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  • TV-PG
  • 2004
  • 1 Season
  • 6.0  (189)

Ragnarok is an anime based on the hit Korean MMORPG and manwha, Ragnarok Online, created by Lee Myung-jin. It features many of the NPC characters, monsters, equipment and magic spells familiar to players of the game. The series stars the crusader Roan and his childhood sweetheart, the priest Yuan, on their quest across the land of Rune-Midgard. The title of the series refers to the beginning of the end of the gods, culminating in a final battle against ultimate evil.

In this series, the ultimate evil is the Dark Lord, who has marshaled the forces of other evil entities to prevent the heroes from reaching and defeating him. Chief among these evil creatures is Yuan's possessed older brother, Keough, a Knight transformed into an Abysmal Knight. Throughout the series, Roan and Yuan travel about Rune-Midgard seeking other adventurers worthy of taking on the Dark Lord and his minions, including Takius, a mage who has taken a vow of blindness and Maya, a cheating merchant who learns to overcome her mistrust of other people. In mid-2004, some key events in the show were reflected in the MMORPG as special events players could get unique items from.

Ragnarok was made in 2004 as a co-production of the Korean anime company, G&G, and the Japanese anime company, Gonzo. It was broadcast on TV-Tokyo in Japan in 2004, the following year on SBS in Korea and ran for 26 episodes. The show was also aired in the Philippines and Brazil by the ABS-CBN Network, due to the games' popularity in those countries. In 2007, the series was picked up for distribution in the U.S. by Funimation Inc in order to stream it on its website.

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For the Sake of Our Future
26. For the Sake of Our Future
September 28, 2004
The end is night. After so much loss and growth, the team splintered across the world and throughout the afterlife. The Dark Lord's return is imminent.
One Who Realizes His Mistake
25. One Who Realizes His Mistake
September 21, 2004
Desperation sets in for Roan as Yufa suffers in the sinister clutches of the vengeful Haze. The sands are slipping through the hourglass... Hopefully Roan will find her in time. With great passion, Takius and her master Zephyr finally meet in epic battle.
Place of Reckoning
24. Place of Reckoning
September 14, 2004
Singular destinies begin to converge quickly upon the ragtag band of adventurers. Roan's group travels on to Glast Heim in search of Yufa and her dangerous brother Haze.
Good Bye
23. Good Bye
September 7, 2004
Comodo is under siege! The heroes are faced once more with another seemingly infinite army of monsters, defending the town from the crazed onslaught.
Who's the Lonely One?
22. Who's the Lonely One?
August 31, 2004
The band finally reached Comodo, and their reputations proceed them... Though those reputations are currently being claimed by some attention hungry rivals from earlier in the journey!
I Need You
21. I Need You
August 24, 2004
Waves of darkness continue to crash across the realm, with the black-souled Haze and the revenge minded half-blood Zealotus pushing the evil forward with great ease.
It's Okay
20. It's Okay
August 17, 2004
Maya is devastated and distraught over her roll in the fate of her dear friend Alice. The evil Zealotus seizes the opportunity to manipulate the young merchant, hoping to recruit her as she suffers in her confused and weakened state.
We'll Always Be Together
19. We'll Always Be Together
August 10, 2004
After missing the ferry to the Paros Lighthouse, Roan and the fearless adventurers are stranded in the city of Alberta for the night. Mischievous Maya doesn't mind much though, as she enjoys the opportunity to play once more with her dear friend Alice.
I've Known All Along
18. I've Known All Along
August 3, 2004
Roan and the Archer's Guild continue their fight against the relentless onslaught of monsters, evil minions who resurrect and multiply at every toll of the bell. But now Roan has uncovered the key to stopping the endless brigade...
You Are Already Tainted
17. You Are Already Tainted
July 27, 2004
As the clang of the bell rings endlessly through the air, the monsters continue the vicious assault. Roan is entrenched with a group of Archers in a battle that seemingly has no end.
I Can't Save Anyone
16. I Can't Save Anyone
July 20, 2004
Led there by the words of an enemy turned ally, Roan and the reunited ring of heroes travel to the ancient city of Payon, seeking to head off an impending outbreak of monsters. But something seems amiss as they arrive to find nothing but peace and quiet.
Don't Worry, I'm Here
15. Don't Worry, I'm Here
July 13, 2004
Roan returns from his noble solo mission, his training thorough and complete. With his vast new skills he has reached the level of fully ordained Crusader! And the young man wastes no time putting his new abilities to the test.
Why Won't You Answer?
14. Why Won't You Answer?
July 6, 2004
The clock tower's bell has mysteriously begun to ring, filling the tower with a multitude of dangerously lethal monsters. And the only way to fight back the horde? The bell must not toll again...
The Protector
13. The Protector
June 29, 2004
Roan is going it alone, set off on a driven quest to become a better swordsman and a stronger warrior, his desire to protect Yufa encouraging his growth into a man.
I Can't Do It
12. I Can't Do It
June 22, 2004
Gloomy darkness and despair continue to spread across the land like a plague as Roan and the group make tracks to the Assassin's Guild.
All Is Only Despair
11. All Is Only Despair
June 15, 2004
Rai, a member of the Morroc Thief's Guild, has been tricked into opening the tomb of the mighty King Osiris, and now a terrible horde of ghastly monsters has been unleashed to wreck havoc upon the world!
You're My Brother, Aren't You?!?
10. You're My Brother, Aren't You?!?
June 8, 2004
Roan and the merry band of travelers have finally reached the city of Morroc, the home of the infamous Thief's Guild. When the daughter of the Guild's leader is caught stealing from Roan and Yufa, an evil plot is revealed.
All for the Truth
9. All for the Truth
June 1, 2004
On a trip through the desert on route to the city of Morroc, the mystic Takius convinces the travelers to make a detour... Into an enormous underground lair inhabited by a colony of oversized ants!
Life Is Precious
8. Life Is Precious
May 25, 2004
The band of travelers enter the notorious Labyrinth Forest at Judia's behest, the hunter confident in her ability to lead the group through the dense woods. But the shortcut seems never-ending as the six wander in maddening circles among the trees.
Will You Comfort Me?!?
7. Will You Comfort Me?!?
May 18, 2004
The band of adventurers makes their way to Alberta, where there is news of a monster infestation. The group is just itching for action. Upon their arrival, the monsters prove to be of a different breed than expected.
	I Won't Let Anyone Get in My Way!
6. I Won't Let Anyone Get in My Way!
May 11, 2004
Yufa is driven without distraction after hearing rumor that her dear brother Keough might still be among the living! But her hopes and desires are met with opposition from within the group, especially from her oldest friend Roan.
	What Did You Just Say?
5. What Did You Just Say?
May 4, 2004
Ominous fortunes are delivered upon Roan and his growing gaggle of fellow travelers, and the band would be wise to take heed. But knowing no fear, the group pushes on against advice.
	Is That the Best You Can Do?
4. Is That the Best You Can Do?
April 27, 2004
Young blade-wielder Roan and his loyal friend Yufa return to the dungeons of Geffen Tower, seeking to finally defeat the evil that awaits them beneath the imposing structure.
I Believe
3. I Believe
April 20, 2004
Geffen Tower looms against the sky on the horizon, but in the ominous pits and haunted dungeons beneath the monolith, evil dwells unflinching and bold. Roan and his brave band plunge forth into battle, teaming once more with the mage Takius.
	Be Good to Me, Big Brother
2. Be Good to Me, Big Brother
April 13, 2004
Roan's motley crew of mystics and battlers begins to grow in Prontera, and already their adventures in the city reach from the highest towers to the lowest underbellies.
	Why Do You Wield That Sword?
1. Why Do You Wield That Sword?
April 6, 2004
Young swordsman Roan and his life-long comrade Yufa, an acolyte, have stumbled upon adventure in the bustling city of Prontera, the capital city of Rune Midgard.
  • Premiere Date
    April 6, 2004
  • IMDB Rating
    6.0  (189)