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Disturbing cases featuring culprits who hide in plain sight, giving interviews, posting on social media and showing their faces while having blood on their hands the whole time.

Friday at 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery
1 Season, 23 Episodes
September 3, 2018
Crime, Documentary & Biography
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In Plain Sight (2018) Full Episode Guide

  • Mechanic Ed Postma loves cars, so when he pulls over to a remote convenience store to help with a breakdown, he wasn't expecting to be violently shot to death. Persistent police work uncovers a bitter love triangle fueled by jealousy and rage.

  • After defrauding his client of more than 40 million dollars, it is no surprise to police when Andrew Kissel is found tied up and stabbed in the basement of his mansion. With so many people wanting him punished, who was angry enough to make it deadly?

  • Lanell Barsock's finds her best friend shot in her house and tells police she saw Lanell's boyfriend at the crime scene. This open-and-shut case is complicated by the fact the victim has more than one jealous boyfriend, and a few jealous girlfriends.

  • When Rozanne Gailunas opens her door for a delivery and ends up shot in the head, police focus on her estranged husband and secret lover. But all trails go cold until someone reveals a bizarre claim that they married the hitman who was hired to kill her.

  • Police are puzzled when they find the body of divorced mother Kathleen Lipscomb curled up by the side of the road. Unraveling the mystery of how she got there will take them into a dark world of corruptions, bribes, and deadly ambition.

  • In the 1970's, Janet Walsh is bound and strangled on her bed after a night of disco dancing. Police have an eye to several lovers and suspects, but the days of disco will long be over by the time her killer is finally brought to justice.

  • An evening's celebration is cut short when a couple is shot on a beach in Jacksonville, Florida. With multiple gunshot wounds husband barely survives, to tell his incredible eye-witness account of how his wife was murdered.

  • When Hollywood cameraman Robert Samuels is brutally gunned down in his own home, somebody wants to make it look like a burglary. But police slowly uncover a dark conspiracy based on greed and betrayal.

  • After mother-to-be Rhoni Reuter is shot to death in her condo, at first all attention is directed at the baby's father, former NFL football player Shaun Gayle. However, it seems that Shaun has many more girlfriends. Could one of them be the killer?

  • Carolyn Stahl is expecting a surprise for her birthday, but instead ends up being gunned down alongside her husband in their car. It looks like a professional hit, but what police can't tell is who is the intended target?

  • California newlyweds share their last kiss one fateful February morning. It will take detectives two decades to solve the case.

  • Hard working small businesswoman Mary Ann Clibbery is found bludgeoned inside her own remodelling business just before Christmas, and police are completely stumped as to who would want this well-liked entrepreneur dead.

  • When 17-year-old Missy Avila is found drowned in a stream, police discover she has been badly beaten and her long hair cut off. The investigation slowly unravels a passionate story of rage, jealousy, and betrayal.

  • When 17-year-old Taylor Behl started college, she was confident and she was ready for life on her own. But after she vanishes, it soon becomes apparent that she had fallen into a dark world with a devastating tragedy.

  • Melissa Mooney was excited to move into her new home, but she never gets the chance. When her FBI co-workers discover her strangled to death in her own bed on moving day, they launch a personal manhunt to catch her killer.

  • When real estate tycoon, Gary Triano, is killed by a car bomb after playing a round of golf at a Tucson, Arizona country club, rumors spread about who actually wanted him dead.

  • When Vince and Margaret Sherry are shot in their own home, rumors spread throughout Biloxi as to who would want to kill the well-respected couple. Turns out, there's a long list of shady characters and scandalous conspiracies behind their murder.

  • After a night of partying, law student Jesse Valencia is found with his throat slashed. In a college town filled with endless parties and one-night stands, the list of possible suspects is long. It appears one of his lovers had a secret to keep.

  • When art student Samantha 'Shelley' Nance's deceased body is discovered by her college roommate in 2009, campus erupts with gossip. Jealousy and secret crushes make for strong motives, but detectives struggle to pin the suspect.

  • When sixteen year old Dinah Peterson sneaks out to see her boyfriend on Valentine's Day, she never makes it home. As the small town gossip spreads, the case takes a shocking turn and a 30 year old secret is finally revealed.

  • When newlyweds Sherri Rasmussen and John Ruetten kiss each other goodbye on the morning of February 24, 1986, it'll be the last kiss they ever share. Sherri is found dead in their home hours later. Detectives struggle to solve her case for 20 years.

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