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As if adolescence isn't hard enough, a spelling error has sent Adam Lyon to the wrong school. Now, instead of learning with kids his own age, he's attending class with a group of talking animals at Charles Darwin Middle School. With his friend and gym partner, Jake Spidermonkey by his side, Jake sets out to learn the ropes of middle school and growing up.

Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 43 Episodes
December 26, 2005
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Tom Kenny, Nika Futterman, Grey DeLisle, Rick Gomez
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My Gym Partner's a Monkey Full Episode Guide

  • Jake receives his wish to live inside of a musical from a magic fish, but his dream backfires when he realizes he can't sing.

  • No one has any idea of the whereabouts of Adam's parents. then, Jake becomes a mountain goat after hearing an inspirational speaker.

  • The gang heads for spring break in Hawaii, while the teachers stay at school to watch the birds migrate.

  • Windsor finds fame through one of Adam's paintings; Ingrid is moved up to high school after a growth spurt makes navigating CDMS halls too difficult.

  • Adam joins a club for tough cats but finds the price of belonging surprising; Miss Chameleon attempts to overcome stage fright with help from the kids.

  • Adam joins a club for tough cats but finds the price of belonging surprising; Miss Chameleon attempts to overcome stage fright with help from the kids.

  • An insult hurts Rufus Hyena and puts him in a state of chronic tears; the gang tries to talk Henry out of returning home to Greenland.

  • After a kiss from Warthog transforms Pixiefrog into a human prince, Adam and Jake search for a way to break the spell; Jake introduces his parents to Adam, who plays monkey at the zoo.

  • The gang must rescue Slips after he oversleeps in class and is stuck in night school; Pixiefrog fits students with Citronella collars that keep them in line.

  • Jake has a crush on the substitute teacher, Mrs. Slender loris.

  • Pixiefrog gets a letter that he becomes the top 10 principal.Warthog is dead and Lyon takes her place, and the school becomes a chaos.Pixiefrog losses his voice, he decides Adam to read the morning annoucments, and he uses the opportunity to be popular as Dork Dorkorsan.

  • Adam launches an animal diplomatic organization called the United Species---a sort of United Nations with fur---but neglects Jake in the process.Later, chaos ensues when Adam and Jake try to determine which of them is actually the sidekick.

  • Adam has the most points for the pop-quiz and he gets to be a part of the smartest animals - The Spiffanos. He losses the spelling bee contest against Spidermonkey, Adam gets back in the gang, but Jake is replaced.A little crab-thing gets out of his shell and gets into Adam`s locker. Meanwhile Jake reads fairytales and believes a mermonkey exists. In the end it appears it is a fishing-trap.

  • Adam joins his friends for their annual field trip, but disaster strikes when the bus crashes, and members of the group are lost in the woods and unable to find their way home.

  • When Adam stays home sick, his best bud Jake misses him terribly at school. In kind, the gang constructs an icon in Adam's image to hang out with Jake.Later, Adam pats a petting-zoo kid---with major consequences.

  • Principal Pixiefrog institutes a school uniformity policy, which causes the students to act overly "proper" except Adam. Adam teams up with Dickie to return the school back to its old, less mannered ways.

  • Everyone knows that day is Animus except Adam Lyon. He also can`t smell. Accidentally he ruins Animus for everyone but later he makes his gang a favour and finds the smelly pebble.(A part of the celebration, final task).

  • When the carnival comes to the school, Adam tries to win a princess ballerina snowglobe with opposition from the cheating Spiffies.

  • The school is celebrating the holiday, Animas, but Adam needs to get in touch with his instincts. If he doesn't, he'll ruin Animas.

  • Jake takes a day off from school, but ends up wreaking havoc there anyway; Lupe falls for the narcissistic Orlando Parrot.

  • Ain't Too Proud to Egg: Adam, Jake, and other students receive eggs (as a cheap way to earn money for the school) that they have to take care of from Mr. Hornbill. Every student is taking this seriously, except Adam. When the eggs hatch, he finds it difficult to be a mother, however Jake can handle this. The Two Jakes: Adam learns that Jake completes all his work all because of his clone, Jakev2.0. He shows Adam's clone to him and claims that he knew a guy. At first, things go well, until the clones start acting like jerks. They are now wreaking havoc on everyone and it's ruining Adam and Jake's record. Will they catch the clones before they get into more trouble

  • Cheer Pressure: Adam is recruited by the school's Jungle Squad to cheer with them at the extreme cheer-leading finals at the Stapled Center after Dickie, one of the cheerleaders, receives an injury while performing "The Tower." The cheer-leading squad kicks Jake off the team because he's too ugly, so he joins the Chester Arthur Middle School cheer-leading squad as a girl named Jackie. No one, but Adam believes that Jackie is actually Jake and when he insults Jackie, he unintentionally has to compete against her. Who will win the challenge?Basic Jake: When Jake pours chum from a bucket on Principal Pixiefrog, he sends Adam and Jake to Saturday detention with three dingos. They climb a tree in detention while the dingos bark at them. Jake takes Adam to the AV room, where his secret low-tier public access cable show, Basic Jake, is filmed. Jake and Adam try to entertain the audience even when Jake goes criminally insane.

  • Le Switcheroo: Coach Gills and Adam switch places for a day.I Gotta New Aptitude: After taking an aptitude test, Adam and Jake get unsatisfied with their future careers.

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