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"H8R" is an American reality television series that takes its name from the shorthand text message for "hater." The premise of the show involved bringing famous celebrities, like Snooki, "The Miz," and Joe Francis, in touch with people that were critical of the celebrity's body of work. The celebrity would then confront the individual in order to change the critic's opinion of the celebrity to a favorable stance.

"H8R" lasted for a single season of six 45 minute long episodes. However, the show's consistently lagging ratings resulted in its cancelled after only four of its episodes made it to air.

The CW
1 Season, 4 Episodes
September 14, 2011
Cast: Mario Lopez
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H8R Full Episode Guide

  • Maksim Chmerkovsky and Mike "The Miz" Mizanin confront their real-life haters.

  • Kim Kardashian confronts her real-life hater.

  • Scott Disick and Eva Longoria confront their real-life haters.

  • Mario Lopez hosts this new reality series where celebrities confront real people who don't like them and try to win them over. In the first episode, Snooki ("Jersey Shore") and Jake Pavelka ("Bachelor") attempt to win over their "haters."

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Tonight's Fall Premieres: 'H8R,' 'Survivor: South Pacific,''Up All Night,' 'Free Agents'

Tonight's premiere schedule includes two promising new shows from NBC ("Up All Night" and "Agents"), a CBS favorite ("Survivor: South Pacific"), Tyra Banks' "America's Next Top Model," and Mario Lopez's new show "H8R," guest starring Jersey's own Snooki.

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