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Jungle Junction is a television series found on Playhouse Disney in some countries as well as Disney Junior in other countries. The CGI series is part of the Disney franchise since 2011. In the show, Zooter is a little pink pig who is very energetic and zips around the jungle with her friend Ellyvan. He is the blue elephant that does deliveries for the locals and the name implies just that. His name derives from what he is exactly, an elephant who carries items around like a van.

The kangaroo, Bungo is going to be the one who runs the city holding up signs to everything that is important. He will hold up a stop sign to prevent an accident from happening between two of the animals as well as letting people know when there is mud on the road that could cause an accident. He works hard to let animals and people know who are watching at home how you can help one another stay out of trouble.

There are a number of other animals who live in the city as well. For instance, Taxicrab, he is a crab who loves to dance and make smoothies. He will be the only one on wheels who can move sideways due to the fact that crabs in real life can scurry from side to side. Taxicrab is most patient with his friend Toadhog who is a toad that likes to eat Fi-Fi files and worms. Since Toadhog loves to be selfish and take up the most space on the road, his name came from someone known as a Road Hog.

This show is aimed at preschoolers and slightly older children who need to learn how to treat one another. All the Disney shows are aimed at teaching children responsibility and this show is like no other. It combines things that children enjoy such as cars and animals.

Jungle Junction is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on October 5, 2009.

Where do I stream Jungle Junction online? Jungle Junction is available for streaming on Disney, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jungle Junction on demand at Amazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 34 Episodes
October 5, 2009
Kids & Family
Cast: Keith Wickham, Janet James, Mandi Symonds, Ron Orbach
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Jungle Junction Full Episode Guide

  • Toadhog Goes Fishing: When Toadhog pitches in to help with Taxicrab's chores so they can go fishing, he ends up making a huge mess. Ellyvan's Whiffy Delivery: Ellyvan forgets to deliver a parcel to Toadhog and the parcel starts to whiff.

  • Bungo Moves In: When Bungo's burrow gets flooded, he moves in with Ellyvan and Zooter. Big Red Lance: Lance wants to sing at the Juice Bar on sing-a-long day, but he's so shy the only way he can do it is by putting on a disguise.

  • Ellyvan's Ballet Lesson: Ellyvan persuades Taxicrab to teach him ballet so he can get over his bad case of the "Dropsies." Crocker For a Day: Crocker asks Zooter and Ellyvan to mind his Fire Station when he goes off on a camping trip with Bungo and Lance.

  • Bungo Leads the Way: Bungo gets lost leading the wheelers on a hike to Mt. Zipmore, but refuses to admit it. Ellyvan & The Zoominator: Bungo and Ellyvan race each around the jungle to win fruity waffles!

  • Bobby's Road Rules: In an attempt to keep the roads safe, Bobby and Bungo make it impossible for any Wheeler to use them. Zooter's Strange Spots: While raiding Crocker's off limits Pom Pom Berry tree, Zooter gets pelted with falling fruit.

  • Bungo's Better Best Friend: Feeling lonely, Bungo invents a friend by painting a face on a sign and calling it Bingo. Lance & The Jumpy Pumpkin: It's Jumpy Pumpkin Eve and Bungo helps Lance face his fear of things that go JUMP in the night.

  • Cadet Zooter: Zooter gets promoted to Delivery Cadet, but nearly loses her first solo delivery. Jungle Job Swap: When Ellyvan and Zooter swap jobs with Bungo for the day, they all realize how hard the others work.

  • Where's Ellyvan: Afraid of going to the clinic for a Tire Check-up, Ellvyan sneaks off and hides... only to get hurt and wish he could be found! Bobby's Hat: Bobby loses his "mojo" when he loses his hat.

  • Floaty Fruit: Zooter overhears Miss Jolly say that eating Floaty Fruit makes you float into the air. Zooter's Blankie: Ellyvan's and Zooter's sleepover party is nearly a bust when Zooter loses her blankie.

  • Rock Around the Clock: The annual Rock Around the Clock dance party nearly doesn't take place because Zooter accidentally breaks the Bungo's gramophone. The Jolly: Miss Jolly claims to discover a rare flower, but only Zooter and Ellyvan believe her.

  • Bungo's Wheeler Wash: Bungo builds a Wheeler Wash to make everyone sparkly clean, but he is mortified to discover that his invention has polluted Hippobus' Wallowing Pool. Ellyvan's Road Waffles: Ellyvan gets cement mix confused with waffle mix.

  • Ellyvan Goes Up: Zooter and Ellyvan enlist the help of Bungo's Lifter-Upper to get to the top of the tallest tree. Easy Does It, Dozer: Dozer fastens a trailer bed to his tracks and starts zipping around, but his flashy maneuvers cause a rockslide.

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