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  • 2019
  • 1 Season

Exploring the darker side of fame through stories of extortion, stalking, lying, defrauding and murder. Told through interviews with crime experts, recreations, archival footage and police reports.

Notorious (2019)
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Jared Fogle
10. Jared Fogle
July 24, 2019
With his Subway diet, Jared Fogle became an inspiration to millions of overweight Americans. His personal story become one of the most successful ad campaigns in American history. But Fogle's wholesome exterior wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Behind closed doors, he led the secret life of a sexual predator, amassing charges of child pornography and pedophilia.
Anthony Weiner
9. Anthony Weiner
July 24, 2019
Anthony Weiner was an up and coming politician in New York's democratic party, but he had a dark side. His uncontrolled compulsions and sexual exploits made national headlines. Weiner scrambled to contain the damage, but his illicit sexual cravings would result in bombshell after bombshell, overshadowing the budding political star.
Balloon Boy
8. Balloon Boy
July 15, 2019
« Previous Ep. It was the flying saucer seen round the world. A silver, helium-filled balloon racing across the Colorado sky with a reported stowaway onboard. As millions of viewers held their breath, hoping for a safe landing, the story went viral. When the balloon came down the mystery only deepened. Six-year-old Falcon Heene was not onboard. The media spotlight and police scrutiny intensified on his parents, Richard and Mayumi Heene. The whole world wanted answers.
Bling Ring
7. Bling Ring
July 15, 2019
It was a story so incredible, it was turned into a Hollywood movie. A crew of wealthy, spoiled kids, invaded the homes of the rich and famous, snatching Gucci purses, diamonds and pearls. But when the walls started closing in, it was every man and woman for themselves. Their good looks, devil-may-care attitude, and brazen Hollywood heist gave them the name Bling Ring.
The Real D.B. Cooper
6. The Real D.B. Cooper
April 22, 2019
Summary not available
Timothy McVeigh
5. Timothy McVeigh
April 15, 2019
Never before had Americans seen such an atrocity on their own soil. A 1995 bombing in the heartland destroyed 16 blocks of downtown Oklahoma City. Over 800 were injured in the blast, and 168 men, women, and children were killed. It was an explosion that shook a nation. Even more disturbing, Timothy McVeigh, the accused mastermind with a history of extremist beliefs and violent defiance was also a decorated American veteran.
Patty Hearst
4. Patty Hearst
April 6, 2019
Patty Hearst, a young heiress from one of America's richest and most politically connected families, kidnapped by a mysterious underground militia. Then incredibly, the captive appeared to turn criminal, joining her captors on a crime spree that climaxed in a massive shootout on live television. The public was outraged, confused and fascinated. Amidst all the media chaos and frenzy - to this day - the question that still remains is: was she a willing accomplice or a brainwashed victim?
Aaron Hernandez
3. Aaron Hernandez
March 30, 2019
Aaron Hernandez was one of the NFL's brightest young stars. With a newly signed $40 million contract, his future looked limitless. But when a member of Hernandez's inner circle was brutally murdered, the football star became a prime suspect. And the ensuing investigation would reveal a troubling dark side. What drove a star athlete with the world at his feet to commit cold-blooded murder and take his own life?
2. Unabomber
March 23, 2019
Beginning in 1978, a string of university, airline and mail bombings terrorized the country, injured 23 people, and claimed three lives. Investigators chased down hundreds of leads, but for years, the bomber's identity remained a mystery. He was known to the public only as "the Unabomber" until a particular turn of phrase led authorities and introduced the world to Ted Kaczynski.
Griselda Blanco
1. Griselda Blanco
March 16, 2019
Before Pablo Escobar and El Chapo, there was Griselda Blanco. Follow the rise and fall of "La Madrina" as she builds a narcotics empire in Miami.

Exploring the darker side of fame through stories of extortion, stalking, lying, defrauding and murder. Told through interviews with crime experts, recreations, archival footage and police reports.

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    March 16, 2019