Good Afternoon America

Sometimes the middle of the afternoon can drag on like a bad date. But, not anymore because Good Afternoon America has come to the rescue! The show offers a burst of fun right when you need it to help you get through the middle of the day doldrums. This talk show is unlike any out there. It does not follow the typical daytime or nighttime talk show formula that consists of a monolog, celebrity interviews, and then a live music segment. It doesn't have the vaudeville feel that some other morning talk shows have, nor is it the highly opinionated or political. Good Afternoon America is fresh and original; it is pure entertainment.

Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer, who are both news anchors from Good Morning America, host Good Afternoon America. Josh and Lara have a great playful chemistry, which makes the show light and entertaining. It's fun to watch them interact with each other. The show starts with pop news where both Josh and Lara present celebrity news or current events while providing light commentary. After the beginning pop news segment, the show moves on to social issues and how to segments where the hosts get involved. A unique feature of the show is when Josh and Lara have a topic that they discuss with celebrity insiders. These celebrity insiders either have information to help dispel rumors, or have a humorous twist on the situation. The show isn't all pop news either, Josh and Lara do host a celebrity guest that they interview.

Something that you won't see on a traditional talk show is live interaction from viewers via Twitter. If you are on Twitter you can Tweet the show to comment on segments live. Blurbs appear at the bottom of the screen that shows people's Tweets. These can be a bit of a distraction but are easy to read and they keep them to a minimum.

The show is very enjoyable and moves fast. At the end of the show, you will be left wanting more. So tune in to help make your afternoon fly by!

Monday - Friday 2:00 PM et/pt on ABC
1 Season, 45 Episodes
July 8, 2012
Cast: Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer, Ian Drew, David Caplan
Good Afternoon America

Good Afternoon America Full Episode Guide

  • TLC's 'Chilli' Goes 'Toe-to-Toe'; Katie Couric on Her New Daytime Talk Show 'Katie'; Ryan Lochte on London Olympics, Rio de Janeiro in 2016

  • 'Long Island Medium' Reads 'GAA' Audience; Breaking Up With Somebody for Being 'Nice'

  • Is it Better to Forgive A Friend or End The Friendship?; Church of Scientology Wife Auditions; Miami Heat Star Dwyane Wade on New Book, 'A Father First'

  • Does Purple in the Bedroom Mean More Sex?; Michael Strahan to Join Kelly Ripa as Co-Host of 'Live!'; Montel Williams on M.S. Diagnosis, Fisher House Charity.

  • Features and news in the afternoon from Good Afternoon America.

  • Do Parents Let Their Kids Get Too Out of Control?; Kim Kardashian Sells Wardrobe on eBay

  • Rumors that Luke Perry and Jennie Garth are dating; Ricki Lake will host new daytime talk show; Toe-to-Toe on love and luck; Tory Johnson's "deals and steals."

  • Twin babies rock out to dad's guitar in cute YouTube video; US Weekly celebrates greatest movie weddings; Debating whose side to take when friend and lover fight; Comedian Caroline Rhea.

  • Sofia Vergara discusses new season of "Modern Family"; Rumors of Rihanna sending texts to Robert Pattinson; 3 new ways to wear your denim shirt; D.L. Hughley and Countess Luann De Lesseps go 'Toe-to-Toe' on relationships and fashion.

  • Rosie Perez Plays a Teacher in 'Won't Back Down'; Savings Tips: Makeup at Drugstore Prices; Tim Fort's Next Generation of Domino Stacking

  • Tyra Banks Talks 'Mirror Fasting'; 'GAA' Trash-to-Treasure: Vanity, Small Table; Prince Harry Photos; Katy Perry Split?

  • Kathy Griffin on Bravo Show; 'DWTS' Pro Teaches Dance Moves; Dog Chases Tail

  • Tips to Look 10 Years Younger; Debra Messing Teams With Adopt-a-Classroom; Prince Harry Nude Photos

  • Nicki Minaj Coming to 'Idol'?; '80s Girl's Fashion Transformation; Crafty Dog Steals Food

  • Vanilla Ice Turns 'Trash to Treasure; Lake Bell on Latest Show; Boo's New Gig

  • 'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Is Honesty the Best Policy?; Siblings' Epic Prank Battle

  • Matthew Broderick on Broadway; Aniston and Angelina's Weddings

  • Robert Pattison on 'GMA'; Aniston Engagement Details

  • Robert Pattinson on 'Daily Show'; Misty May Treanor's Volleyball Lesson; Teddy the Cat

  • Aniston Engaged; Beyonce Shares Family Photos; Dalmatian Cares for Spotted Baby Lamb

  • Brangelina Wedding; The Bates Family New Reality Show; Deals and Steals

  • Do Sexless Relationships Last Longer?; Bulldogs Burrow Through Snow; Jennie Garth's New Ad

  • Parents Pushing Kids; Justin Bieber Slams Prince William; Anna Kendrick on her New Flick.

  • Elton John vs. Madonna; Jennie Garth on Divorce, Single Motherhood

  • Cindy Crawford Enacts a No-Makeup Rule for Daughter; 'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: End of Monogamy?

  • London 2012 Gymnastics; Vanessa Williams' Tweets Turned into Theater; Snoring Dog Dreams of Food

  • Olympic Divers' Funny Faces Go Viral; Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Breakup Rumors

  • Taylor Swift Relationship Details; 'Dancing With the Stars' Workout; Toe-to-Toe: Is Chivalry Dead?

  • Olympic Divers' Funny Faces Go Viral; Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Breakup Rumors

  • 'JWWOW' Jenny Farley on New Show, Snooki's Pregnancy; Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Both Move Out

  • Olympics 2012 Preview; Spice Girl Mel B Plays 'Kiss, Marry, Ditch'; 'DWTS' Cast Reveal

  • Alec Baldwin's Wife Describes Wedding; 'Big Bang Theory' Star Dishes on Emmy Nod

  • Can Women Be Top Earners in Relationship?; Outfits You (and He) Will Love

  • Mariah Carey Is New 'American Idol' Judge; 'The Bachelorette' Proposal

  • Tiffani Thiessen on New Show, New Company; Are Kutcher, Kunis Dating?

  • Aurora, Colorado Shootings: What to Tell Your Kids?; Aurora, Colorado Gunman Shot People 'Trying to Get Away'

  • Emmy Nominations; 'Real Housewives of New York'; Carson Kressley Interview

  • 'Craft Wars' Highlights U.S.'s New Love of Crafting; 'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Mother-Daughter BFFs?; Jesse Metcalfe On Leaving 'Housewives' for 'Dallas'

  • 'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Important to Dress Your Age; Chris Colfer Plays 'GAA's' Two Truths and a Lie.

  • 'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Okay to Seek Wealthy Partners?; eBay Gold Found at Everyday Garage Sales.

  • Wilson Phillips Dishes on Covering Parents' Hits; Scarlett Johansson Misses Roles for Being 'Too Sexy'; Tory Johnson's Deals and Steals: Earrings, Foot Care

  • Shark Leaps to Steal Woman's Catch; 'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Overbearing Parents; 'GAA' Fab Face With Five: Makeup Hoarders, Blair Underwood

  • 'GAA' Kiss, Marry or Ditch ; Is It OK to Date's Friend's Ex?; This Week in Reality TV

  • Cookie Monster's 'Call Me Maybe'; 'GAA' Toe-to-Toe: Office Dress Codes; '3rd Rock From the Sun' Stars Dish on New Show

  • Celebrity Marriages: Pressure to Propose; Found Money: Extreme Couponing; Liza Minelli Performs 'New York, New York'

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