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Mister Ed was a dramatic television show that ran in the 1960's. It centered around a white palomino horse named 'Mister Ed'. The horse, Mister Ed could only speak in English to his owner Wilbur. No one else could hear Mister Ed speak. It was an unusual concept for a television show, even a comedy at that time. The show quickly took off to big ratings and became a part of pop culture of that era. The horse used in the show to play Mister Ed was a retired race horse named Gelding Bamboo Harvestor. The actor, Allan Lane, provided Mister Ed's voice. Interestingly, Lane was fearful of being able to procure other parts in Westerns that he had been regularly featured in. To protect his career at the time, Lane received no credits during the show's tenure. Mister Ed's owner, Wilbur Post was portrayed by actor Alan Young. Mrs. Post was portrayed by seasoned character actress, Connie Hines. The show was based on several short stories named 'The Talking Horse'.

Many creative ploys were used by various crew members of the production to simulate Mister Ed speaking. Like putting peanut butter and other food in his gums shortly prior to the camera rolling. Another working horse of the day, 'Pumpkin' served as Mister Ed's stunt double on the show. Pumpkin went on to achieve fame of his own on the television show, 'Green Acres'. Many of the episodes highlighted the fact that Wilbur was a very likable klutz. Mister Ed, often times engaged in mischievous behavior to make Wilbur look even more klutzy. There was an interesting assortment of supporting cast members to lend to the interesting story lines. The Posts and various neighbors were prominently featured on many episodes. Halfway through the series the Addisons were portrayed by actors Larry Keating and Edna Skinner. Another character that was prominently featured throughout the show was neighbor and friend, Paul Fenton. He was played by a very seasoned actor, Jack Albertson. He would go on to later achieve high television fame in the TV show, 'Chico and the Man' playing the man. Legendary actress Mae West appeared as herself in some episodes, as did actor, director, Clint Eastwood.

Mister Ed is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (143 episodes). The series first aired on January 5, 1961.

Where do I stream Mister Ed online? Mister Ed is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mister Ed on demand at Apple TV online.

6 Seasons, 143 Episodes
January 5, 1961
Cast: Alan Young, Connie Hines, Bamboo Harvester
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Mister Ed Full Episode Guide

  • Ed decides to enroll in college so that he can become a doctor.

  • After Ed discovers that he's part Native American, he refuses to have anything to do with a newly purchased parrot that is reputedly a descendant of one of General Custer's pets.

  • Wilbur buys a motorcycle for transportation when Ed insists that his master only ride him bareback.

  • Ed decides to settle down with a cute filly so he asks Wilbur to get a justice of the peace to perform the marriage ceremony.

  • Carol's friend asks her to look after her feline but she gets busy and pawns the job off on Wilbur.

  • Ed wins a color television set by answering a tough question about chess on a radio quiz.

  • Ed and Wilbur once again get involved with spies when government intelligence asks Wilbur to discover who has been stealing papers from their offices.

  • Ed writes his memoirs mostly about his love life and when Carol reads them she decides to have them published. This makes our palomino angry and he runs away to a wax museum.

  • Once again, Ed and Wilbur battle spies who discover that they have given a top secret radio to the government. They get kidnapped by the baddies but the palomino figures out a way to escape.

  • After capturing spies in a previous episode, Ed and Wilbur are asked to help intelligence find a top secret radio that has disappeared.

  • To help Wilbur win a new job, Ed teaches him an appreciaton of "go-go" music.

  • Ed and Wilbur are in danger when they discover that a spy ring is operating in the area.

  • Ed tags along on Wilbur and Carol's hiking trip.

  • Wilbur's little league team has a big upcoming games that his star pitcher might be forced to miss.

  • Wilbur decides to try out for the role of Robin Hood when a movie producer arrives in town looking for an amateur to cast in the role. Naturally, Ed decides he'd like to be in the movie as well.

  • When an archaelogist moves into the neighborhood he insults Ed by saying that horses are dumb animals.

  • Ed decides he wants to join the postal service when he learns that his ancestors used to carry the mail in the Pony Express.

  • A bank robber hides a portion of his loot inside Ed's saddle then returns at night to get the money. Can Ed capture the crook?

  • Wilbur is getting tight with the money again. He refuses to buy a new heater for Ed's stable or a new refrigerator for Carol's kitchen.

  • Wilbur stores items for an upcoming auction in Ed's barn. One of these items is a statue of an ancient Chinese horse that's rumored to bring bad luck--which it immediately begins doing. So Ed decides to get rid of the object.

  • Ed thinks he looks goofy wearing glasses so he asks Wilbur to get him contact lenses.

  • Ed becomes godfather to the colt of a neighbor's filly.

  • Ed mistakenly thinks that Wilbur plans to stuff and mount him.

  • When Carol develops an allergy to horses, Ed leaves home and joins the Air Force for sentry duty.

  • The Kirkwoods and Posts take a vacation trip to Hawaii and Ed stows away and comes along too.

  • Ed plays a joke on Kirkwood but the Colonel ends up paying him back.

  • Ed decides to become an entrepreneur by setting up his own juice stand.

  • Kirkwood cheats when he races Ed on the bridle path every day. The result is that Carol has to cook dinner for the Kirkwoods. Wilbur then buys Ed sneakers with hopes that he'll run faster.

  • After Wilbur and Kirkwood buy an old Army plane, Ed takes it up in the air for a spin.

  • Wilbur's potential new client loves riding horses so our hero lets him ride Ed. There's only one problem: the new rider is substantially heavier than Wilbur.

  • Wilbur punishes Ed by locking him in his stall but the palomino decides to tunnel to freedom.

  • Ed writes a letter to Dear Abby asking if he should have a place of his own.

  • Ed comes to Kirkwood's rescue when he gets hustled by pool sharks.

  • Ed loves the stereo that Wilbur bought Carol for their anniversary but she isn't too thrilled. She wanted something more romantic.