

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