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Pet Alien is an animated series about a boy named Tommy Cadle. Cadle is not an ordinary boy. He lives in a lighthouse in his home town of DeSpray Bay. Not only does he live in a lighthouse, but he is housing five alien forms from the planet Conforma. The Conforma-born alien group crashed into Tommy

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 2:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
January 23, 2005
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Charlie Adler
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Pet Alien Full Episode Guide

  • Dinko fills in for Tommy at the taffy shop, with tragic results. / Dinko's fear of thunder leads him to take up an odd security blanket: a smoked ham.

  • Tommy and Dinko accidentally create a reality where Clinton is a dictator in a society ruled by sports. / Dinko becomes obsessed with superstitions.

  • When Swanky eats his first potato chip, he goes from cranky to super-happy. / When Flip stands still and hibernates, he's mistaken for a rare statue.

  • Dinko records everything Tommy does and broadcasts it to the entire town. / When Dinko's face gets stuck, Spangley mistakes him for a monster.

  • Dinko drinks his smoothie too fast and gets a brain freeze. / Gumpers and Tommy join the DeSpray Bay Seagull Scouts and are taken into the forest.

  • Gabby's identical cousin is in town and Tommy will do anything to spend time with her. / When Tommy is grounded, Dinko promises to stay with him.

  • Dinko devises a fitness program designed to make Tommy stronger. / When Dinko breaks gravity, everything and everyone in DeSpray becomes weightless.

  • Tommy is chosen to be entertainment director for the upcoming DeSpray Bay Festival. / Dr. Daffodil comes to DeSpray to open a medical practice.

  • Trying to make Tommy young forever, Dinko accidentally turns him into a baby. / Dinko believes that a toy of Tommy's is giving him a secret message.

  • Gumpers believes he's 100 years in the future. / Tommy, Dinko and Gumpers are transported to an alternate dimension populated by primitive Granvilles.

  • When Tommy becomes allergic to Dinko, Dinko decides he must leave. / Following a 100-course meal, Gumpers discovers that he can't burp.

  • Swanky's class reunion is only days away when he discovers that he has a wrinkle! / Dinko orders a new mother for Tommy from Conforma.

  • Dinko's Camera of Destiny reveals Tommy will soon have a black eye. / While playing cowboys, Gumpers takes the job of sheriff a bit too seriously.

  • Radiation from an asteroid causes Tommy's hand to increase in size. / Tommy inadvertently becomes Gumpers's best friend, much to the dismay of Dinko!

  • Tommy finds a pink purse that sucks him inside, leaving Dinko to rescue him. / Tommy enters a soapbox derby race determined to beat Clinton.

  • One lucky kid will win a tour of Capt. Spangley's secret taffy factory. / Swanky raises snails in order to eat them but slowly grows attached to them.

  • The aliens banish the lighthouse toilet to outer space. / Tommy gives Dinko a cell phone to contact him in case of emergencies.

  • Embarrassed at school, Tommy wishes he were invisible. / After Dinko alters Tommy's TV remote, the device is able to affect time as if it were a TV.

  • Thanks to Dinko's help, a short nap for Tommy lasts all day. / Gumpers plays Cyrano for Granville and helps him win the love of Melba.

  • Tommy wants to win the Math Olympics ... but he stinks at math. / Dinko creates a duplicate Tommy by hotwiring a photocopier with extra power.

  • Gumpers believes the local baker is turning real people into gingerbread men. / A horrible sea monster is slowly making his way to DeSpray Bay.

  • Tommy must get a rare card to become the local battle card champion. / When Tommy explains the importance of clothes, Dinko panics because he's naked.

  • Swanky's spaceship crash-lands on a deserted island, stranding him in the ocean. / A paranoid Dinko does all he can to save Tommy from a scarecrow.

  • When Tommy breaks his arm, Dinko is heartbroken that he let his best friend get hurt. / Dinko vows to honor Tommy of Earth with a statue.

  • Dinko decides to give up junk food and eat healthy. / Tommy is the only kid at school without the latest high-tech shoe so Dinko modifies his shoes.

  • Swanky packs his bags and moves out of the lighthouse. / When a jealous Tommy learns Dinko and Gabby have formed a secret fan club, he makes his own.

  • The aliens believe that December 31 is the last day of all time. / Swanky is chosen by Emperor Breet to be the ambassador to an alien world.

  • Tommy and the aliens work part time at Captain Spangley's Taffy Shoppe. / Tommy is roped into helping Melba build a float for the annual parade.

  • Scruffy runs away from Tommy's lighthouse and is adopted by Capt. Spangley. / Tommy bumps his head and can't remember anything.

  • Dinko must decide what really happened to Tommy's missing video game system. / The aliens compete to see who will be chosen Alien of the Year.

  • There's a fierce creature lurking deep within the waters of DeSpray Bay. / The aliens believe the Earth has been taken over by new overlords.

  • Thinking Tommy may become something when he grows up, Dinko tries to keep his friend from changing. / Gumpers believes Tommy's going to send him away.

  • Dinko is determined to find a really good turkey wishbone. / Tommy might win a sweepstakes if the aliens can charge enough gifts to be delivered.

  • Tommy is convinced he should stay far away from the school's talent show because he has no talent. / The aliens adopt a cuddly, friendly kitty.

  • When Tommy gets a bad fortune in his fortune cookie, the aliens try to protect their pal. / Tommy has the hiccups and the aliens only know one cure.

  • Dinko's evil identical cousin, Danko, comes to visit and steals away Dinko's best friend: Tommy! / Dinko and the aliens steal all the clocks in town.

  • A lightning strike switches Tommy's personality with Swanky's. / The TV's broken! The taffy store's closed! How will the aliens fill their day?

  • Gumpers is convinced that a tiny town lives inside his wonderful snow globe. / With Tommy at the store, the refrigerator runs out of food.

  • The aliens mistake helium balloons for alien dignitaries. / Granville is having a party and Tommy has to go, but Dinko's convinced that it's a trap.

  • Dinko inadvertently turns Tommy's mother's flowers into monster plants. / When Tommy needs a flu shot, the aliens suggest their crazy Dr. Daffodil.

  • Celebrity fever strikes when a movie star comes to town. / Tommy competes to deliver the most newspapers and win a prize.

  • Dinko believes that Tommy is literally going to give his heart to Gabby. / Flip falls in love with a stuffed bird and showers it with romantic tokens.

  • Forced to take accordion lessons, Tommy gets out of them by making a deal with Swanky. / Dinko forces Tommy to confront his fear of the dark.

  • The aliens try to stop the Christmas spirit from spreading. / When the moon is full, beware Scruffy turning into ... the WereScruffy.

  • Tommy tries to make his own film about the history of the lighthouse. / After he has a bad day, Tommy is forced to relive it over again and again.

  • Swanky's parents are arriving any minute to check out his progress on Earth. / Tommy gets to care for the class's pet octopus for the weekend.

  • The aliens are convinced that a locked box contains something horrible. / Tommy thinks the lighthouse has become infested with a stinky mouse.

  • To make Tommy cooler at school, the aliens give him a bushy green beard.

  • Gumpers's pre-selected bride is coming to Earth. / Dinko's friendship with the corner mailbox is jeopardized when the postman comes to take the mail.

  • The aliens think that Tommy has superpowers. / It's school picture day and Tommy has a big pimple on his forehead. The aliens try to make it better.

  • The aliens think Tommy's been turned into a crab. / The aliens are convinced that their new neighbor is an evil alien trying to conquer Earth.

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