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Queen of Reversals is a South Korean romantic comedy television series written by Park Ji-eun. The show follows the life of a dedicated professional woman and the challenges of her marriage, children and career as she works to balance her home life with romance and her work life. Queen of Reversals was produced by Kim Seung-mo and Choi Yi-sup.

Queen of Reversals stars Hwang Tae-hee, played by Kim Nam-joo. Tae-hee is descended from a rich family and quickly earns a high-paying, well respected job that will help her advance higher up the career ladder. But although she is an attractive, confident, driven professional, she does not have a boyfriend because she is so devoted to her job. Much to her surprise, however, she develops romantic feelings for a man named Bong Joon-soo, played by Jung Joon-ho. Tae-hee and Joon-soo begin a fast-paced relationship that ultimately leads to marriage.

Soon after she returns to work, Tae-hee discovers that her husband's ex, Baek Yeo-jin, played by Chae Jung-ahn, has secured her position at the company. Tae-hee suddenly finds herself struggling to find time to raise her daughter, work on her relationship and continue her professional career. Over the years, Tae-hee and her husband experience many difficult times, and come to the possibility of divorce. At the same time, Tae-hee's difficult and condescending boss, Goo Yong-shik, played by Park Si-hoo, begins to work with Tae-hee to take their company to the next level, and ultimately develops strong romantic feelings for her.

Queen of Reversals is a International series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (31 episodes). The series first aired on April 12, 2011. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 7.0.

Queen of Reversals is available for streaming on the MBC America website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Queen of Reversals on demand at Viki , Viki online.

MBC America
1 Season, 31 Episodes
April 12, 2011
Cast: Kim Nam-joo, Jeong Jun-ho, Park Shi-hoo, Chae Jung-an
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Queen of Reversals Full Episode Guide

  • Yong Shik is unable to honor his promise to Tae Hee and he confronts her with his feelings once more. Although she's made moves to protect him, she is unable to protect herself and ends up getting framed by Song Yi.

  • Tae Hee is trying to keep distance between herself and Yong Shik, but she decides to go visit his mother before her surgery. He agrees to back off and she assures him that she's doing it for his own good.

  • Tae Hee angers Yong Shik when she changes teams, but he doesn't understand that she did it to protect him. The Special Team manages to stay focused on perfecting their plan for DIY Cosmetics.

  • Song Yi is willing to use any means necessary to get to Yong Shik, so she uses the information she knows about him and Tae Hee. However, Tae Hee decides to act for the greater good of the team and rejects Yong Shik in public.

  • As Tae Hee and Yong Shik work to perfect their DIY Cosmetics pitch, Yeo Jin and Jun Soo continue to charm a few Ophelia representatives. Even though she's discouraged, Yong Shik's mother gives her last try to see her son.

  • A battle for power ensues between Song Yi, the CEO and Yong Shik's brother. As Tae Hee tries to persuade Yong Shik to stay, Jun Soo and Yeo Jin decide to explore their relationship further.

  • Tae Hee tries to come up with innovative ideas that the Special Team can present, but Yong Shik gives her new ideas a low score. Meanwhile, Jun Soo and Yeo Jin strive to do business with Ophelia.

  • Yong Shik's brother continues to work with the other side and ends up setting Yong Shik back a few steps. Tae Hee decides to return to the company and may possibly end up reconciling with Jun Soo.

  • Tae Hee is quickly able to find a new job and the Beauty Team's diet pills run into some unforeseen difficulties. However, she is unsure about what to do concerning Yong Shik's advances towards her.

  • Tae Hee acepta la responsabilidad de la presentación de su equipo y decide renunciar a su puesto. Esto desagrada a Yong Shik al punto que casi confiesa sus sentimientos por ella.

  • Mientras Yong Shik continúa luchando con sus sentimientos por Tae Hee, él reacciona de forma exagerada a la situación condenándola por su conversación con Jun Soo. Aunque su hermano mayor hace su camino a la ciudad, él en realidad está para apoyar a Song Yi.

  • Yong Shik embarrasses himself when he dances in front of his colleagues inappropriately. He is later forced to pick up Tae He when she tries to stay on the diet lady's doorstep.

  • Una vez más, Yeo Jin está tramando algo y encuentra una manera de sabotear los proyectos especiales. Yong Shik tiene dificultades para llegar a aceptar sus sentimientos por Tae Hee y trata de alejarla.

  • Tae Hee decide quedarse en casa del trabajo por lo que ella y Jun Soo puedan finalizar su divorcio. Por el momento , Kang Woo es capaz de descubrir algo nuevo acerca de su hyung.

  • While Tae Hee is finally able to confront Song Yi, Jun Soo is willing to accept responsibility for his actions. Yong Shik comes to Tae Hee's rescue after her car breaks down but ends up taking Manager Mok home.

  • As the teams continue to prepare for their new presentations, Jun Soo's secret comes closer to being exposed. Tae Hee's feelings for Yong Shik begin to reveal themselves, but he is unable to make his move.

  • Jun ​​Soo dice que robó la presentación del otro equipo porque tiene que mantener a una familia. Young Chui se enfrenta a la muerte, pero todavía quiere trabajar y mantener a su familia también. Jun ​Soo confiesa su crimen a una enojada Tae Hee.

  • Tae Hee pilla a su marido, Jun Soo, hablando con su antigua novia, Yeo Jin. Song Yi insiste en que su equipo domina el equipo de Yong Shik. Son Yi tiene la posesión de una buena presentación de Jun Soo.

  • Jun Soo struggles with his custodial job but has an opportunity to open a food franchise. Yeo Jin spends the night by her mother’s hospital bed. Tae Hee sells very few makeup kits and faces ridicule from Yong Shik.

  • Hwang Tae Hee se enfrenta al jefe de su marido después de que fue despedido. Él explica que su marido no fue despedido, pero que se fue voluntariamente. No se da cuenta de que Hwang Tae Hee ha visto toda la conversación. Cuando llega a casa, Hwang Tae Hee no le dice a su esposo lo que había visto.

  • Bong Joon Soo va a su jefe y ruega por su trabajo. Lo que no sabe que Hwang Tae Hee está observando todo en el fondo. Hwang Tae Hee se siente avergonzado por su marido. No sólo se averguenza, pero se da cuenta de que ella debe ser el sostén de su familia.

  • El Gerente Mok acusa a Jun-soo para mantener su trabajo. La compañía quiere que Jun-soo se vaya y acepte un paquete de indemnización. Song-yi dio a Tae-hee una mala referencia y por eso perdió la oportunidad de trabajo.

  • Hwang-Tae-hee makes a dramatic exit from her job after Yeo-jiin undermines her work. Tae-hee becomes an unhappy stay at home mom with a daughter. Husband Jun-soo faces termination at work.

  • Tae Hee returns to work after her honeymoon only to find her belongings packed up in a box. She enters her office and Yeo Jin is in her chair. She is the new team leader. Tae Hee must now adjust to the reality of “chasing two bunnies” – work and marriage.

  • Hwang Tae Hee, la líder del equipo de la empresa Queens Company, comienza su día intimidando a todos los miembros de su personal, incluyendo Bak Yeo Jin que llega tarde para el trabajo. Tae Hee tarde se entera de que su hermana está embarazada de nuevo y que su madre quiere que Tae Hee le encuentre un marido.

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