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  • TV-PG
  • 2005
  • 1 Season
  • 7.0  (451)

Karin is a Japanese anime series meticulously crafted in the traditional realm of vampiric folklore whilst embodying a unique twist of comedy and romance. The series, released in late 2005 and aired on WOWOW, encompasses 24 episodes, each unraveling narratives of romance, supernatural elements and life situations, while also shedding comedic relief, often in unexpected bursts.

Adapted from a manga series of the same name by Yuna Kagesaki, the show pivots around the title protagonist, Karin Maaka. Karin is an unconventional vampire in comparison to traditional horror literature stereotypes. Unlike regular vampires who suck blood from humans, Karin is a 'blood-maker', and her body yields excessive amounts of blood which she has to periodically inject into her victims. Failing to do this results in her experiencing gushing, uncontrollable nosebleeds, an unusual feature and comical recurring motif throughout the series.

In contrast to her family, who are typical vampires, sleeping during the day and active at night, Karin is a daytime vampire. As she attends school along with regular humans, her daylight activities generate a refreshing perspective on the vampiric living condition. The show successfully melds the concept of a peculiar vampire's life, hidden from the human world, while navigating her way through the mundane routines of a regular high school student.

The narrative takes an exciting turn when Karin has a fated encounter with Kenta Usui, a new transfer student at her school. She is inexplicably drawn to Kenta, which sets the stage for romantic underpinnings interspersed throughout the series. The key challenge for Karin herein lies in concealing her true identity from Kenta, thus supplementing an element of intrigue to their blossoming relationship. The interaction between the two offers a delightful showcase of the chemistry amongst characters, often accompanied by comic hiccups, lending a unique character-driven appeal to the narrative.

Meanwhile, Karin's family, with typified vampiric traits, demonstrative of their nocturnal life, presents a stark contrast to her ideal school life. This clash of circumstances constructs a humorous, yet touching articulation of her dual life of being ordinary and extraordinary simultaneously.

Under Yakari Sawako's direction, who is recognized for her penchant for humor-oriented content, Karin explores a diverse range of themes that straddle the ordinary and supernatural, the fearsome and benign, and importantly, the dichotomy between human and vampire. Karin's journey, from discovering her unique predicament to maneuvering through life's complexities, is interspersed with charming characters, a sprinkling of humor, and an enduring depiction of teenage romance. The series also delves into relatable human issues despite its supernatural frame, such as family dynamics and the struggles of fitting in whilst being different. Coupled with poignant moments of vulnerability, Karin's tale encapsulates the essence of struggle and strength in one.

A large part of the show's charm comes from its well-rounded cast, including Karin's eccentric yet loving family, composed of her parents, an elder brother and a younger sister, each of whom carry their own unique charm that adds depth to the storyline.

The series has been recognized for its stunning visuals, with richly detailed backgrounds and fluid animations. The character designs stick close to the original manga’s aesthetics, merging an appealing amalgamation of cuteness and eeriness, reflecting the overall dichotomy existing within the show's storyline.

The sound design deserves a special mention with its cheerful yet haunting music compositions that complement the show perfectly, bringing out both the comedy and the darker undertones. The voice acting is praised for breathing life into each character, making them feel authentic and relatable.

In conclusion, Karin is an enthralling portrayal of a not-so-typical teenage girl who happens to be a vampire, caught in the tug of war between normal high school life, and the responsibility of maintaining her vampire lineage's secrecy. Wrapped around humour, romance, and the supernatural, the series breaches traditional genre boundaries while retaining a certain uniqueness and relatability that keeps audiences engaged throughout. Karin is an anime that keeps you hooked on its engaging narrative while feeling for its wonderfully constructed characters. It is a remarkable show that brilliantly showcases the complexity of navigating the human and vampire world, while humorously underlining the struggles of living a double life.

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It is Embarassing to be Together Always
24. It is Embarassing to be Together Always
May 11, 2006
Winner and Kenta must stop the ritual from turning Karin into a full fledged vampire, while Victor plans on taking out the entire Maaka family.
Farewell is Embarassing
23. Farewell is Embarassing
April 27, 2006
The Maaka family have to flee after Victor attacks their home. Both Kenta and Winner come to decisions about their feelings toward Karin.
Being a Lost Child is Embarrising
22. Being a Lost Child is Embarrising
April 20, 2006
Karin doesn't know where to go, so she wonders around aimlessly. The battle between Elda and The Vampire Hunter contines. Usui tries to reach Karin, but can't.
What should I do, This is Embarassing
21. What should I do, This is Embarassing
April 13, 2006
Elda has discovered a way to make Karin a true vampire. What will Karin do? Will she choose to become a real one and be with her family. Or will she choose to stay a blood-maker and stay with Usui?
This is the First...It's Embarassing
20. This is the First...It's Embarassing
April 6, 2006
Anju awakes as a vampire.
A Couple's Eve is Embarassing
19. A Couple's Eve is Embarassing
March 30, 2006
It's Christmas time. Karin tries to figure out the perfect gift for Usui, and if she should tell him her feelings.
Brother's Secret is Embarassing
18. Brother's Secret is Embarassing
March 23, 2006
Anju and Boogie tell Karin why Ren hates men so much, which has to do with Ren's awakening.
Farewell Elda, is Embarassing
17. Farewell Elda, is Embarassing
March 16, 2006
Elda decides to suck Kenta's blood to erase his feelings of love, in order to protect Karin from the hurt she suffered from.
Elda's Love Life is Embarassing
16. Elda's Love Life is Embarassing
March 9, 2006
Elda tells Karin about her first love, one with a mortal.
Elda Appears! is Embarassing
15. Elda Appears! is Embarassing
March 2, 2006
Elda Maaka, Karin's grandmother, escapes from her coffin.
Just the Two of Us Till Morning is Embarassing
14. Just the Two of Us Till Morning is Embarassing
February 23, 2006
Karin invites Maki over for a sleep-over to help Karin finish her summer homework.
To be Targetted is Embarassing
13. To be Targetted is Embarassing
February 16, 2006
Ren goes after Kenta's mother, and Karin is worried about Kenta's feelings.
Brother is really Embarassing
12. Brother is really Embarassing
February 2, 2006
When Ren decides to target Kenta's mother, Karin decides to bite her first, and holds back her blood until she could.
It's Summer! It's the Pool! It's Embarassing!
11. It's Summer! It's the Pool! It's Embarassing!
January 26, 2006
Winner invites Karin to the pool on a date.
Papa is Very Embarrassing
10. Papa is Very Embarrassing
January 12, 2006
Karin fails a test and hast to study for the retake.
Looking back...is Embarassing
9. Looking back...is Embarassing
January 5, 2006
Anju flashbacks to her childhood with Karin.
Being Discovered is Embarassing
8. Being Discovered is Embarassing
December 22, 2005
The hunter suspects Usui of being a vampire when blood is found in the school hallway.
Being Chased is Embarassing
7. Being Chased is Embarassing
December 15, 2005
A vampire hunter transfers to Karin's school.
My Lively Mother is Embarassing
6. My Lively Mother is Embarassing
December 8, 2005
Usui works everyday at the restaurant to the point of exhaustion. This makes it impossible for Karin to be around him without overflowing.
A Family Gathering is Embarassing
5. A Family Gathering is Embarassing
December 1, 2005
Usui discovers that Karin is a vampire. Her family contemplates how to deal with it.
Being Found Out is Embarassing
4. Being Found Out is Embarassing
November 24, 2005
Karin decides that if she keeps Usui happy with lunches, she can maintain apathy for blood.
Happiness is Embarassing
3. Happiness is Embarassing
November 17, 2005
Karin Searches for the meaning of "happiness".
My Interests are Embarassing
2. My Interests are Embarassing
November 10, 2005
Ren, Karin's brother explains that vampires have different tastes in blood. Karin discovers her predilection.
Overflowing is Embarassing
1. Overflowing is Embarassing
November 3, 2005
While a transfer student is walking through, the park, he spots Karin feeding off a man. She must avoid this boy because she believes this is causing her to "over-flow".
  • Premiere Date
    November 3, 2005
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (451)