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In this animated series, a robot boy uses his superpowers, which include a cannon built into one of his arms, to fight against an evil genius and his army of bad robots. The hero has some capable friends who help him defend his city. The series is based on a video game franchise and debuted on the Cartoon Network in 2018.

Mega Man: Fully Charged is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on August 5, 2018.

Where do I stream Mega Man: Fully Charged online? Mega Man: Fully Charged is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mega Man: Fully Charged on demand at Hulu, Sling, Cartoon Network online.

Cartoon Network
1 Season, 52 Episodes
August 5, 2018
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Vincent Tong, Ryan Beil, Caitlyn Bairstow, Garry Chalk
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Mega Man: Fully Charged Full Episode Guide

  • As Dr Light and Suna turn the Robot Masters against each other, Mega Man defeats and unmasks his archnemesis, Lord Obsidian.

  • Lord Obsidian unites the Robot Masters against Mega Man and his family for an epic showdown at the Lighthouse.

  • When Chaotique breaks into Dr Light's Lab Mega Man must shut down his frenemy and the lab's defenses before either of them get destroyed.

  • Mega Man goes on a 24/7 heroing spree around the city, forcing Suna, Bert, Ashley, and Rush to deal with the problem at hand, Cut Man.

  • Desperate for answers about Namagem, Mega Man decides to break into his father's lab, which leaves Suna exposed to the vengeful robot.

  • Mega Man tries to stop Elec Man by helping him overcome his destructive habits, but is he being duped in the process?

  • When a run-in with the Hoover Gang leaves Aki unable to transform into Mega Man, he must don a cheap costume and enlist the unlikeliest of sidekicks, Man Man!

  • Drill Man wants revenge on his overbearing father. Meanwhile, Aki and Dr. Light have a father-son disagreement. The two of them must put aside this disagreement in order to defeat Drill Man.

  • Chaotique is planning to erase Silicon City at a subatomic level. While learning some life-lessons from a rambling elderly robot named Hal, Mega Man must work to keep Silicon Central from being erased.

  • There is a grudge match in Silicon City between Fire Man and Namagen. As this grudge match is threatening Silicon City enough to cause collateral damage, Mega Man must pick a side and put an end to it.

  • A rare and noxious flower called the Corpse Flower is stinking up Silicon City. Unfortunately, Wood Man won't have any harm come to it. Mega Man must go up against Wood Man to decide the fate of it the Corpse Flower.

  • After learning that his replacement Mrs. CHO was presented with a teaching award, Chemistry Man lays siege to Silicon Central.

  • A trail of tornadic destruction leads Mega Man, Suna, and Rush through a series of encounters with Air Man's quirky siblings.

  • Envious of Namagem's ability to wield more than three powers at a time, Mega Man tries taking all of his replicated schematics on board, with grave side effects.

  • Mega Man must assist Blasto Woman in a heist to stop a powerful EMP emitter from falling into the wrong hands.

  • In order to out-muscle Guts Man, Mega Man copies the big bot's schematics, and his insatiable appetite!

  • Aki has been stressed from all the crime-fighting he has been doing. A prankster robot named Chaotique is causing mischievous trouble in Silicon City. She then persuades Mega Man to take a break from his crime-fighting as he and Bert join her in some harmless pranks. When Chaotique frames Bert where he is apprehended by the Good Guild, Mega Man must defeat Chaotique and clear Bert's name.

  • After replicating Cut Man's powers, Mega Man goes on a perfectionist spree, putting him on a collision course with Cut Man himself, whose latest stint as a hairdresser hasn't helped him overcome his own compulsions.

  • While hiking on a dormant volcano, Aki sets out to retrieve Ashley's lost camera and, as Mega Man, to stop Fire Man from setting off an eruption!

  • When Suna and Ashley's science project turns into a hungry blob monster, Mega Man must team up with Wood Man to shut down the experiment gone wrong before it devours the city!

  • Mega Man teams up with Bert Wily to take down Drill Man, whose plan to construct hundreds of drill shaped high rises has put Silicon City in both aesthetic and physical danger!

  • When Namagem starts using his Hypno powers to haunt Aki's dreams, our hero must face his fears in the dreamscape.

  • Aki and Suna take a rehabilitated Ice Man out for a day in the city, but things take a turn for the worse as he misinterprets their cues and turns a game of hover hockey into a literal freeze out!

  • When Elec Man derails the school play by hijacking Silicon Central's power, Aki/Mega Man must use what he has learned onstage to defeat his supercharged foe.

  • Air Man stakes a claim on the skies above Silicon City, threatening anything that trespasses on his airspace.

  • When Guts Man goes on a ravenous rampage across the city, Mega Man must turn to an unlikely ally, Man Man, a bumbling DIY human analog to our hero.

  • Tired of fielding of low stakes house calls, Mega Man gets what he wishes for when Hypno Woman hijacks the local power plant.

  • Aki and Bert accidentally damage a bonsai tree outside the Lighthouse, sending the Lights' perfectionist gardener on a slicing-and-dicing spree as Cut Man.

  • When Mega Mini is kidnapped by Blasto Woman, Mega Man must track down his missing partner without the full use of his own systems.

  • Namagem attacks Mega Man using a variety of powers, revealing that they both can replicate schematics. However, Namagem can carry more than three at a time! The true beginning of the mysterious villain's arc begins here.

  • Rush puts his new battle upgrades to the test in a battle with Wave Man.

  • Lord Obsidian attacks the Lighthouse, but Mega Man overcomes his insecurity and works with his family to repel the big bad, who's rescued at the last second by a mysterious lieutenant, Namagem.

  • The mysterious Lord Obsidian calls Mega Man a traitor to robots and challenges him to a duel. An overconfident Mega Man is humbled by this mysterious new villain.

  • Mega Man accidentally awakens Wood Man, who thinks it's still the Hard Age, and sets off on a path of destruction toward Silicon City.

  • Mega Man teams up with his crush, Ashley Adderley, to solve a series of science riddles left by Chemical Man, who's plotting to turn all the city's metal into rubber.

  • After replicating Elec Man's powers, an underslept/overcharged Mega Man goes on a 24/7 hero spree that ends up turning him into his own worst enemy.

  • Mega Man tries a quick fix using Hypno Woman's powers to rehabilitate Drill Man, to disastrous results!

  • Guts Man tries to undo Dr. Light's eco-friendly disposal of trash in Silicon City by infiltrating the family and destroying the Lighthouse so he can eat it!

  • When Ice Man decides to be a hero, Mega Man, influenced by Ice Man's literalness, steps down from the hero biz until a true crisis snaps him out of it.

  • Fire Man and Wave Man team up to evaporate the city's water supply, forcing Mega Man to team up with an ally of his own- Suna.

  • Aki must set aside a petty rivalry with Bert Wily in order to stop Chemistry Man from wreaking havoc at Silicon Central's Field Day.

  • Student elections get blown out of proportion (literally) when Air Man lends his support to Aki's rival for class president, Peter Punk.

  • Mega Man tries to save Dr. Light from a date with "Mari," who's actually Hypno Woman in disguise!

  • Mega Man must stop Blasto Woman from plundering the Museum of the Hard Age and its cache of military grade weaponry.

  • Mega Man and Suna must overcome a sibling dispute over what to do on their day off in order to stop Fire Man from overheating the city.

  • A misunderstanding between Mega Man and Rush ends in the robo-pup running away from home, only to be reunited and reconciled during a confrontation with Wave Man.

  • Mega Man must stop Hypno Woman from turning the students and teachers at Silicon Central into her mindless drones.

  • At school, Aki struggles with the side effects of his newly replicated Drill Man schematics; later, as Mega Man, he learns to control his Fire Powers in thwarting Drill Man's assault on Skyraisers Inc.

  • Mega Man stops Fire Man by replicating his powers and fighting fire with fire. Unfortunately, Mega Man also learns that he can replicate a robot's mental state as well, and must get his own anger under control to win.

  • Sgt. Night publicly criticizes Dr. Light's views on human & robot unity during a school assembly, invoking the ire of Fire Man and forcing Silicon City's newly minted hero, Mega Man, to intervene.