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Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol is a reality television show. Police see bad behavior every day and much of it is taped. This show uses video from various police sources to show people running from the law and committing crimes. Car and helicopter chases as well as body camera video are used to highlight this bad behavior by criminals.

Shown through the point of view of the police who patrol the streets, Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol, is an action packed look at the scenes police see every day. This show is packed with action and real life footage taken by police cameras.

Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (54 episodes). The series first aired on June 3, 2006.

Where do I stream Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol online? Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol is available for streaming on Spike TV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

Tuesdays at 1:00 am et/pt on Spike TV
3 Seasons, 54 Episodes
June 3, 2006
Cast: Robert Patrick
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Disorderly Conduct: Video on Patrol Full Episode Guide

  • Video clips include a police chase with a vandal, thieves attempting to rob an ATM machine by running a truck into a store, a driver flees when he sees a sobriety checkpoint, and a busy store is targeted by a robber.

  • Among the cases are a man confronted by police while wandering in the nude; a New Year's Eve wanderer; a convenience store robbery ends in 2 clerks receiving gunshots to their legs; and a man is shot by his own brother.

  • An officer saves the life of a driver who tried to kill him. A fleeing suspect drives toward an officer trying to lay down a spike strip. Officers chase four suspected carjackers.

  • Police chase a man wanted for assaulting his ex-girlfriend. A robber at a Las Vegas convenience store sets his shotgun on the counter as he demands for money. Police chase a suspected drug dealer.

  • Police chase a desperate and dangerous driver suspected of an armed carjacking. Officers pursue two possible armed suspects. A Bobcat tractor plows over an ATM at bank during the wee hours.

  • Police are in pursuit of a jail escapee who they think carjacked two women and left them tied up. A suspect flees after an officer pulls over his truck and finds methamphetamine.

  • A man is on the run after selling cocaine to an undercover agent. A DUI stop turns into a police pursuit of a teenager. A woman cases a convenience store, then shortly after shows up again with a friend read to rob the store.

  • Cops confront a seemingly suicidal man up in a tree. Police chase a distraught man who threatened his parents, and takes off in the family vehicle. Police confront a disturbed man in a boat.

  • A pursuit of a bank robber ends with a 'demolition derby' and a partial roll over of the suspect's truck. A man armed with a brick enters a convenience store where he had an argument with the cashier earlier.

  • A news chopper captures police in pursuit of a robbery suspect. Police pursue two men in a limo that are driving up to 125 miles an hour, and at one point up an exit ramp backwards at 40 miles an hour.

  • Pursuit of mother and son shoplifters.

  • Pursuit of mother and son shoplifters.

  • Police are in pursuit of a man who allegedly robbed a fast food restaurant.

  • High-speed pursuit ends when the suspect suddenly jumps over a bridge and down 115 feet into a river.

  • Officers try to stop a man driving a tractor trailer on the freeway. A store security camera catches a suspect hit a cashier in the face with a fire extinguisher, then steal the money out of the cash drawer. A suspect is being pursued by police, accused of stealing his girlfriend's clothes and on his way to the flea market to sell them for money to buy crack.

  • Dramatic pursuit of a man suspected of stealing two jet skis. A naked man causing a disturbance tries to get into a daycare center, after being forced out by employees. A distraught 15-year-old boy flees from police after nearly running over his father in a domestic dispute.

  • A biker on a stolen motorcycle is bumped off by a pursuing officer. A pickup skids across an icy interstate and hits a semi. A man drives his vehicle into a mall after hours. Police are in pursuit of a teenager reportedly passing counterfeit bills.

  • Surveillance views of guys driving a truck through a store to get at an ATM machine. A police helicopter follows a vandalism suspect, while officers are in pursuit on the ground. A man flees a sobriety checkpoint. A man tries to rob a busy store full of customers.

  • Police are in pursuit of three men in a stolen car. An officer makes a routine traffic stop, when the suspect flees. A car has stalled on a set of railroad tracks. A man escapes into a lake after fleeing from police for a home invasion robbery. A guy uses whatever he can get his hands on in a failed attempt to break into the coin boxes at a self-service car wash.

  • A man is found wandering down the interstate on New Year?s Eve. A convenience store robbery leaves two clerks shot in the legs. A woman believed to be under the influence flees from police. A naked man spins around as an officer tries to talk to him. A man drives up in his pickup and shoots his brother.

  • A fleeing suspect slams his van into parked cars, sending a pedestrian flying through a plate glass window. A man claiming to have a bomb taunts police. A crazy woman on meth threatens to set herself on fire. A traffic stop leads to police finding a half-pound of meth.

  • Wrong-way driver on a Florida highway. An officer, with a DUI suspect already in the backseat of his cruiser, pursues a suspect who ran a red light. A man being walked from the jail to the courthouse throws Comet cleanser in the faces of escorting officers.

  • Officers chase an armed murder suspect. A disturbed man has climbed to the roof of a restaurant, and starts throwing anything he can find down onto the street. A masked man robs a convenience store clerk. An officer pulls over a DUI suspect.

  • An officer is in pursuit of a speeding truck. Two kids in a stolen car race from South Carolina into Georgia. A man in a Mustang tries to outrun police. Police chase a suspected drug dealer who carjacked a vehicle with the victim still inside. Officers attempt to pull over a reported road rage suspect.

  • Police are in pursuit of suspects wanted for stealing food from a restaurant. A man points a gun at a bold clerk. An armed man holds his ex-girlfriend and her small child hostage. Officers in Arkansas go undercover in online chats to expose and arrest pedophile suspects.