Marvel Super Hero Squad

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Marvel animation has created a comedic cartoon that parodies a number of different Marvel super heroes based on a toy line produced by Hasbro. The show took influence from the Mini Marvels series of comic books. While still following general hero personalities, they take a more comedic spin to the characters and put them in humorous situations.

The Super Hero Squad Show involves a group of heroes in a group called the Super Hero Squad, which is lead by Iron Man but includes other well known heroes including Wolverine, the Hulk and Silver Surfer. They and others work to protect Super Hero City from the Lethal Legion, which is lead by Doctor Doom who formed alliances with almost every super villain whom mostly reside in Villainville, a town for villains right next to the city for heroes.

The first season focuses on the quest to find fractals of the Infinity Sword, trying to keep Doctor Doom from gaining the power from the sword. Pieces were shattered across the land and the Super Hero Squad must protect the city while going through humorous situations and dealing with their different personalities.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 53 Episodes
September 14, 2009
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Stan Lee, Steve Blum, Tom Kenny, Alimi Ballard, Charlie Adler
Marvel Super Hero Squad

Marvel Super Hero Squad Full Episode Guide

  • Thor assumes the throne and Scarlet Witch battles Magneto.

  • On their search for Captain Marvel, the Super Hero Squad get imprisoned by the Skrull in one of their space stations. Their only hope for escape lies with Scarlet Witch, whom Falcon had snuck aboard the Helicarrier unbeknownst to the others. However, Thanos continues to make matters worse by instigating the intergalactic war between the Kree and the Skrull using the power of his Soul Stone.

  • With Dr. Doom now imprisoned, the Super Hero Squad go their separate ways. Meanwhile, Thanos locates the Infinity Gauntlet and captures Captain Marvel, who is supposed to be at a Kree-Skrull peace conference. Once she hears he has gone missing, Ms. Marvel hurries to bring the Super Hero Squad back together and find Captain Marvel before it's too late. Elsewhere, Dr. Doom plots his escape from prison.

  • Galactus arrives in Super Hero City to devour the Earth.

  • In order to free his mother, Dr. Doom conquers Chthon's mystical dimension.

  • Doom sends out his "Team Tonic" to melt the polar icecaps. While Flatman andReptil are lecturing on the dangers of global warming, the icecap melts and begins to flood the whole world!

  • A new villain is in town...Magneto! And he has tricked his own kids into a sinister plot to steel the vault's fractals for Dr Doom.

  • The Squad has a big mission to keep a fractal from Dr. Doom. Falcon is eager to show he's no rookie, but his teammates underestimate him.

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