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  • TV-G
  • 1961
  • 6 Seasons
  • 6.9  (4,552)

Mister Ed is a classic American television sitcom series that aired on CBS from 1961 to 1966. The show featured the titular character, Mister Ed, a talking horse, who had become a household name in the United States during its five-season run. The series starred Alan Young as Wilbur Post, Connie Hines as Carol Post, and Bamboo Harvester as Mister Ed.

The show revolves around the bizarre relationship between Wilbur Post, a mild-mannered architect, and his horse Mister Ed, who only speaks to him. The series opens with Wilbur's move to a new home with his wife Carol. Upon moving into his new house, he discovers that there is an outbuilding on the property that houses a talking horse named Mister Ed. While Wilbur thinks he is imagining things when he hears the horse speak, his wife Carol is the only person who knows that Mister Ed can actually talk.

Mister Ed is not your average horse. He is intelligent, witty, and loves to cause chaos for Wilbur. He is always getting into trouble and creating humorous situations throughout the show's run. Wilbur, who is initially mystified by the talking horse, slowly begins to bond with Mister Ed and becomes his confidante.

Throughout the series, Wilbur tries to keep the horse's secret from his nosy neighbors and his boss. Wilbur's boss, Gordon Kirkwood, is often skeptical of Wilbur's claims that Mister Ed can talk, and this creates ample comedic material throughout the show's run. Mister Ed is also not fond of Kirkwood and enjoys tormenting him.

Mister Ed's love interest is a beautiful white horse named Cinderella, who he often tries to impress with his antics. The show also features Wilbur's next-door neighbors, the Addisons, who are always meddling in Wilbur's affairs. They suspect something strange is going on with Wilbur and Mister Ed and are always trying to catch them in the act.

Despite Mister Ed's shenanigans, Wilbur and Carol remain devoted to him. The show often explores their family dynamics and their love for Mister Ed. The show's sweet and innocent nature made it a popular hit with families and children when it aired.

One of the most notable features of the show was the fact that Mister Ed did not appear to actually speak. The show used a combination of clever camera angles and special effects to make it seem like the horse was talking. The voice of Mister Ed was provided by Allan Lane during the first season, and then later by Alan Young himself.

The show was incredibly popular during its run, and its popularity has endured over the years. It has been syndicated in many countries and has been released on DVD. Even today, the show remains a beloved classic, and Mister Ed remains one of the most iconic and beloved talking animals in television history.

Overall, Mister Ed is a charming family sitcom that features a lovable cast of characters and a talking horse who will make you laugh out loud. Its humor is gentle yet effective, and its heartwarming moments will warm your heart. If you are looking for a classic sitcom that is perfect for the whole family, then Mister Ed is definitely worth watching.

Mister Ed
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Ed Goes to College
13. Ed Goes to College
February 6, 1966
Ed decides to enroll in college so that he can become a doctor.
Cherokee Ed
12. Cherokee Ed
January 9, 1966
After Ed discovers that he's part Native American, he refuses to have anything to do with a newly purchased parrot that is reputedly a descendant of one of General Custer's pets.
Ed and the Motorcycle
11. Ed and the Motorcycle
January 2, 1966
Wilbur buys a motorcycle for transportation when Ed insists that his master only ride him bareback.
Ed the Bridegroom
10. Ed the Bridegroom
December 26, 1965
Ed decides to settle down with a cute filly so he asks Wilbur to get a justice of the peace to perform the marriage ceremony.
Don't Skin That Bear
9. Don't Skin That Bear
November 7, 1965
Carol's father gives Wilbur a bearskin rug. He hates it but decides to keep it so as not to anger his father-in-law. Ed, who doesn't like the rug either, decides to get rid of it anyhow.
The Horse and the Pussycat
8. The Horse and the Pussycat
October 31, 1965
Carol's friend asks her to look after her feline but she gets busy and pawns the job off on Wilbur.
TV or Not TV
7. TV or Not TV
October 24, 1965
Ed wins a color television set by answering a tough question about chess on a radio quiz.
Anybody Got a Zebra?
6. Anybody Got a Zebra?
October 17, 1965
Ed and Wilbur once again get involved with spies when government intelligence asks Wilbur to discover who has been stealing papers from their offices.
Love and the Single Horse
5. Love and the Single Horse
October 10, 1965
Ed writes his memoirs mostly about his love life and when Carol reads them she decides to have them published. This makes our palomino angry and he runs away to a wax museum.
Spies Strike Back
4. Spies Strike Back
October 3, 1965
Once again, Ed and Wilbur battle spies who discover that they have given a top secret radio to the government. They get kidnapped by the baddies but the palomino figures out a way to escape.
Ed Sniffs Out a Cold Clue
3. Ed Sniffs Out a Cold Clue
September 26, 1965
After capturing spies in a previous episode, Ed and Wilbur are asked to help intelligence find a top secret radio that has disappeared.
2. Ed-a-Go-Go
September 19, 1965
To help Wilbur win a new job, Ed teaches him an appreciaton of "go-go" music.
Ed the Counterspy
1. Ed the Counterspy
September 12, 1965
Ed and Wilbur are in danger when they discover that a spy ring is operating in the area.
  • Premiere Date
    January 5, 1961
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (4,552)