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Negi Springfield is a Welsh 10 year old wizard, with his big dream to become a Master of Magic, ("Magister Magi") and use such powers to help normal people. His primary reason is to find after his father, who was regarded as the "Thousand Master," for scribing a thousand spells. After he graduates from Medriana Magic Academy, Negi is tasked to cover the real world while continuing his training. His real world activities involve teaching English at the Japanese Majora Academy. This task proves somewhat difficult as Negi's class consists of thirty-one girls older than him, each with their own unique character traits.

The anime focuses on his time and travels within Japan, gaining the admiration and respect of his pupils, assisting them with their own issues, and protecting Mahora Academy from magical assaults. Although girl in the class has a backstory and personality, Negi's primary relationship is with the fiery, high-spirited Asuna Kagurazaka. Asuna is not only a student of Negi's, but is also his roommate. Eventually she accepts him as a friend and becomes his first partner, helping him to discover more about his father and his life.

While the series initially seems like nothing more than a "romcom" harem series, it eventually progresses into a tantalizing blend of boys' action, fantasy, horror and keeping the rom-com elements. Series creator, Ken Akamatsu, has gone on record as stating a desire for something different from another of his major works. Negi is prepubescent, and thus pre-sexual, leading to many subversions of the common "awkward romantic scene" trope from harem anime. Negi's age also allows any feminine interest toward him to be written off as fawning over a little brother. Furthering the intended differentiation, Negi is a diligent protagonist, as well as competent and well-treated. However, his appearance and age means he is regarded as a harmless child, making it hard to be taken seriously by his students and peers.

Negima! Magister Negi Magi is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (61 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 2007.

Where do I stream Negima! Magister Negi Magi online? Negima! Magister Negi Magi is available for streaming on TV Tokyo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Negima! Magister Negi Magi on demand at Hulu, iTunes online.

TV Tokyo
3 Seasons, 61 Episodes
October 3, 2007
Anime, Science Fiction
Cast: Shizuka Hasegawa, Hiroshi, Sara Wakatsuki, Natsuko Aso, Nao Oikawa
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Negima! Magister Negi Magi Full Episode Guide

  • As Negi finds himself on a short leash -harnessed to Nodoka -the two will just have to wait things out. Too bad Ayaka's arranged a surprise visit to the spa!

  • Determined to lift the little prof's spirits (and possibly something more!), Ayaka books a romantic island getaway for just the two of them. But when the rest of Class 2-C finds out, their private tête-à-tête turns into an all out class trip!

  • Evangeline challenges Negi to a battle! When he rushes to confront the vampire, Asuna finds it within herself to make the ultimate sacrifice.

  • Negi's worried about placing his students in danger, so he spends some time off campus. A chance encounter with one of the girls gives him the strength to return and face his demons.

  • Rumors of vampire attacks spread across Mahora after a student is assaulted. When he investigates, Negi finds the danger frighteningly close to home!

  • A friend from Negi's past causes the girls to lose their heads - and tops! But before Chamo can do any permanent damage, Asuna exposes his true intentions!

  • When an innocent trip to the bathhouse turns into a bare-all competition between girls, Negi decides to "enhance" Asuna's odds of winning!

  • Negi makes Asuna a love potion to make her irresistible! When Asuna forces him to drink it instead, the girls of Class 2-A find a new appreciation for Negi!

  • Asuna blackmails Negi into helping her woo Professor Takahata. Meanwhile, the class throws Negi a surprise welcome party, but the real surprise is who he'll be rooming with!

  • Ten-year-old professor Negi Springfield has a magical secret - one which Asuna, the Class 2-A hothead, has vowed to expose!

  • Our heroes have finally returned to the real Mahora Academy! Almost everything is back to normal, but something is keeping Negi from enjoying the spoils of victory. The young wizard still seeks answers about his father's role in this adventure.

  • The courageous cuties of Class 3-A keep a close eye on Anya while preparing the school for a big party! Meanwhile, Negi decides to investigate the mysterious light that helped him avoid being trapped in the Star Crystal forever.

  • Negi and his students succeeded in rescuing Eva, but in the process, he was trapped in the heart of the Star Crystal with Anya! The girls can only watch as their teacher is forced to handle this battle on his own.

  • The secret is revealed! Anya stole the Star Crystal in an attempt to destroy everything Negi holds dear. Driven mad by loneliness, she uses her dark powers to possess Eva and wage war on the students of Mahora Academy.

  • Chizuru may have finally discovered the common factor linking the girls possessed by darkness. While she explains her hypothesis to Negi, he comes to a painful realization – someone from his past is responsible for all the recent trouble!

  • Yue has been experiencing some strange feelings for Negi, but she's got a good reason to keep them under wraps – her best friend, Nodoka, has a major thing for their teacher. Will a chat with Nekane help Yue deal with this complicated crush?

  • Eva has been mysteriously transformed into a giant! Trapped in a trance, she is determined to make it to class no matter what stands in her way. Unfortunately for the foundation, once Eva arrives at school, she promptly takes a nap – on the roof!

  • The magical version of Mahora just got a lot weirder! The 31 girls of Class 3-A have all transformed into dud mode! Negi's students don't need a teacher they need a babysitter!

  • The identity of the Black Rose Baron has been revealed, and it's none other than Negi's sister Nekane! Questions abound and inquiring minds want to know what's behind her puzzling alter ego.

  • A gorgeous new arrival is discovered lounging 'au natural' in the girl's locker room! This pretty face is the hot topic on everyone's minds – at least until the mysterious Boingy-Boingy attacks again.

  • A catfight erupts between Asuna and Ayaka, and the girls spiral toward an ultimate showdown! Meanwhile, Eva and Takahata search for a way out of the dream world, while Motsu and Shichimi cast their lot with a dark stranger!

  • Negi and the cuties of Class 3-A are trapped in a world that looks familiar - but isn't.

  • Things are getting worse for the girls of Mahora Academy and their favorite teacher. Having been caught performing magic by Motsu and Shichimi, Negi is stripped of his powers and turned into a chupacabra!

  • Negi's secret is revealed to one of his students, but the thought of kissing him prompts her to run away! With the entire Chupa Army in hot pursuit, it's a race to find her before Motsu and Shichimi.

  • Takamechi uses a spy to keep tabs on Negi, and things take a dire turn when a heartbreaking betrayal lands Negi in danger of being turned into an animal.

  • Ayaka is suspicious of the Chupacabra Club and jealous at being left out of the Magic Training Camp.

  • The riddle of the Black Rose Baron continues against the backdrop of a wil,, wilderness romp - Magic Training Camp!

  • The search for answers about the mysterious fairy continues, but they're hard to come by.

  • Negi uses a breakthrough in his Mage training to make contact with Sayo.

  • A mysterious fairy uses black magic and mind control to turn Negi's students against him!

  • Something dark is controlling Mahora's tempting student bodies, and rumor has it that the Star Crystal was stolen from the Academy of Magic. Between these mysterious events and his nasty habit of waking up in the wrong bed, Negi has his hands full.

  • Two strange messengers from the Academy of Magic arrive with heart breatking news, and a dark fairy attacks Negi, Asuna, and Nodoka. Caught in a fight for their lives, lips are locked and cards are drawn amidst the potential blossoming of young romance.

  • After the shocking revelation that Eva is a ruthless vampire, she begins an assault on the students and faculty of Mahora Academy.

  • Rumblings of a bloodsucking Chupacabra continue to make the rounds at Mahora Academy, but a chilling confrontation between Negi and a far more attractive foe gives life to a theory spiked with danger!

  • Fresh from the Academy of Magic, Negi continues his training as an instructor at Mahora Academy where the 31 sexy schoolgirls of Class 3-A will keep him up all night cramming for a final exam in willpower.