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The television show called May Queen, came out in South Korea in 2012. The three main star of the show are: Han Ji-hye, Kim Jae-won and Jae Hee. The premise of the show is that they experience all the normal feelings of life such as: revenge, love, betrayal and ambition. The main location of the TV show is Korea's modernization, and the industry of the show is ship building. The heroine of the show is Hare-joo, and we see how she begins her life in severe poverty. She has become "burned" with her parent's horrible past, but she is still able to overcome a lot.

She able to overcome a lot to achieve her dreams, and her childhood sweetheart named Park Chang-hee is able to help her a lot. He is the child of a company chair's butler; he also raised from being a poor child to become a great prosecutor. In the show, Kang San, the boss's son, returns home to Korea after he has lived abroad for many years. When he returns home, he finds that he is still in-love with Hare-joo.

The three main characters of the show and their respective parts are Chun Hare-joo as Han Ji-hye, Kang San/Ryan Kang as Kim Jae-won, Park Chang-hee as Jae Hee. Han Ji-hye is a generally happy person who has a lot of confidence in herself, and so she has positive outlook on life. When her dad dies in an accident, she feels a sense of responsibly to take care of her family. There is a family secret relieved when her dad dies, but you will have to watch to see what it is! Chang-hee is a good friend to Kim Jae-won, and Jae Hee is the first boyfriend of Chang-hee.

You will have to stay tuned to the show to see what happens next! If you are not familiar with the Korean culture, you may want to consider watching the show to learn more about it.

Saturday & Sunday 9:50 PM et/pt on MBC America
1 Season, 38 Episodes
August 17, 2012
Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Jae Hee
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May Queen Full Episode Guide

  • Mr. Jang brutally assaults Changhee and his father, leaving his father paralyzed from the waist down. Changhee holds a press interview where he exposes all of Mr. Jang's criminal cases from the past.

  • Saan proposes to Heju but she seems to have second thoughts after finding out that Mr. Jang is her biological father. Geumhee Lee attains the microfilm from Mr. Jang's safe, but it turns out to be an artificial one.

  • Heju finds out critical information about who her biological father is. Heju and Saan create a presentation against Cheonji to obtain the oil drilling rights.

  • After the televised press conference, Dohyon Jang is exposed for his crimes in the past. Ilmoon finds out that his shares were given to Heju and demands for them to be returned.

  • Mrs. Jang returns to the house and begins to torment Ilmoon. Uncle Jungwoo prepares for a press conference in which he plans to expose Dohyon Jang's evil acts from the past and reveal the truth.

  • Changhee's father confesses to Heju that he was the one who killed her father. Ilmoon tells Inhwa the truth about her biological mother.

  • Mr. Jang orders Secretary Choi to send Heju abroad to the Phillipines. Changhee catches on to his father's frightful behavior and asks him to explain the truth.

  • Dohyon Jang finds out that his son, Ilmoon Jang, was the one who stabbed him in the back. Ilmoon tells his father that Heju is Mrs. Jang's biological daughter.

  • Mrs. Jang finds out that Heju is her biological daughter and reunites with her. Uncle Jungwoo tells Mrs. Jang what Dohyon Jang has done in the past.

  • Uncle Jungwoo finally learns that Heju is his long lost niece. Dohyon Jang is forced to resign and considers Ilmoon as his successor.

  • Heju tries to comfort Saan after his grandpa was involved in a critical accident. Saan suddenly loses the company and is buried in debt.

  • Heju decides to build the azimuth thruster for Cheonji in order to save Saan's factory. Saan's grandfather learns the truth about his son and daughter-in-law's deaths.

  • A highly valued azimuth thruster model and drawings get stolen from Heju and Saan's. Uncle Jungwoo Yune tries to uncover what happened to his brother.

  • Inhwa and Changhee's marriage announcement stirs up trouble. After several attempts, Heju and Saan finally succeed in building a powerful azimuth thruster.

  • Mrs.Chon works up the courage and approaches Mrs.Jang to tell her the truth about Heju. Heju and Saan continue to work on the azimuth thruster and seem to be showing progress.

  • Changhee fires Heju from the company and orders her to leave immediately. Inhwa and Changhee begin to show interest in each other.

  • Heju is told who her real parents are and is told to leave the house. Saan finds out the truth about his parents and confronts his grandfather.

  • Heju sees the loan shark from Henam and is told that Changhee's father was responsible for the job. Mrs. Jang continues to believe that Heju may actually be her daughter and submits a DNA test to find out the truth.

  • Uncle Jungwoo tries to help Heju find out who sent the mysterious picture message. Ilmoon Jang is enraged that Changhee is now the Director of Planning and Evaluation.

  • Mr. Jang threatens Changhee by sending Heju a picture of the license plate involved in her father's murder. Changhee decides to give up his dreams and begins working for Mr. Jang.

  • Heju is devasted and depressed after Changhee suddenly breaks up with her. Changhee argues with his father and blames him for ruining his life.

  • Changhee's plan to arrest Mr. Jang backlashes when he is told that his father is a murderer. He confronts his father and questions his motive for the murder.

  • Changhee unexpectedly raids Mr. Jang's office with a search warrant and begins to take revenge. Heju's younger sister, Youngju, gets caught for stealing Ilmoon Jang's money.

  • After finding out that Changhee's father beat Heju, Heju's mother greatly opposes their marriage. Changhee questions his father's past actions and decides to leave the house.

  • While Changhee's father highly disapproves, Changhee and Heju persistently pursue their relationship. After finding out that Heju loves Changhee, Saan is devastated and loses all hope.

  • Mrs. Jang sees the scar on the nape of Heju's neck, which triggers the memory of her lost child. Mr. Park tries to convince Heju to stay away from Changhee for the benefit of his future.

  • Heju lands an interview at the Cheonji Shipbuilding company where Ilmoon is in charge. Changhee is faced with a tough decision as his father objects his relationship with Heju.

  • Fifteen years later, Heju becomes a skillfull welder as she continues to support her struggling family. Changhee, who still resides in Mr. Jang's home, has now become a prosecutor who isn't afraid of bending the law.

  • As the town of Ulsan faces demolition, Heju's family struggles to find a place to live. Saan witnesses his grandfather get arrested for stock price manipulation and tax evasion.

  • After the tragic accident, Heju's father struggles to survive in the hospital. The town is being threatened to be demolished in order to fulfill Mr. Jang's dreams.

  • As Mr. Chon struggles with his debt, he decides to face Mrs. Jang with the truth about her missing baby. Mr. Park is fearful and offers compensation to Mr. Chon in exchange for keeping quiet.

  • The parents realize that the kids drove the unrepaired yacht out to sea. Inhwa is in a coma and Mrs. Jang blames Heju for her daughter's unconsciousness.

  • Heju desperately tries to gain acceptance from her malicious mother. Changee questions his father as to why they must live shamefully under Mr. Jang.

  • While Heju works hard to support her family, she becomes friends with Inhwa. She makes frequent visits to the house, but Kichool tries to stop her from coming...

  • Dohyon sets Haksu up and gets betrayed. Kichool takes Eugene away from Geumhee.

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