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This unscripted documentary takes the viewer behind the scenes of life with a newborn baby, or four newborn babies as one of the sets of parents has to deal with. Four sets of new parents are followed as they deal with various forms of birth through to the initial stages of caring for a new baby at home. Ashley and Tyson are one of the sets of parents who embark upon their first experience of parenthood, which includes their own story of infertility leaving them with little hope of having a child prior to their pregnancy. Ashley and Tyson eventually had two sets of identical twins with the aid of fertility treatments, which provides them with an almost unique challenge for the sleep deprived parents. The other couples within the show have their own problems to face, ranging from the financial cost of raising a child to the issues of religious beliefs. The couples followed within the show face many problems and are followed by the cameras as they try to come to terms with how their lives have changed.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
3 Seasons, 27 Episodes
February 2, 2016
Cast: Brooke Adams
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Rattled Full Episode Guide

  • The Sadler triplets are out of the woods and are free to meet the world. Autumn and Matthew say goodbye to the boat and try to figure out how to co-parent. Mariah and Raymond finally leave Barb's house. Matt makes a decision on proposing to Jamielynn.

  • Jamielynn expects a proposal when she finds a hidden ring. Mariah and Raymond compromise when a church won't baptize Royce. Aly and Josh make a permanent monument to their relationship. Autumn and Matthew make a final decision about their marriage.

  • When Mariah & Raymond apartment hunt, a bigger issue is brought up. Julia faces an emotional rollercoaster when she leaves the triplets at home to return to work. Autumn & Matthew turn to therapy to help them co-parent. Josh plans a big surprise for Aly.

  • Mariah and Raymond's baby bliss is cut short when Raymond expresses doubts; the triplets' medical issues haunt Julia even after they've been released from the NICU; Autumn's labor brings her and Matthew closer; Matt confronts Jamielynn for seeing his ex.

  • Mariah's labor escalates into a life or death situation. Julia & Ryan feel unprepared when the first triplet finally comes home. Jamielynn gives Matt an ultimatum after talking to his ex-wife. Aly & Josh go on a chaotic road trip with their 3 toddlers.

  • Jamielynn juggles caring for a newborn & toddler alone when Matt returns to work. Overdue Autumn tries everything to avoid being induced. Julia & Ryan navigate the heartbreak of NICU life. As Mariah's due date approaches, her fear of child birth grows.

  • An unexpected turn complicates Julia's pregnancy with the triplets; Jamielynn's water breaks weeks early; Mariah and Raymond, together only 9 months, meet each other's families for the first time; Autumn's mom worries about the baby living on the boat.

  • Matt shocks Jamielynn with career news; Autumn and Matthew try to set aside their differences for the sake of their baby; after three miscarriages, Julia and Ryan pray she can carry their triplets to term; Aly struggles with a side effect from her past cancer.

  • In the Season 3 premiere, Autumn and Matthew face a challenge bigger than raising a baby on their tiny boat; Jamielynn wants boyfriend Matt to stop behaving like he's single; and Aly and Josh endure a parent's worst nightmare.

  • Two parents get surprises that change their lives; Brooke has her first wrestling match as a mom; Krystal relies on a father figure for Boston; Aly gets a diagnosis; the Gardners make a decision about the house; Mars gets an answer to her ultimatum.

  • Brooke gets back in the ring to see if she can wrestle again; Mars and Doug go to counseling to save their relationship before Mars' ultimatum expires; Aly nears a crucial milestone in her cancer recovery; the quads visit the doctor who delivered them.

  • Mars and Doug have a fight after she meets his ex-wife; Aly and Josh get a scare when they go home; Brooke has to pump breast milk in a bar on her first night out since giving birth; Ashley and Tyson are forced to send the quads home.

  • Mars gets her pregnancy test results; Krystal has second thoughts about Jarrel bringing their baby to meet his friends; Brooke gets concerned when she sees Weston's new office space; Ashley and Tyson's move has them scrambling to make money.

  • Aly and Josh pray that their birth mom will change her mind; Brooke takes steps to return to pro wrestling after Weston quits his job; Ashley and Tyson stress as they decide whether to build a house; a shocked Mars thinks she might be pregnant.

  • Aly and Josh get difficult news from the birth mom of the baby they're adopting; Jarrel gets results of the DNA test; Brooke has a scare with the baby when she brings him home from the hospital; Tyson is left alone with the quads for the first time.

  • As Aly and Josh's surrogate goes into labor, they worry she'll have difficulty giving up the baby; Jarrel does a paternity test in Boston without telling Krystal; Brooke goes into labor three weeks early; Mars gives Doug an ultimatum.

  • Jarrel won't talk custody with Krystal without a DNA test; Aly's allergic reaction during labor makes her high-risk pregnancy more dangerous; the quads are back and busting out of their house; pregnant wrestler Brooke is terrified of giving birth.

  • Surprise pregnancies turn three couples' lives upside down; Krystal and Jarrel argue over their baby's paternity until Krystal goes into labor; Aly and Josh uproot their lives; Doug and Mars remain volatile two years after their baby's birth.

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