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This quirky and hilarious storyline is about a professor, named Iris, who is incredibly smart. While the professor's intelligence is an asset, the oddities of the character, such as large clothing items, a high-pitched talking piano, a life-sized skeleton and more turn the classroom into a laugh room.

1 Season, 52 Episodes
May 7, 2012
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Danny Tamberelli
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Iris, the Happy Professor Full Episode Guide

  • There are so many different kinds of voices.., high, low, young, old. Your voice helps you talk and whisper and sing. But what happens when you lose your voice? Ms. Principal finds out, right on the day of her big singing concert!

  • What happens when you put on a costume? Or a wig? Or a mask? Lots of fun, as Professor iris and the gang find out when they have a costume party.

  • Professor Iris is dog-sitting and brings his cousin's dog, Bruno to class with him. Bruno helps the gang learn about dogs... and gives Ms. Principal for a good run for her money!

  • They come in all sizes and colors... and they don't only come from birds! Some of them have baby animals in them and others are good to eat.

  • An episode with a Christmas theme. Professor iris and the gang decorate a Christmas tree and learn about other kinds of trees and bushes known as evergreens.

  • Skeleton starts a moth colony, which leads to all kinds of problems... and to a lesson on insects! While Ms. Principal worries about her moth-eaten clothes and Skeleton tries to find a solution, Professor Iris talks about other members of the insect family.

  • Professor Iris chooses a very hot subject for today's lesson! We see how volcanoes erupt and find out that sometimes they sleep. A little volcano appears in the classroom and Ms. Principal gets into quite an uproar!

  • It's Plant's birthday and the class decides to celebrate by decorating the room with flowers. They learn about all of Plant's relatives, follow the life of a flower from seed to bloom... and discover a very unusual flower right in their classroom!

  • A trip to the farm, to see what the farmer does every day. So many good things come from the farm... fruits and vegetables, milk and eggs..: the gang stops to have a picnic!

  • The gang goes off on a photo safari.., to the jungle! They discover lions and monkeys and zebras and elephants. And much to her surprise, Ms. Principal discovers a snake!

  • Ms. Principal shares her rock collection with Professor Iris and his students and they all learn about minerals.., what they are, where they come from and what they're used for.

  • Professor Iris' vacation photos inspire a lesson on photography. Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing, so everyone takes pictures of their favorite things to show each other.

  • Professor Iris, Ms. Principal and the gang fix up a really great- looking car right in the classroom, and find out all about cars at the same time.

  • Professor Iris brings his horse to school and we learn all about these beautiful and helpful animals. Ms. Principal even goes for a ride!

  • Everyone in Professor Iris' class has an idea about where to spend the school holidays... if only they could agree! After discussing each person's fantasy vacation, they finally come up with a great plan to please everybody.

  • It seems like the telephone just won't stop ringing in Professor Iris' classroom today, so he and his students decide to learn all about telephones... where they came from and what they're used for.

  • Professor Iris and his students learn all about these friendly giants when a baby elephant escapes from the circus and comes to visit their classroom.

  • A hair-raising episode! When Ms. Principal tries to find a new hairstyle, everyone ends up looking ducky! Long or short, red or brown... it doesn't matter what your hair looks like, as long as it looks like you.

  • What goes up, comes down, and has Professor Iris and his students soaring through their lesson? Hot air balloons, airplanes, rocket ships and all manner of flying machines!

  • All aboard the Professor Iris express! Iris and his students play train and go on an exciting train trip. They see cities, country sides, the seaside and of course... lots of other trains!

  • Ms. Principal goes to a costume ball dressed as a Queen Bee, which inspires a lesson about these fascinating creatures. They live in beehives, take care of Queen Bee's eggs and make delicious honey that we can eat in all sorts of ways!

  • It seems like the more Professor Iris and the gang laugh, the more they want to laugh. It's contagious! Why are they laughing? There are all sorts of reasons...

  • Once the homes of ocean creatures, seashells come in all shapes and sizes. We can make things out of them... we can even hear the sound of ocean waves by putting them to our ear!

  • They start out as caterpillars and turn into colorful winged creatures called butterflies! How do they do it?

  • We find out about our planet earth and what it looks like from far away. Then we look up into the sky to see the moon, the sun and the stars!

  • As time goes by... we have morning, afternoon, evening and night. What are the things we do at all these different times of the day? We also discover some of the things we use to tell time, like clocks and watches.

  • After all the things we do during the day, everyone needs to sleep... even animals! Professor Iris shows us what helps him go to sleep, and tells us why it's so important to get lots of rest.

  • They're all so different... and they're all called birds. They're swallows and ducks, flamingos and ostriches. Discover birds of all shapes and sizes.

  • Miniature versions of some of our favorite animals... the babies! We find out where they come from, how their mothers take care of them and what each of them are called.

  • Iris and the gang make some music, which makes them want to sing, which makes them want to dance, and before you know it... it's a music, song and dance party!

  • What happens when Iris and his students get out their pencils, paper, crayons, paints and brushes? A lot of artistic fun... and some pretty good artwork too!

  • Let's take a trip to the beach! We'll sit by the ocean and catch some sun, go on the ocean in a boat or two, and go into the ocean to visit our friends the fish!

  • Everyone needs to eat... animals, people... even plants! We talk about some of the things we eat and how they help us stay healthy and strong.

  • All the wonderful and beautiful elements of nature! They are very precious, and we learn things we can do to take care of them.

  • We take a tour of the different rooms in a house, to see what we do in each one. Then we take off around the world, to see the different kinds of houses people live in.

  • Where do birds and beavers, monkeys and bears live? Some animals make their own homes, and some depend on us for shelter.

  • Iris and his students demonstrate team sports like football, basketball and hockey. ..and individual sports like skating, skiing and surfing. Lots of fun ways to stay in shape!

  • Meet our friend the cow and her family. Cows come in all colours, and they give us something wonderful... milk! Lots of yummy things we eat are made from milk!

  • Hot chocolate is is summer. An ice cube is is winter. How do we protect ourselves from hot and cold?

  • What are some of the animals we can have at home as pets? When we go to the farm... we find a whole new assortment of animals!

  • Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Hearing... five ways in which we discover the world around us.

  • A tour of the garden and the orchard, to see all the things that grow there. What are some of the good things we can make from these gifts of nature?

  • Why do we wash ourselves? To be clean, of course! We use soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, showers, bathtubs, shampoo... and we feel so good afterwards!

  • Squares, circles, rectangles and triangles.., what things do you know that are shaped like this?

  • Elephants are big... ants are small. A hippopotomus is heavy, a feather is light. We also learn about fat and thin, and that's the long and short of it!

  • What do you know that's red? Blue? Green? How do we mix colours to get other colours? When we see all the colours together in the sky, it's called a rainbow!

  • Spring, summer, autumn and winter.., the characteristics of each season, and some of the fun things we can do during each one.

  • What are some of the things we do with our hands and feet? How do we take care of them? What do we wear on them?

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