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  • TV-14
  • 2003
  • 1 Season
  • 8.1  (3,924)

Planetes is an anime series produced by NHK that aired from October 2003 until April 2004. Set in 2075, the show depicts a future in which humanity has expanded its reach out into the solar system and established a society of space-faring colonies. The story centres around a group of debris collectors, or "Half Section," aboard the space station ISPV 7. These collectors, led by the passionate and dedicated Hachirota "Hachimaki" Hoshino, are responsible for removing the dangerous debris that orbits the Earth's outer atmosphere. Life is tough for the Half Section crew - they work long hours in cramped living conditions, and the job is often fraught with danger. However, their work is vital to keep the space lanes clear and to prevent catastrophic collisions with debris that could send the planet into chaos.

The first episode introduces us to Hachimaki - a headstrong young man with a deep love for space, an intense work ethic and unfulfilled dreams of one day sailing out to the stars. Also aboard the ISPV 7 are his colleagues, Fee, Yuri, Tanabe, and Claire, each with their own idiosyncrasies, flaws and aspirations. Together, they face the daily grind of collecting debris while navigating the complex interpersonal relationships that arise from living in such close proximity.

Throughout the show, the characters are confronted with a range of challenges, both personal and professional. For Hachimaki, this often involves trying to reconcile his fiercely independent nature with his duties to his crewmates and his love for the young astronaut, Tanabe. Throughout the series, we see Hachimaki struggle with his inner demons as he comes to terms with the responsibilities of being a leader and a team player.

Other themes explored in the show include the ethics of space colonisation, the dangers of corporate greed, and the impact of environmental pollution on Earth's fragile ecosystem. Planetes uses the setting of space as a backdrop to examine complex social and ethical issues that are increasingly relevant to today's world.

One of the most striking aspects of the show is its attention to detail. The creators clearly put a great deal of effort into creating a believable and immersive future world, with realistic depictions of space travel, zero-gravity environments, and futuristic technology. From the design of the space suits to the layout of the space station, everything in Planetes feels plausible and well thought out.

The voice acting in the show is also excellent, with standout performances from Kazunari Tanaka as Hachimaki and Satsuki Yukino as Tanabe. The supporting cast is equally strong, with each actor bringing their own unique personality to their character.

Overall, Planetes is an engaging and thought-provoking anime that tackles complex issues with intelligence and nuance. While the show has some action and adventure elements, it's primarily a character-driven drama that explores the lives of ordinary people working in an extraordinary setting. If you're a fan of science fiction, space exploration or anime in general, Planetes is well worth checking out.

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And the Days We Chance Upon...
26. And the Days We Chance Upon...
April 17, 2004
With Tanabe fully recovered, she and Hachimaki visit the ISPV 7 Space Station.
The Lost
25. The Lost
April 10, 2004
Following the Von Braun crisis, Hachimaki sinks into deep depression and wanders on the lunar surface. He returns to Earth for a holiday, only to encounter Tanabe, who was paralyzed during the Von Braun crisis.
24. Love
April 3, 2004
The Space Defense Front's sinister plan to crash the Von Braun into Luna City is thwarted at the last minute when INTO caves in to the terrorists' demands. Tanabe and Claire are stranded on the surface of the moon in a life or death situation.
Debris Cluster
23. Debris Cluster
March 20, 2004
As the final preparations are being made for the Von Braun's maiden voyage to Jupiter, the Space Defense Front makes a bold attempt at interrupting the INTO summit by taking control of the ship.
22. Exposure
March 13, 2004
Hachimaki is called to the moon for questioning about the explosion aboard the Von Braun. He also learns of the death of his sensei and of Tanabe's prior knowledge of Gigalt's fight with cancer
Tandem Mirror
21. Tandem Mirror
March 6, 2004
Debris Section has been assigned to the Moon for a month to help collect debris from the Tandem Mirror Drive disaster. In training as a finalist aboard the Von Braun, Hachimaki learns that one of his fellow candidates is planning to sabotage the mission.
Tentative Steps
20. Tentative Steps
February 28, 2004
Claire has been demoted from working in Control Section to replacing Hachimaki in Debris Section. Hachimaki and Hakim encounter unexpected difficulties completing a 10-day group endurance test, the second round of testing for those wishing to join the Von Braun.
Endings Are Always...
19. Endings Are Always...
February 21, 2004
Debris Section has won a reprieve after their discovery of a classified INTO military satellite. On Earth, Hachimaki has entered the first round of tests for those wishing to join the Von Braun.
Debris Section, The Last Day
18. Debris Section, The Last Day
February 14, 2004
Dolph is replaced as director of the Technora Second Division and the new director wants to shut down the Debris Section while the crew of the Toy Box find a secret INTO orbital mine.
His Reasons
17. His Reasons
February 7, 2004
The chief engineer of the Jupiter Exploration Mission hopes to recruit Hachimaki's father, a veteran of several missions to Mars, but all he wants is to settle down back on Earth.
16. Ignition
January 31, 2004
Hachimaki is left adrift in space in the middle of a solar flare and miraculously survies. But he is diagnosed with Acute Spatial Disorder and unless he can overcome it, he will be grounded from space for the rest of his life.
In Her Case
15. In Her Case
January 24, 2004
Edel's past finally catches up to her when an old flame comes to the ISPV 7 space station. Meanwhile, Hachimaki struggles with his date with Tanabe.
Turning Point
14. Turning Point
January 17, 2004
Debris Section get their new debris hauling ship, the Toy Box 2. On a debris retrieval run, the Debris Section become embroiled in company intrigue as they choose to help an orbital research facility about to be destroyed by a meteoroid against the will of a Technora division manager.
Scenery with a Rocket
13. Scenery with a Rocket
January 10, 2004
Since the Toy Box was destroyed, the Debris Section go on a holiday on Earth. Hachimaki, Yuri, and Tanabe visit the Hoshino household. Meanwhile, Yuri makes friends with Kyutaro, Hachimaki's brother.
A Modest Request
12. A Modest Request
December 20, 2003
Fee's increasingly difficult quest for a smoke leads her to become entangled in a terrorist plot to stop human development in space.
Boundary Line
11. Boundary Line
December 13, 2003
An engineer from an impoverished country, El Tanika, comes to the ISPV 7 space station to have his new spacesuit tested. No one will have anything to do with his unusual suit because of the lowly status of his home country until the Debris Section volunteers to help him with the testing.
A Sky of Stardust
10. A Sky of Stardust
December 6, 2003
Tanabe is preoccupied with her discovery of Gigalt's illness. Yuri's involvement in a famous high-altitude shuttle accident is revealed. On a routine debris retrieval mission, Yuri finds the only keepsake of his deceased wife.
9. Regrets
November 29, 2003
Hachimaki's extra-vehicular activity instructor, Gigalt visits the Debris Section as part of a safety inspection. However, on a debris hauling run supervised by Gigalt, the crew of the Toy Box encounter illegal debris dumping activities.
A Place to Cling to
8. A Place to Cling to
November 22, 2003
Tanabe suspects that Fee is having an affair with the division manager Technora Corp, Dolph Azalia. However, Fee is not, and actually is being promoted to assistant chief of Control Section. Meanwhile, the rest of the Debris Section take this opportunity to go on a very difficult debris mission on their own.
Extraterrestrial Girl
7. Extraterrestrial Girl
November 15, 2003
While recovering from an injury, Hachimaki must stay on the Moon to recover. He then meets a girl who is a Lunarian, a person born on the Moon. Hachimaki also meets Harry Roland, a veteran astronaut who is in an adjacent hospital bed.
The Lunar Flying Squirrels
6. The Lunar Flying Squirrels
November 8, 2003
On Hachimaki and Tanabe's visit to the Moon, they meet Tanabe's neighbours... a group of wannabe ninjas who perform ninja techniques through the Moon's lower gravity.
Fly me to the Moon
5. Fly me to the Moon
November 1, 2003
Fee, Hachimaki and Tanabe decide to go to the Moon for their holiday. But on the Lunar Ferry, a pickpocket steals Tanabe's wallet while Hachimaki makes his debut as an actor.
Part of the Job
4. Part of the Job
October 25, 2003
The spoiled son of INTO chairman, Colin Clifford visits the ISPV 7 space station, and goes on a debris hauling mission with the Debris Section. Among the debris retrieved is Colin's camera carelessly left attached to a derelict satellite.
Return Trajectory
3. Return Trajectory
October 18, 2003
Insurance salespeople swarm the ISPV 7 space station while members of the Debris Section write their annual wills. During a routine debris collection, Yuri, Tanabe, and Hachimaki recover a space coffin containing a famous astronaut. However, an ideological conflict erupts over the fate of the coffin and the body contained in it.
Like a Dream
2. Like a Dream
October 11, 2003
Hachimaki's dream of getting his own spaceship is revealed. Tanabe continues her zero-G training with Hachimaki. Tanabe and Hachimaki are sent on a debris retrieval mission to recover a derelict satellite. However, the satellite's orbit sends it on a collision course with Cheng-Shin's orbital shuttle.
Outside the Atmosphere
1. Outside the Atmosphere
October 4, 2003
It's the first day on the job for Ai Tanabe as she's introduced to her eccentric co-workers in the Debris Section of space station ISPV-7.
  • Premiere Date
    October 4, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (3,924)