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It’s Sew Easy is an instructional television series. In this series, viewers learn how to complete different sewing projects. These projects are shown step by step and instructions are given. Each show features a new project. Many of the clothing that the show will teach the viewer how to make is women’s clothing. Shows have featured directions on how to make everything from formal dresses to business suites. For the winter the viewer also learned how to make scarves.

Each project will show how easy it is to complete these projects at home without any special training or any types of special skills. The viewer can write down these instructions and select the fabric of their choosing and a pattern. They can choose any materials that they want and learn how to take measurements. There are new patterns on the show all the time and different projects for the viewer to learn how to make.

It's Sew Easy is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on June 29, 2007.

Where do I stream It's Sew Easy online? It's Sew Easy is available for streaming on Janson Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch It's Sew Easy on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon online.

Janson Media
4 Seasons, 52 Episodes
June 29, 2007
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It's Sew Easy Full Episode Guide

  • Rebecca Kemp Brent teaches decorative stitch techniques with utility stitches. Angela Wolf demonstrates blind hem stitching and Louis Carney has various couching techniques.

  • Donna Babylon has an easy trim technique. Deana Tierney May sews reversible chair cushions and Sheree Schattenmann has easy to sew table settings.

  • Cookie Gaynor creates flowers with free motion sewing and demonstrates 3D embroidery. Rebecca Kemp Brent teaches decorative stitch techniques for creating fabric and Michele Muska has felting techniques.

  • Lisa Shepard Stewart sews covers for tablets. Sarah McFarland shows how to head a pattern and Pearl Krush makes a cuddly pet bed.

  • Eileen Roche creates an eyeglass case. Rebecca Kemp Brent demonstrates decorative stitch techniques and Deepika Prakash teaches all about sewing machine feet.

  • Jim Suzio has tips for sewing amazing gowns. Gretchen Hirsch creates a hairline seam which is necessary when sewing with sheer fabrics.

  • Pearl Krush creates a rag style baby quilt. Sheree Schattenmann sews a simple baby blanket and bib and June Mellinger makes a personalized heirloom baby quilt.

  • Angela Wolf sews trouser pockets and Gretchen Hirsch makes welt pockets for pants and skirts.

  • Angela Wolf works with muslin and demonstrates different alterations. Then she teaches how to press darts and seams correctly and Angela also teaches how to sew hidden zippersand several different waistband options.

  • Colbey Decker makes a mini drawstring backpack and Sue Hausmann teaches various purse techniques.

  • Victoria Findlay Wolfe teaches how to make your own quilt fabric. Angela Wolf has a simple pillow with a zipper accent and Lisa Sipes creates a pillow sham.

  • Angela Wolf demonstrates pressing techniques. Deepika Prakash with how to use sewing machine feet and Stephani Miller works with muslin.

  • Angela Wolf sews a color block top. Eileen Roche teaches embroidering on pocket and Peggy Sagers has the basics of blouse construction.

  • Angela Wolf creates custom jeans. June Mellinger teaches you how to start your own sewing business and Janet Pray sews a denim clutch.

  • Valori Wells sews a pillow with a flange. Eileen Roche sews a clothing tattoo with a sports designs and Donna Babylon makes a free motion stitched pillow.

  • Lisa Shepherd sews hand-woven fabrics. Eileen Roche sews a clothing tattoo - on a man's shirt. Valerie Mayen creates a zippered tank top and Angela Wolf has a lesson on fringe.

  • Angela Wolf teaches how to add embellishments to jackets. Annie O'Connor demonstrates how to combine and relocate darts and Pam Hastings creates an active lifestyle dress.

  • June Mellinger demonstrates quilting on an embroidery machine. Angela Wolf sews darts on a shirt and Eileen Roche has a raw edge appliqué.

  • Peggy Sagers sews yoga pants. Eileen Roche creates a clothing tattoo - on yoga pants. Sheree Schattenmann makes lounge pants and Angela Wolf sews a jeans waistband.

  • Deepika Prakash demonstrates sewing on knits. Eileen Roche creates a clothing tattoo in the shape of a butterfly and Valori Wells shows how to deconstruct a T-shirt.

  • Pam Hastings makes a barrel bag. Angela Wolf sews men's waistbands and Tammy O'Connell sews on hardware for bags.

  • Angela Wolf shows how to sew on fur. Deana Tierney May creates a lace top.Erin Miller sews a pair of harem pants and Angela Wolf demonstrates ruching.

  • Gretchen Hirsch adds an exposed zipper to a skirt. Angela Wolf teaches how to fix a broken zipper and Sheree and Leah Schattenmann show how to sew simple skirts.

  • Donna Babylonmakes an appliquéd footstool. Angela Wolf teaches how to replace a zipper on a jacket and Jacinda Boneau and Jaime Morrison Curtis sew mini pin cushions.

  • Peggy Sagers helps with fitting problems. Angela Wolf shows how to alter a man's shirt and Stephani Millerteaches bra making basics.

  • Angela Wolf teaches techniques using silk. Eileen Roche creates a clothing tattoo with a vine motif and Gretchen Hirsch demonstrates boning for a strapless dress.

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