Rambo The Force Of Freedom

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On Colonel Trautman's request, John Rambo leads special unit The Force of Freedom against paramilitary terrorist organization S.A.V.A.G.E. (Specialist-Administrators of Vengeance, Anarchy and Global Extortion) all over the globe.

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1 Season, 65 Episodes
April 14, 1986
Kids & Family, Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoon
Rambo The Force Of Freedom

Rambo The Force Of Freedom Full Episode Guide

  • T.D. "Touchdown" Jones visits his Uncle George in Scotland. When a remote-controlled submarine version of the Loch Ness Monster operated by General Warhawk terrorizes Loch Ness, T.D. calls in the rest of the Force of Freedom.

  • Dr. Hyde creates a robot body double that can replicate anyone like Senator Thorne and the President.

  • Mad Dog and his biker gang hijack the space shuttle Xenon which is also a laser-defense space station. General Warhawk plans to use Xenon to blow up satellites if his demands aren't met.

  • Black Dragon takes the place of his twin brother White Dragon in order to infiltrate the Force of Freedom and relay information of the radioactive material and a super tank to General Warhawk.

  • Max steals some ancient Mayan tablets (which will lead whoever possesses them to the Mayan Sepulcher) from Dr. Ramirez. General Warhawk plans to use the Mayan Sepulcher to unite the Mayans.

  • Rambo and T.D. "Touchdown" Jones play football...for freedom! Going undercover on a professional team playing an exhibition game in a communist country of Talinia, the guys save a scientist named Professor Ivanovich when he is targeted by General Warhawk.

  • Rambo, Kat, Turbo, T.D. "Touchdown" Jones, and Chief investigate a sea monster in the Gulf of Alaska and come across an island filled with hybrid animals (like crocodile/condor hybrids, giraffe/deer hybrids, etc.).

  • Rambo visits his old friend Chopper and learns that his teenage son is involved in a drug gang who are allied with General Warhawk in a plot to smuggle cocaine.

  • General Warhawk plans to capture General Bernard who is the leader of the Starfire Defense Team. Rambo and Colonel Trautman use a lookalike named Corporal Justin Wilbur in order to fool S.A.V.A.G.E.

  • Black Dragon targets a new synthetic fuel at INT Laboratories which is guarded by Rambo, Kat, Turbo and T.D. "Touchdown" Jones. At the same time, Turbo finds out that his mother has been captured by a motorcycle gang.

  • Rambo ends up blinded during his fight on an aircraft carrier against Dr. Hyde's minion Max as his friends are captured by General Warhawk's men.

  • Rambo, Turbo, Kat, White Dragon, T.D. "Touchdown" Jones, and Chief end up springing to action when General Warhawk kidnaps the Vice President of the United States and half of the Cabinet when their plane ends up disappearing over the China Seas.

  • When a plane carrying a doctor and his patient Nicky (who is in need of a kidney operation) crashes near Rambo's mountain cabin, Rambo must get them to the hospital before General Warhawk gets to them first.

  • After evading a missile launched at their helicopter by Black Dragon, Rambo's team and the Alpha Force work to prevent General Warhawk from auctioning the NATO military supplies to the other terrorists.

  • Rambo's team is enlisted to help General Stedring's Alpha Force guard a ship loaded with NATO military supplies bound for Europe. Meanwhile, General Warhawk's men attack and capture a remote NATO base in Norway.

  • A girl named Jennifer (who will soon be the leader of a major defense company) is targeted by S.A.V.A.G.E. when her uncle Merick (the current president of the company) wants to stop the transition.

  • Rambo's team is sent to guard the plans for a new medical laser that are being transported from Cleveland to St. Louis by train.

  • Following some security guards stopping a thief from stealing the plans to some prototype combat vehicles, Rambo, Kat, Turbo, T.D. "Touchdown" Jones, and White Dragon go undercover.

  • General Warhawk steals a WWII vintage U-Boat No.505 from the Museum of Science and Industry. In the submarine, there is a map showing the location of a German Supertrooper developed during the war by combining the cells of mean men and vicious animals.

  • Rambo, Kat, and Turbo are joined by Rambo's old friend T.D. "Touchdown" Jones at the time when Mad Dog forces elderly couples out of their homes as part of General Warhawk's plot to dig into a military base and steal a top secret new super tank.

  • During Christmas in Colorado, Rambo and Turbo rescue a kid when visiting Rambo's old friend Kris Kaufman who is a former rocket scientist turned toy maker for an orphanage that goes around his village on Christmas dressed as Santa Claus.

  • While Rambo's team provides security for Senator Thorne during his trip to Japan to meet with President Fujita, a prototype chip for an American defense project is stolen by the science team leader Dr. Hiro Gosho.

  • General Warhawk, Sergeant Havoc, Gripper, Nomad, and Mad Dog invade El Dorado near Tartatinga and take it over. It is up to Rambo, Kat and Turbo to liberate El Dorado.

  • When his team ends up captured by S.A.V.A.G.E. when they end up skyjacking a shipment of government gold heading to the Denver Mint following a plane crash in the swamp, Rambo befriends a helpful Indian named Chief who helps rescue his friends.

  • In this episode, it shows how Rambo met White Dragon at the time when General Warhawk has Black Dragon steal priceless samurai swords from Ishikawa Electronic Co.

  • General Warhawk and his men hijack a supertanker and anchor it off the coast of Hawaii. He plans to scuttle the tanker causing an ecological disaster if his demands for a warship aren't met.

  • Kai Moon's President Wang is forced by General Warhawk's men to read a letter of resignation days before his reelection. Rambo's team ends up coming to the country's aid.

  • S.A.V.A.G.E. brainwashes three brilliant scientists in order to obtain the plans for a special laser that will shoot down a passing satellite.

  • Rambo's team helps a rancher named Shane Dobbs who cattle have been stolen by Mad Dog. They soon discover that S.A.V.A.G.E. is in an alliance with an outlaw scientist named Dr. Gore.

  • Rambo's team is providing security for the Children's Peace Conference in Sydney. General Warhawk sends Sergeant Havoc, Gripper, Mad Dog, and Black Dragon in a plan to capture the children.

  • While attending Oktoberfest, Rambo's team discover a plot by to steal a recently located old warplane containing a fortune of gold. Rambo encounters a boy named Hors who got amnesia when he learns of General Warhawk's plot and Iron Mask's true identity.

  • Rambo's old friend Lucky calls upon Rambo when his oil drilling platform keeps exploding. What Rambo doesn't know is that Lucky's partner Jake is in league with Nomad in a S.A.V.A.G.E. plot to work on a warhead that will help them in world domination.

  • While in England, General Warhawk steals the world's fastest race horse named Freedom Dancer who is owned by Colonel Trautman's friend Winslow.

  • Rambo and Turbo come to the aid of Turbo's uncle when a swamp monster terrorizes the local town. Rambo discovers that the "swamp monster" is piloted by Sergeant Havoc as part of General Warhawk's plot to build a communication center.

  • While out inspecting a base in the Arctic Circle, Colonel Trautman is told by the Eskimo's Chief Molok that a Killer whale named Korac keeps attacking their village. Colonel Trautman and a security captain are then captured by Gripper.

  • While out testing the survival equipment in Utah, Colonel Trautman ends up stumbling upon Gripper attacking a nearby town and ends up captured as well.

  • While vacationing in Venice, Rambo, Kat, Turbo, and Colonel Trautman discover that General Warhawk, Sergeant Havoc, Gripper, and Mad Dog are forcing the monks at a monastery to use their special ceramic to make nosecones for S.A.V.A.G.E.'s missiles.

  • Rambo, Kat, and Turbo investigate Haiti when a scientist named Dr. Stark goes missing. They discover that General Warhawk has allied with a Haitian Voodoo magician named Mombo Igthayan in a plot to enslave the islanders and mine the island.

  • On Halloween, the Count returns and captures a boy named Danny. Even when Rambo escapes his trap and rescues Danny, he discovers that the Count is collaborating with General Warhawk to capture the President of the United States.

  • When Rambo's team captures Death Merchant, the train they are carrying him on is intercepted by S.A.V.A.G.E. who plan to use Death Merchant's services in a plot to rob the treasures of King Tut.

  • Kat's scientific brother is investigating the ion trail left by Halley's Comet and a space probe sent to gather samples left by the comet is targeted by General Warhawk and Black Dragon.

  • When Rambo and his team stop General Warhawk's plot to steal the Liberty Bell, General Stedring insists to Colonel Trautman that his army be used next time.

  • General Warhawk and his ally Admiral Nomak team up with Captain Scar and his pirates in a plot to raise the sunken Liberte submarine off the coast of Hong Kong.

  • S.A.V.A.G.E. steals a sacred white rhinoceros named Mabuto from the African country of Namboola in order to set up its neighboring country of Ombasi for stealing their white rhinoceros.

  • The boy king Alexander of Morovia has been kidnapped by Sergeant Havoc and Gripper allowing Alexander's uncle Black Duke Lucan to succeed him and allow S.A.V.A.G.E. to build a base in Morovia.

  • When General Warhawk, Sergeant Havoc, Gripper, and Nomad attack a foreign base and end up thwarted by Rambo, General Warhawk calls in a ninja assassin called Black Dragon to take down Rambo.

  • Under orders of General Warhawk, Sergeant Havoc, Gripper, Nomad, and a female operative named Varinia steal a submarine called the USS Typhoon and plans to auction it to any terrorist that is interested in it.

  • S.A.V.A.G.E. has been intercepting transports for relief supplies bound for the country of Delgado which has been torn apart by natural disasters. It is up to Rambo, Kat, Turbo, and Colonel Trautman to get the supplies to and drive S.A.V.A.G.E. away.

  • Rambo's old friend Mike Flynn steals the XK-7 fighter jet and uses it to help General Warhawk in enslaving the Zimboli to mine diamonds for him.

  • General Warhawk does three terrorist attacks in order to gain money to start an international terrorist training camp.

  • General Warhawk sets his sights on the Suez Canal and threatens to blow up all shipping on the Suez Canal unless his is paid $1,000,000. Now Rambo must locate the special gun that will help General Warhawk blow up all the shipping on the Suez Canal.

  • General Warhawk locates the lost city of Acra in India and leads his soldiers into rounding up the Bindus in a plot to force them to dig up its treasures.

  • General Warhawk plans to blow up Boulder Dam as a diversion so that he can rob the casino money in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is up to Rambo, Kat, and Turbo to stop General Warhawk.

  • General Warhawk teams up with the Cult of the Cobra and its leader Rama to halt the food shipments to the Indian Province of Asam in a plot to force the people of Asam to make him their dictator.

  • Mad Dog enters the sewers beneath the Special Forces building and places a bomb there while encountering Rambo's war buddy nicknamed "Wrongway."

  • Nobel Prize-winning physicist Herbert Kengsington is kidnapped by the Count (a descendant of Vlad III the Impaler) and plans to hand him over to S.A.V.A.G.E. in the Moldavian Mountains.

  • Under the orders of General Warhawk, Sergeant Havoc, Gripper, Nomad and an ally named Bashir take advantage of three countries by passing off fake curses in S.A.V.A.G.E.'s plot to steal the artifacts in the ruins.

  • Gripper steals the Pandora Missile that was meant for the Carlaya Islands in order for S.A.V.A.G.E. to force Carlaya's Indonesian neighbors to surrender.

  • General Warhawk and Sergeant Havoc capture a young monk who would become the next Dalai Lama and gains control of a small village in Tibet.

  • General Warhawk's latest plan is to steal the solid gold stamps from Chicago's Federal Reserve Bank to print out U.S. currency so he could print his own money. It is up to Rambo to prevent S.A.V.A.G.E. from stealing the solid gold stamps.

  • S.A.V.A.G.E. plots to dispose of Rambo and Colonel Trautman so that they would be out of the way for them to take over Tierra Libre.

  • General Warhawk raises the battleship Yamato in his latest plot to take over Tierra Libre.

  • General Warhawk sends Mad Dog to capture the daughter of Tierra Libre's President during his visit to the United Nations.

  • A warplane called the Spectre gets stolen by S.A.V.A.G.E. in their plot to take over Tierra Libre.

  • S.A.V.A.G.E. arrives in the country of Tierra Libre in a plot to conquer it.