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Highlander: The Animated Series is an animated series that is based loosely on the movie of the same name. In this entertaining and adventurous cartoon version the immortals take an oath to protect and serve humanity after a nuclear war. Unfortunately one on their kind refuses to abide by the new rules and seeks only to dominate and destroy; however, a new breed of immortal is born and gets set to challenge the might of the villainous plot. The show puts viewers on edge with some clever takes on the mythology of the film and some interesting and engaging characters.

Highlander: The Animated Series is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 1994.

Highlander: The Animated Series is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Highlander: The Animated Series on demand atAmazon online.

2 Seasons, 40 Episodes
September 18, 1994
Animation & Cartoon, Action & Adventure
Cast: Lawrence Bayne, Tracey Moore, Hrant Alianak, Stuart Stone, Benedict Campbell
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Highlander: The Animated Series Full Episode Guide

  • Our heroes come across a village of wild grans. Gol must battle them and the Ice Spider to save Quentin, Clyde and Ramirez.

  • Ramirez and Quentin hide from Arak and the Hunters in an abandoned city.

  • Ramirez and Quentin are systematically knocking out Mogonda's spies as they seek to weaken Mogonda.

  • The Jettator of Cybernetic's Matsuda is seeking revenge on Kortan and develops a cyborg Samurai to fight him.

  • The Heroes are chased by the Hunters. As they escape over the water, Arak attacks Ramirez, who falls and loses his memory.

  • Kortan attacks the people of the Highlands and gives them 12 hours to hand over Quentin.

  • A spaceship is coming in for a crash landing. Kortan knows it contains vital information from pre-Catastrophe days.

  • Kaala is the leader of a cult that worships a statue of Quentin.

  • Kortan orders the hunters and beuraucrats to work together, but with a new, powerful weapon under his command, Esclipious feels that Arak and his men an no longer neccesary.

  • Quentin is saved by Gol's bark when an assassin attacks.

  • Kortan plots to use holograms and images of himself to trap Quentin.

  • Our heroes make friends with the Igaluks. They discover an old submarine and fix it so the Igaluks can use it against the Hunters.

  • During a huge storm, Clyde is thrown overboard.

  • A renegade Hunter is building in the Septentrion Desert. Kortan orders Arak to annihilate the new city and its inhabitants.

  • Arak and Kortna are planning to attack the Highlands with an army of Hunters, leaving Mogonda defenseless and allowing Quentin and Ramirez to strike.

  • The Great Catastrophe was the result of Shepard incorrectly calculating the meteor that hit Earth 700 years ago.

  • Volta, the Jettator of nuclear energy, is captured by Hunters.

  • Quentin is having nightmares about the ultimate battle. He runs to Mogonda to find a remedy for his nightmares and meets a resistance group.

  • Our heroes are trapped in an amusement park following a battle.

  • The Hurricanes are about to be captured when Quentin and Ramirez learn of the plot and race to warn them.

  • The slaves revolt against Korton in Mogonda and declare Orion the All Powerful.

  • Kortan sends a Hunter disguised as Ramirez to lure Quentin and Clyde into a trap.

  • Clyde and Gol are trapped in a high-security prison and are being held hostage by Kortan.

  • Kortan sends a duplicate of Ramirez to trick MacLeod into fighting him before he's ready.

  • The Dundees are attacked by bandits.

  • When his vanity overcomes him, Quentin fails to pass Yashoda's test of readiness to receive his quickening.

  • Quentin helps an immortal who has lost his courage and receives the quickening of languages.

  • Quentin encounters a lesson in botany on his latest knowledge quest.

  • The Dundees contract malaria. In order to save the Dundees, Ramirez takes Quentin to the sixth cliffs to meet Ilric.

  • Ramirez decides to take Quentin to see Lonsallez.

  • An island where an Amazon-like society exists is an unlikely hiding place for our little foursome.

  • Quentin has a fear of heights and must conqueror that fear before he recieves the quickening of the winds.

  • Ramirez and Quentin try to visit a Jettator named Errol. They find a tortured soul named Melvyn who thinks he is an Immortal.

  • Kortan sends forth his Hunters lead by Arak to confront the Dundees. Living among the Dundees is Quentin, who has lived his life as a Dundee. After Arak kills Quentin the Quickening restores him to life and his dying mother tells him he is a MacLeod and is the chosen Immortal to defeat Kortan. Quentin promises his mother to rescue the Dundees and follow his destiny. Ramirez then appears after waiting seven centuries to reveal the oath taken by himself and other Immortal such as Mangus to become Jettators. Now is the time for Ramirez to take Quentin into being his apprentice. But can Ramirez teach the young boy enough before he confronts Kortan for the first time?

  • Kortan sends his Hunters to confront the Dundees. Arak kills Quentin, but the quickening restores him to life.

  • Ramirez takes Quentin to meet Stevenson, a once daring and powerful Jettator who built a dam before the Great Catastrophe.