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Similar to other reality shows featuring workers in dangerous jobs, Great Lake Warriors showcases the life of tugboat workers for various tugboat companies who haul material in the dangerous winter months on the Great Lakes. Featuring the crews of five different tugboats, the show follows their lives through troubles and success.

The biggest lakes in the world, the Great Lakes have a long history of being a favorite vacationing spot and a huge international trade hub for centuries. What many do not realize is that for all the good these lakes provide they are also quite dangerous. Every year ships go down and are lost forever. These lakes which have claimed 6,000 ships and 30,000 lives are as much a way of life for shipping as they can be a foe. The warrior boat captains and there crew face this everyday in the winter months. This is where the story begins on Great Lake Warriors.

The tugboat captains featured are Captains John Selvick, Mike Ojard, Ted Long, Nathan Schley, and Stan Dawson. Each of them and there crews not fighting each other but rather the storms and ice of the great lakes. Each boat must successfully get their haul across the border to the final destination without damage or sinking.

Great Lake Warriors premiered in July of 2012 on the History Channel with great success featuring acclaimed voice actor Mitch Urban as the show's narrator. Urban is known for his work on video games such as Prototype and Prison Break: Conspiracy. His first foray onto the small screen has proven to be a big success.

The show was created and produced by Thomas Peyton and Andy Howard who split the work between them dividing the eight episode season into four episodes per person to lower the workload. Work was divided this way among remaining show crew as well to decrease work pressures and to get the best productivity from them.

Great Lake Warriors has proven to be a success showcasing the dangers of working on a tugboat. It's no joke facing Mother Nature.

History Channel
1 Season, 9 Episodes
July 8, 2012
Cast: Mitch Urban
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Great Lake Warriors Full Episode Guide

  • Faced with a 700-foot long "Superbarge" and a massive wind storm headed his way, Captain Ted Long sacrifices everything to get home to cash in on the final haul of the season. Meanwhile, tempers flare and a crew mistake costs John Selvick big money.

  • The Captains venture out to sea on the unluckiest day of the year, and while navigating through a deep fog bank, Captain Nathan Schley battles with ice fishermen who refuse to move--even when the breaking ice threatens their lives.

  • In the wake of a severe winter storm, Captain Nathan Schley--stepson of John "The Legend" Selvick, leads a job solo for the first time. When boats get frozen into the dangerous harbor ice, the job seems destined for disaster.

  • John Selvick has a hard time with his nephew's lack of attention. He also doubts his stepson can assume the role of taking over the business.

  • Two storm fronts are on a collision course for Lake Michigan, and Captain John "The Legend" Selvick is caught in the middle with a massive load that almost goes overboard.

  • Captain John Selvick's intention to teach his rookie first mate a lesson backfires. Across Lake Michigan, Captain Ted Long stares down one of the most challenging hauls of his career: six oil containers standing upright at 80 feet tall, prone to being toppled by even a s

  • In the series premiere, Captain John "The Legend" Selvick, races out of port to try to beat an incoming storm. In the process, Chris Costello almost sinks a smaller tug in a dangerous maneuver. Across the lake, John's trusted right hand, Captain Ted Long, faces a difficult decision.

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