He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

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"He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" is an animated television series from 2002. It follows the adventures of Eternia's Prince Adam as he does battle with the villainous, skeleton-faced, warlock Skeletor, albeit as the muscular, sword-wielding hero He-Man. In addition to a variety of allies in the Masters of the Universe, He-Man must also contend with Skeletor's own minions, like Trapjaw and Triclops; and, later, the rival faction of King Hiss and his throngs of serpent men.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe was intended as a reboot of the 1980s series. The series lasted for 39 episodes.

Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
August 16, 2002
Animation & Cartoon, Fantasy
Cast: Scott McNeil, Paul Dobson, Lisa Ann Beley, Brian Dobson, Michael Donovan
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Full Episode Guide

  • Using the power of the Medallion of Serpos, King Hssss transforms Snake Mountain into the mighty snake god, Serpos.

  • As the Snake Men prepare to awaken Serpos, Evil-Lyn allies herself with Count Marzo and heads toward the Well of Darkness to free Hordak.

  • The Masters are called to Spelea, where they discover Lord Dactys and his warriors defending themselves from a Caligar attack.

  • Having driven the Snake Men away from the Mystic Mountains, the Masters enter a local tavern where Man-At-Arms confronts his brother, Fisto.

  • Adam has a dream in which he sees a warrior similar to He-Man fighting both the Snake Men and Hordak, prompting him to journey to Castle Grayskull.

  • Learning from Lord Dactys that King Hssss and his Snake Men are still alive, the Masters of the Universe track the Snake Men.

  • Queen Marlena's aircraft loses power and crashes over the Corridors of Lithos as power outages wreak havoc across the planet.

  • Having been revealed as a traitor, Evil-Lyn is being pursued by Skeletor and the Evil Warriors.

  • Having overthrown Snake Mountain, the Snake Men seek the power of the Elders.

  • In a desperate effort to stop the return of the Snake Men, the Masters of the Universe seek out the aid of the Evil Warriors.

  • Teela finds herself drawn to a village called Pelleezeea, where she falls from her Sky Sled.

  • The newly formed Eternian Council arrives at the Royal Palace for their inaugural meeting.

  • Outside Castle Grayskull, the Council of Evil and the Evil Warriors prepare to conquer.

  • He-Man and Battle Cat are overpowered by Skeletor's Council of Evil but manage to evade capture by transforming back into their other selves.

  • In a remote area on Eternia, the Evil Warriors are all captured by the Masters of the Universe.

  • Still trapped in the single form of Two Bad, Tuvar and Baddhra seek out the three pieces of the Triad of Discidium.

  • The Sweet Smell of VictoryOdiphus, a petty Eternian criminal, witnesses the Evil Warriors claim victory over the Masters of the Universe.

  • Dekker, the former teacher of Man-At-Arms, is looking forward to a visit from his former pupil.

  • All of Eternia is put on high alert when Kobra Khan escapes from the Royal Palace prison compound.

  • Buzz-Off and Orko journey to Veridas, a land that houses the powerful Crystal of Prasinus. When the pair runs into three giants, Buzz-Off is defeated.

  • Orko's GardenOrko's role of overseeing the gardens at the Royal Palace proves to be a lot more difficult than he first expected.

  • In an effort to strengthen the Masters' defenses, Stratos journeys to the Ice Mountains to retrieve a rare metal called Eternium.

  • After failing to impress Skeletor with his latest plan, Tri-Klops decides to overthrow Eternia himself.

  • During a battle with the Evil Warriors, Man-E-Faces's monster guise is taken over by Beast Man, resulting in feelings of self-doubt for the hero.

  • After receiving a distressing vision, the Sorceress sends Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms to the small island of Anwat Gar to retrieve the Legacy Stones.

  • With the peace talks between the Speleans and the Caligars having broken down, King Randor, Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms journey to Subternia.