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  • TV-14
  • 2005
  • 1 Season
  • 6.9  (474)

Peach Girl is a romantic drama anime series that premiered on TV Tokyo in 2005. The show is based on a manga series of the same name written by Miwa Ueda. The main character of the show is Momo Adachi, a student at Sae School who is often misunderstood because of her appearance. Momo has tanned skin due to her love for swimming, but many of her classmates assume that she is promiscuous because of it. Despite this, Momo is determined to find love and acceptance, and her journey forms the basis of the show's plot.

The series starts with Momo confessing her feelings to her crush, Toji, only to be rejected because he is already dating someone else. Momo is heartbroken but meets another boy, Kairi Okayasu, who helps her to get back on her feet. Kairi is a kind and supportive friend, but Momo is hesitant to enter a romantic relationship with him because of her lingering feelings for Toji.

The show explores the themes of love, jealousy, heartbreak, and betrayal as Momo navigates her emotions and relationships. Momo's best friend, Sae, is also a major character in the show. Sae is jealous of Momo's popularity and tries to sabotage her in any way possible. Sae's actions cause many problems for Momo, including the breakdown of her friendship with Kairi.

The show's cast is primarily made up of young, talented voice actors. Ken'ichi Suzumura plays Toji, Momo's crush who struggles with his own feelings throughout the series. Saeko Chiba plays Momo, bringing her relatable and emotional character to life. Mami Kingetsu plays Sae, adding complexity to the show's antagonist. Megumi Nasu, Hidenobu Kiuchi, Kumiko Itou, Shou Hayami, Junichi Suwabe, and Miho Yamada also provide excellent voice acting.

The animation in Peach Girl is colorful and vibrant, with character designs that perfectly capture the manga's art style. The show's music is also noteworthy, with a memorable opening theme that perfectly sets the tone for the series.

Overall, Peach Girl is a must-watch for fans of romantic drama anime. The show's relatable characters and themes of love and heartbreak will keep viewers engaged from start to finish.

Peach Girl is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (25 episodes). The series first aired on January 8, 2005.

Peach Girl
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Last Hurricane!
25. Last Hurricane!
June 25, 2005
As Momo and Toji leave for their day-trip, Kairi and Sae watch from a distance. When Momo receives news that Kairi might be in danger, she is forced to choose between the two once and for all.
The Truth of Goodbye
24. The Truth of Goodbye
June 18, 2005
Crushed by Momo's decision to stay with Toji, Kairi resorts to drastic measures to make her listen to him. But Momo's mind is made up and she's had her fill of the drama.
Forced Into a Choice
23. Forced Into a Choice
June 11, 2005
With Sae's sights set on Misao, it can only mean trouble. But once Misao uncovers the truth, she decides to resolve the problem herself...
Love Existing Only in Your Head
22. Love Existing Only in Your Head
June 4, 2005
Momo discovers that Kairi has replaced Misao's picture in his student handbook with hers. Could he still have feelings for her?
Storm Warning of Love's Revival
21. Storm Warning of Love's Revival
May 28, 2005
As the new school year begins, the rumor mill picks up right where it left off. Momo gets everyone talking when she shows up hand-in-hand with Toji instead of Kairi.
One Stormy Night
20. One Stormy Night
May 21, 2005
With Kairi and Momo on their way to rendezvous, it looks as if things might finally be resolved.
Puzzle of Feelings
19. Puzzle of Feelings
May 14, 2005
With Kairi gone for the summer and Toji working by her side, Momo is more than a little self-conscious. Sae finally decides to delete all of the blackmail photos, setting Toji free.
Temptations of Midsummer
18. Temptations of Midsummer
May 7, 2005
Feeling jilted by the kiss between Kairi and Misao, Momo doesn't really know what to think anymore. When he tries to apologize, things don't get any better.
Straight Line of Pure Love!
17. Straight Line of Pure Love!
April 30, 2005
Momo decides that being 'second best" with Kairi is better than being without him, and they proceed to make plans for a summer vacation together.
The Whereabouts of Love from the Abyss
16. The Whereabouts of Love from the Abyss
April 23, 2005
When asked to explain his relationship with Misao, the long-lost love from his past, all Kairi can say is 'Sorry." Once again hurt and confused, Momo tries to figure out how Kairi could have lied to her
Who's Your True Love?
15. Who's Your True Love?
April 16, 2005
While looks can be deceiving, Momo's no stranger to deception. When she finally realizes that Kairi was telling the truth about his brother, she returns to his side of things.
The Man Who Calls Forth A Storm
14. The Man Who Calls Forth A Storm
April 9, 2005
Kairi continues to amaze Momo, even going out of his way for the brother whose shadow he's always had to live in.
Shock! An Intruding Ex-Girlfriend!?
13. Shock! An Intruding Ex-Girlfriend!?
April 2, 2005
Who's that girl?!? Just when Momo finally starts to relax and enjoy the relationship that is growing with Kairi, she finds a picture of him with a mysterious girl.
The Peach Flower Blossomed?
12. The Peach Flower Blossomed?
March 26, 2005
With the new class lists posted, Momo finds herself stuck with both Toji and Sae.
An Unbearable Breakup
11. An Unbearable Breakup
March 19, 2005
Can Toji really love Sae? Even after seeing it with her own eyes, Momo can_t believe that he would break up...
Peach Crisis
10. Peach Crisis
March 12, 2005
Kairi to the rescue! Determined to teach Sae a lesson she_ll never forget, Kairi convinces Sae that she_s...
Operation: Destruction of Pure Love
9. Operation: Destruction of Pure Love
March 5, 2005
Toji has planned a private party for Momo_s birthday that will be a night to remember, but Sae has planned a...
Black Girl
8. Black Girl
February 26, 2005
With Sae and Jigoro a romantic commodity, her classmates have once more turned a blind eye to past events. True to her nature, she can't help but rub all of the perks of her new celebrity status in her old friend's face.
A Brief Love Sign
7. A Brief Love Sign
February 19, 2005
Summer_s over! With Kairi avoiding her and Toji unwilling to move forward, Momo searches for a _sign.
Crash! Love's Sudden Death
6. Crash! Love's Sudden Death
February 12, 2005
With the school swim meet close at hand, Momo suits up to do her part and help Class Three, but the odds are...
Swimming Competition of Red Hot Raging Waves
5. Swimming Competition of Red Hot Raging Waves
February 5, 2005
Now that Sae has gotten what she wanted, you think she would leave poor Momo alone. But after spreading even more vicious rumors, she volunteers her 'friend" for the school swimming competition.
Pure and Righteous Declaration of Catastrophe
4. Pure and Righteous Declaration of Catastrophe
January 29, 2005
With suddenly reformed playboy Kairi at her side, Momo attempts to set the record straight with Toji. But when...
You'd Go That Far!? Super Sae
3. You'd Go That Far!? Super Sae
January 22, 2005
Momo and Toji seem to have everything straightened out, but Sae is expert at playing their doubts.
Trap Kiss!
2. Trap Kiss!
January 15, 2005
When you finally find your true love you should want everyone to know, right? But when your 'best friend' has...
Love Hurricane!
1. Love Hurricane!
January 8, 2005
Being the new girl at school is never easy, just ask Momo Adachi! With that golden hair and tan toned body you...
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Peach Girl is available for streaming on the TV Tokyo website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Peach Girl on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    January 8, 2005
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (474)