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"Is It Real?" is a show that spends each episode exploring one supernatural phenomenon or cryptozoological creature. The hosts start out interviewing believers or proponents, and then they interview scientists or skeptics. The skeptics attempt to find rational explanations for the subjects. Some of the subjects they have explored are Chupacabra, UFO's, spontaneous human combustion, and Bigfoot.

Is It Real? is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (29 episodes). The series first aired on January 21, 2006.

Where do I stream Is It Real? online? Is It Real? is available for streaming on National Geographic, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Is It Real? on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Apple TV online.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
3 Seasons, 29 Episodes
January 21, 2006
Documentary & Biography, Science Fiction
Cast: Will Lyman, Ian Gregory, Joe Nickell
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Is It Real? Full Episode Guide

  • King Arthur is the greatest of British literary heroes. From the 12th century to the 20th, his exploits have been celebrated in prose, verse, film, video games and comics. But is the story of King Arthur true?

  • A jungle boy raised by monkeys. Twin girls nurtured by wolves. Are these stories true? National Geographic takes a scientific look at the tales of feral children raised in the wild.

  • Scientists believe Mars may be the planet in our solar system that has life. But is there really life on Mars?

  • Maritime myths and legends are examined. Included: the Mary Celeste, which is said to have vanished into thin air; the Queen Mary, which some say echoes with the voices of dead soldiers.

  • Examining the Shroud of Turin, the cloth thought to be the burial garment of Jesus Christ.

  • Did Nostradamus predict the Sept. 11 attacks, the rise of Hitler and the Challenger disaster some 500 years ago? Can our fates really be foretold by the motion of the planets or a shuffle of the cards?

  • National Geographic explores The Da Vinci Code's controversial allegations, and meets other conspiracy theorists who believe Jesus' ancestors walk the earth today.

  • "Is It Real?" investigates the much-debated existence of the Orang Pendek -- a strange two-legged ape creature hiding the jungles of Sumatra.

  • Could the wounds Jesus received during his last hours appear unintentionally, miraculously in a select few among us?

  • They say it's part reptile, part kangaroo, part vampire bat, with glowing eyes and great fangs ... but is it real?

  • Evolution, intelligent design or alien visitation? A dedicated group of believers insist that we were visited by aliens thousands of years ago and we owe our existence to them. Some experts aren't so sure. "Ancient Astronauts" examines the evidence and separates the science from the science fiction.

  • Science books say Neanderthals went extinct around 30,000 years ago but what if they still exist today? Rumors swirl that a stone-age man called "wildman" or "man of the forest" survives in the remote mountains of Russia and Mongolia, and a hominologist claims to have skulls and hair samples to prove it. Is it Real? investigates the evidence with believers and skeptics alike.

  • The reality of ghosts, poltergeists and demonic possessions are investigated. Infrasound, electromagnetic energy and carbon monoxide are measured to determine if science can account for alleged ghostly occurrences.

  • NGC takes you to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania to dissect the legend of Dracula. Is Bram Stoker's mythical count based on a real person? Historians, folklorists, forensic science and modern medicine add insight to enduring vampire myths, and a self-professed, blood-drinking vampire tells all.

  • Is it possible to commit murder in your sleep? Will extensive sleep tests performed on accused murderers say yes? If science says yes, what does the law say? Join us in an intriguing investigation at the crossroads of science and the law, with results that just might keep you up at night.

  • Boats vanish, planes disappear. There's rarely a mayday, never a trace. What exactly is going on in the area of the Atlantic Ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle? A dedicated cadre of believers may have dredged an answer from the deadly waters.

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Exorcism: Is It Real? | National Geographic Clip (1 min 55 sec) Ghosts: Is It Real? | National Geographic Clip (2 min 32 sec) Vampires: Is It Real? | National Geographic Clip (2 min 29 sec)