Get Fit, Stay Fit

Do you ever want to get fit but do not know how? The TV series Get Fit, Stay Fit shows different ways that you are able to get fit (exercise routines) so that you can lose weight, build muscle, and develop a fit body. They are meant to be for anyone and do not require anything special like equipment or books or anything like that. The show also tries to show ways that people can stay fit such as habits and routines so they can keep the weight they shed off once and for all. The show is a fit show meant to get you motivated and exercising.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
December 3, 2008
Health & Fitness
Get Fit, Stay Fit

Get Fit, Stay Fit Full Episode Guide

  • This episode provides everything you need to lose weight. Using a high-energy kickboxing moves keep your heart rate in the fat-burning zone, while cardio intervals make the most of calorie burn and increase your metabolism.

  • Get slim and trim with Joy Bauer, nutrition and health expert for NBC's "Today Show." Trainer Lisa Wheeler joins Joy in this efficient and total body workout, including two 20-minute cardio and strength training segments.

  • This episode uses a circuit-training system and multi-joint movements that work several muscle groups simultaneously.

  • Lift your buns, tone your legs, and trim your waist, This program tightens all the right spots, giving you the lower body of your dreams. These moves work your largest muscles at high intensity, so you'll lose weight and inches as you sculpt and tone.

  • Targeted to work your entire upper body and core, this program will put you on the fast track to a beautifully toned and defined physique. You'll sculpt your shoulders, lose the tricep jiggle, and build core strength.

  • Get washboard abs, perfectly sculpted arms and shoulders, and a tighter, higher backside with this fusion of Pilates and yoga, dance, Lotte Berk Method, and Tai Chi.

  • Learn how to target your major muscle groups in and get them all worked out in just five 10-minute segments.

  • This total-body workout employs exercises that tone and sculpt your deepest, hard-to-reach muscles so it's more efficient and effective than tradional strength training.

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