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Nothing last forever including mankind as, you guessed it Humanity Has Declined. Directed by Seiji Kishi and screenplay by Makoto Uezu Humanity, Has Declined began as a Light novel series or Novellas penned by Romeo Tanaka, later adapted into Manga published first by Shogakukan and was later picked up by Media Factory both current have ongoing series. The Anime is a 12 episode series focused around the pink haired heroine Watashi burden with the title and duties of UN Mediator to The Fairies. Having watched the dwindling fate of humans Watashi has a bleak disposition, carrying out her work to ensure the survival of mankind by maintaining good will between fairies and humans.

When most people think about the Fantasy genre the image most commonly involves knights, dragons, high adventure, sword and sorcery and fairytales. People think Tolkien or Harry Potter, Humanity Has Declined isn't anything like those, instead this show is set in the future where man faces the Darwinian struggle to keep on going despite low birth rates. This show is not only original but surprising and subtle. Humanity has Declined has a lot of bright colors and plucky tone mixed with a layer of harsh realism and the odd element of horror. True on the surface it's a solid comedy with a fun sense of humor adventure but for anyone willing to take a deeper look will find the struggles of a girl and her friends to keep what's left of human civilization safe from the whimsy of the unpredictable fairies. A credit to Anime Humanity Has Declined is the sort of that anyone can enjoy with interesting characters, an involved narrative and a refreshing take on the Fantasy Genre.

Anime Network
1 Season, 18 Episodes
August 1, 2012
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Mai Nakahara, Unshô Ishizuka, Satomi Akesaka, Hisako Kanemoto
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Humanity Has Declined Full Episode Guide

  • Mediator has settled in her role of the Wild Rose Society and is continuing her rapid ascent to becoming a 6th year. But a night spent with Y will rock her very core.

  • The Mediator recounts her first years at school and all the unique people she met.

  • The mediator remembers her first time at school and the special people she met.

  • It's the Mediator's first day of her new job and she is already a god.

  • With an over population of Fairies, thanks to the Mediator, she is tasked with finding them a new home. But when they end up stranded on an island, only one can rule.

  • The Fairies want more sweets and doing whatever it takes affects more than just the Mediator.

  • The Fairies want more sweets and will do anything to get them!

  • The Fairies want more sweets and will do anything to get it.

  • The stories of Pion and of the Mediator's hair come to an end.

  • The story of Pion comes to an end, so does the story of the Mediators hair.

  • Y and her assistant find themselves once again trapped. This time, they are trapped underground. Luckily, they are rescued by a fairy searching for her companion.

  • Electricity is coming to the village and the generator will no longer be needed. The Fairies give the Mediator a warning about what will happen when the power comes back.

  • Y and her assistant are stuck in a strange manga world. In order to escape, they must reach the end of the manga world while maintaining reader interest. If they can't, they may never make it back to the real world.

  • Y, Mediator, and the Assistant must find a way to escape or risk losing their sanity.

  • Y was assigned to work on the Human Monument project, but instead kicks off the BL Manga revolution.

  • Y was assigned to work on the Human Monument project, but instead kicks off the BL Manga revolution.

  • The group continues to be pulled apart by a mysterious forces. The UN Mediator is the only one to make it to the conference room where the truth is...

  • After a conversation with the faeries about the current plight of humanity, strange things begin to appear around the small village.

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