Red Eye

Red Eye is a late night news program that blends comedy with current affairs. Hosted by Greg Gutfeld, Red Eye regular commentators include Andrew Levy, Bill Shultz, and Tom O'Connor. Frequent panel guests include Ann Coulter, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Mike Baker, Jesse Joyce and Joe DeRosa.

Red Eye is aired five days a week from Tuesday through Saturday evenings using a one-hour format that is divided into separate sections. Greg Gutfeld opens the show with an introduction to the evening's panel guests and proposes a question or statement for their entertaining commentary.

The half-time segment is hosted by Andrew Levy who will recap each guest's comments and offer them a brief discussion time to expound on their thoughts and ideas. Should Andrew Levy disagree with a guest, the mid portion of Red Eye is used to debate and challenge each issue.

In addition to discussing news articles and pop culture topics, Red Eye is dedicated to running funny animal video clips for humorous reasons or to punctuate their points. Red Eye viewers are encouraged to send the producers an amusing video clip of their pet doing something cute or entertaining. The funny animal clips will be spliced into the zany newsroom format several times within the hour.

Although the Red Eye approach to newsworthy topics is light and comical, the facts are well-researched and panelists are encouraged to present both sides of an argument. Not all panel members will agree on each issue, however, the banter is kept respectful and accommodating to their opponents.

Red Eye is aired after prime time viewing hours, however, the late night time slot does not reflect any controversial subject matter on the show. The Red Eye series refrains from crude remarks, adult content and everything else that would be deemed inappropriate for minors.

Red Eye was created for viewers who prefer a little levity with the headline news. From politics to the latest Hollywood scandals, Red Eye provides an in-depth analysis of the issues that people are talking about.

Weekday 3:00 AM et/pt on FOX
7 Seasons, 1085 Episodes
July 30, 2008
Documentary & Biography, News, Talk & Interview
Cast: Andrew Levy, Greg Gutfeld, Joanne Nosuchinsky, Bill Schulz
Red Eye

Red Eye Full Episode Guide

  • Skirting the system? Ben Domenech, Sam Morril and Larry Gatlin discuss.

  • De Pasquale and Morril react.

  • Byrnes and Munasifi discuss.

  • Cotter and Prager react.Seth Rogen, Michael Moore Criticize 'American Sniper'.

  • Is it too soon for a new cartoon? Donna Feldman and Tom Shillue react.

  • WH: US Should Have Sent High-level Official to Paris, DeVito and Benson discuss.

  • Obama proposes no cost Community College Plan. Should you pay for a BA? Carley Shimkus, John DeVore and Rob Long weigh in.

  • Charlie Hebdo Attack Plagued by Political Correctness. Have we caved to the depraved? Katherine Timpf and Paul Mecurio discuss

  • Former guidance counselor sentenced for sex with student. Kurt Metzger and John Bolton react.

  • Chris Christie faces scrutiny after celebratory hug. Is he callous for cheering Dallas? Jo Ling Kent, Sherrod Small and Lou Dobbs discuss.

  • Pancakes with a side of protest? KT McFarland, Chris Barron and Sam Morril react.

  • Spencer and Shillue discuss

  • Shimkus and Morril discuss.

  • WikiLeaks publishes CIA tips for traveling spies.

  • President Obama's favorite film of 2014. Lea Gabrielle, and Eric Metaxas respond.

  • Putin named Russia's 'Man of the Year' for 15th straight time. Dagen McDowell, Bonnie McFarlane and Mike Baker discuss.

  • Governor bans tattooing, piercing of pets. Dana Perino and Nick Searcy chime in.

  • Rolling Stone reporter re-reports UVA story. Tom Cotter and John Tierney comment

  • Study: Men more likely to partake in boneheaded behavior. Sonnie Johnson and Will Rahn discuss.

  • Harvard Prof. Sorry for Fighting Restaurant Over $4. Will he sue over moo shu? Lou Dobbs and PJ O'Rourke react.

  • Senate Report: Harsh CIA tactics don't work. Did the CIA go astray? Courtney Friel and Buck Sexton discuss.

  • Woman films herself being catcalled around NYC. Anthony Fisher and Joe DeVito react to harassment video gone viral.

  • Tom Shillue, Katherine Timpf and Tom Cotter discuss protesters who are picketing ticketing

  • Corbin and Schappert weigh in

  • UNC Investigation reveals Athletes Took Fake Classes. Jedediah Bila, Sherrod Small and Father Jonathan Morris discuss college controversy.

  • Little Girls Drop F-bombs for Feminism. Loesch and McFarlane react

  • Pumpkin Festival turns into riot near NH College. Carley Shimkus and John Tierney discuss drunken riots.

  • 911 Dispatchers Forbidden from Saying 'Ebola'. Foster and Baker discuss

  • Dagen McDowell and Dan Bova discuss tasteless Halloween trend.

  • Documentary gives a look Into Edward Snowden's Life in Exile, Joe DeVito and Terry Schappert react to new doc.

  • Liz MacDonald and Gary Johnson react

  • Judge Tosses Case Against Man Accused of 'upskirt' Photos: Spencer, Cotter, Gillespie react

  • Website: Rise of 'cosplay' bad sign for economy. Dressing up because economy is messed up. Jedediah Bila and Lou Dobbs discuss.

  • Rosie O'Donnell blames US for rise of ISIS. Did we activate the caliphate? Will Rahn and Larry Gatlin discuss.

  • Celebs fight to get kids to the ballot.

  • Obama's hair showing some wear?

  • Was the ad kind of sad?

  • The breaches came in bunches. Thaddeus McCotter and Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter discuss.

  • Column: Is World On Verge of New Dark Age? As we snark, is the world going dark? Katherine Timpf and Dennis Prager react.

  • Republicans: They're just like us!

  • All will be lost if they don't get sauced.

  • Robots to teach in Abu Dhabi school, should machines teach our tweens? Remi Spencer, Kurt Metzger and Sherrod Small discuss.

  • ESPN Apologizes for Reports On Michael Sam's Shower Habits. When he bathes, it makes waves. Tom Shillue and Thaddeus McCotter react

  • Texas Court throws out 'upskirt' photo law: The court inverts a ban on upskirts. Sonnie Johnson, Dan Bova and Alan Dershowitz discuss.

  • Should 'The Knee Defender' be banned on flights? Is leaning back under attack? Joe Machi and Ric Grenell discuss.

  • UN Names DiCaprio 'Messenger of Peace' On Climate Issues

  • Getting sued for showing her nude.

  • ISIS Demanded Ransom from US Before Killing James Foley. Were they after payback or a pay day? Ellison Barber and Bonnie McFarlane discuss

  • Obama presents plan to destroy ISIS. We must purge the scurge, Carrie Keagan, Liz MacDonald and Mike Baker discuss.

  • NBA Owner to Sell Team After Revealing Racist E-mail. Was it bigotry or just business?

  • Report: Snowden leaks help ISIS evade US Intelligence, they're less exposed after he disclosed. Carley Shimkus, Will Rahn and Tom Shillue react.

  • Photographer scrubs Obama dancing pic after going viral, why did she delete his happy feet? Jamie Lissow and Susan Olsen weigh in.

  • Armed to the teeth to keep the peace?

  • Despite our chatter, we don't matter

  • ISIS Militants tweet about Robin Williams' death, Jihadis love 'Jumanji'. Jason Nash and Jim Norton discuss.

  • ESPN suspends Max Kellerman for domestic abuse story, ESPN is at it again. Sam Morril, Anthony Fisher and Michael Moynihan react.

  • New app aims to help people avoid 'sketchy' neighborhoods, Helps you steer clear of places to fear. Sonnie Johnson, Kmele Foster and Remi Spencer discuss.

  • Michelle Obama: 'Women are smarter than men," is it hard to vex the fairer sex? Will Rahn and Joe Escalante react to first lady's comments.

  • Is he right about war on whites?

  • Could rise in AI make people die?

  • Book claims Joe Biden enjoys swimming nude, is he rude for going nude? Liz MacDonald and Lou Dobbs discuss.

  • Teens getting seriously burned in internet 'fire challenge,' teens too ardent about being retardant? Dagen McDowell and Sherrod Small react.

  • Mom arrested for allowing son to walk to park alone, they dropped the bomb on a mom. Katherine Timpf and Bernard McGuirk weigh in.

  • ESPN suspends Stephen A. Smith for domestic abuse comments, Stephen A. Smith is leaving. Charles Cooke and Jim Norton discuss.

  • NYPD: 'Spider-Man' Punched Officer in Times Square.

  • Feds to Spend $10M to Build Robot Companions for Children, it's bots for tots. Jedediah Bila and Nick Gillespie discuss.

  • Iraqi shopkeeppers forced to put veils on mannequins, are their faces disgraces? Tom Cotter and Terry Schappert react.

  • WWE alludes to downed Flight 17 during pay-per-view event, did a fake sport come up short? Sonnie Johnson and John Bolton discuss.

  • Jason Biggs apologizes for Malaysian Airlines tweet, Should actor delete insensitive tweet?

  • Couples Celebrate National nude day in the buff, free to dance without pants? Ellison Barber and Joe Piscopo react.

  • Staffer uses White House list seeking 'most beautiful' votes, he's on a vain campaign, Mike Baker and Jim Norton discuss.

  • Archie to Be Shot Saving Gay Friend in Comic Book, the redhead is dead. Dagen McDowell and Andrew Schulz chime in.

  • UK Politician: Mocking short people as bad as racism, is there a reason for the teasing? Dana Perino and Rick Grenell weigh in.

  • Physicist: Machines Will Be Dominant Species by 2045

  • Airline pulls in-flight safety video featuring models, bikini-clad safety video sexist? Sherrod Small and Jason L. Riley discuss.

  • Martin no longer vegetarian after Paltrow split, Sam Morril and Michael Moynihan react.

  • Panel show presented by Greg Gutfeld, Andy Levy and Joanne Nosuchinsky, with two guest panelists.

  • Poll: Obama worst president since World War II, Obama losing popularity contest? Joe DeVito and Gavin McInnes weigh in.

  • Are young adults more interested in the World Cup than politics? Patti Ann Browne, Buck Sexton and Kevin Sorbo discuss.

  • Facebook Criticized for 2012 Social Experiment.

  • Don't let your boys find your toys

  • Young girl ruins babysitter's robbery rlot, a tot foiled their plot. Sonnie Johnson and Bonnie McFarlane react.

  • Lawmakers join hands to sway to America's greatest hits. Politician dance party on Capitol Hill?

  • First android newscaster unveiled in Japan, newscaster made of plaster? Carley Shimkus and Richard Grenell react.

  • Sting says his children won't inherit his fortune, rock star won't share with his heirs. Jedediah Bila and Eric Metaxas discuss.

  • ISIS workout program posted to YouTube. Should jihadis have hot bodies? David Angelo and Gavin McInnes react.

  • University to offer athletic scholarships to gamers. Ellison Barber, Sherrod Small, Dagen McDowell and Joanne Nosuchinsky discuss

  • Patent Office Rules Against Washington Redskins Nickname, Is team name a slang or a slur? Kennedy and Joe DeVito discuss.

  • Biden visits US soccer team after World Cup win.

  • Could alliance put ISIS on ice?

  • Can't spell crisis without ISIS.

  • Trader Joe's shopper complains about store's sexist music. Bone to pick with Keith and Mick.

  • Cable news reacts to Cantor losing GOP primary. Was Brat's win 'the perfect storm'? Brooke Goldstein and Remy Munasifi discuss.

  • Millennials disappointed with President Obama? From overjoyed to unemployed. Katherine Timpf and Mary Katharine Ham discuss.

  • Gitmo's detainees are to be freed for taking up Yoga. Should we release foes for bending toes? Remi Spencer, Gavin McInnes and Ric Grenell react.

  • TMZ blackmailed Bieber With racist video. Blackmailed for slurring black males? Lori Rothman and Sherrod Small weigh in.

  • American Girl defends decision to drop Minority Dolls. Do dolls have diversity problem? Jesse Joyce and Dennis Prager, Greg Gutfeld

  • Rogen, Apatow slam writer for linking movies to murders Hollywood to blame for violence? Brad Thor, Sherrod Small and Mike Baker discuss.

  • 'Personal Space' dress expands when people get close, Prevention for unwanted attention? Sherrod Small, Imogen Lloyd Webber and Bonnie McFarlane react.

  • Hero cat throws out first pitch at ball game, little cat, big fail. Sherrod Small and Andrew Klavan discuss.

  • Kim Jong un's 'executed' ex-girlfriend appears on TV, ex-lover back from the dead? Eric Metaxas and John Bolton discuss.

  • 9/11 Museum Gift Shop Sparks Controversy, selling gifts is causing rifts. Kate Rogers and Remy Munasifi react

  • They said 'boo' to petting zoo. Carrie Sheffield, Buck Sexton and Constantine Maroulis discuss.

  • Panel show presented by Greg Gutfeld, Andy Levy and Joanne Nosuchinsky, with two guest panelists.

  • Host outraged by gay kiss.

  • Patti Ann Browne and Joe DeVito have a discussion on Alec Baldwin who gets arrested for riding bike the wrong way.

  • U.N. to Debate Ethics of Killer Robots, will they ban a machine that kills man? Chris Rovzar and Joe Escalante react.

  • Jack in the Box Enforcing Firearm Ban? They don't want guns near their buns. Michael Moynihan, Buck Sexton and Bonne McFarlane discuss.

  • Can a Hashtag Really Bring Back Our Girls? America's clout offer a pout. Jedediah Bila, Gavin McInnes and Cristina Corbin debate.

  • They don't feel right about being white.

  • 'Look up' Video On Social Media Addiction Goes Viral, will you unplug or just shrug? Dagen McDowell and John Bolton weigh in.

  • Sebelius Stops by White House Correspondents' Dinner, she turned her woe into cameo. Dana Perino and Matthew Continetti discuss.

  • Famous Bidders Already Lining up to Buy LA Clippers, Oprah considering Clippers bid? R.A. the Rugged Man and Sherrod Small discuss.

  • University passes on cash

  • Florida Dad Kicks 6-year-old Son Down Skateboard Ram, Joe DeVito and Andrew W.K. react.

  • School no longer doing the 'Dew'

  • 'Obama insulted. Clooney storms off.

  • Avril Lavigne's 'Hello Kitty' video called 'racist' 'Is This Racist?'

  • Texas Police Officer Accused of Tripping Students After Game. Cop being prudent by pushing student? Jill Dobson and Boomer Esiason discuss.

  • Student Suspended After Asking Miss America to Prom, Miss America defends suspended teen. Liz Wahl, Sherrod Small and Rick Leventhal discuss.

  • Nebraska Principal Sorry for 'don't Tattle' Flier, Snitches get stitches? Remi Spencer, Sam Morril and Kmele Foster react.

  • UNICEF launches campaign against pooping in public, Mascot's name is 'Mr. Poo'.

  • Should urination lead to incarceration?

  • Whiskey ad offensive to women?

  • Funk turned up on terrorist punk

  • California County Renames Easter Bunny the 'Spring Bunny,' is their egg hunt just an affront? Sonnnie Johnson, Jedediah Bila and Will Rahn discuss.

  • Clinton ready for close encounters and Sherrod Small and Lou Dobbs react.

  • A congressional candidate enjoys costumes and role playing, should he hide his nerdy side? Bonnie McFarlane and Les Gold discuss.

  • Being a cheerleader just got weirder

  • Eric Holder Wants Gun Owners to Wear 'smart Gun' Bracelets. Holder aiming for gun tracking bracelets? Dana Perino and Nick Searcy react.

  • Rob Lowe, 'unbelievable bias' against good-looking People, a pity to be pretty? Jo Ling Kent and George Wayne debate.

  • Combat dolphins switch sides, Harris Faulkner and Jim Norton discuss.

  • Combat dolphins switch sides, Harris Faulkner and Jim Norton discuss.

  • Agents supposed to protect, got wrecked.

  • Jodi Ernst: 'Let's make 'em squeal'

  • Mentally insane have selfies to blame?

  • Cops go under the covers when undercover?

  • White House says toodles to strudels. Jill Dobson and Paul Mecurio discuss.

  • Restaurant puts the 'party' in Nazi party. Ellison Barber and Michael Che weigh in

  • Would a mom steer you wrong?

  • Trying to defeat all-you-can-eat?

  • A prize for exposing our spies? Nick Gillespie and Mike Baker discuss

  • Furious fur ball getting help

  • Obama using laughter to sell disaster?

  • Beyonce wants to toss the 'boss'.

  • Upskirt doesn't hurt?

  • Whistleblower to speak at festival

  • Sorority says they're sorry.

  • Do The Oscars hate the people?

  • American flags banned for safety?

  • NASA Announces Discovery of 715 Planets. The galaxy just got bigger; Sherrod Small and Stewart Copeland react

  • Should your score matter no more?

  • Hot for teacher or just free speech?

  • Alec Baldwin Says He's Done With Public Life. Is Baldwin playing the victim? Joe DeVito and Armond White weigh in

  • Does 'yes' really mean yes?

  • Study: Harmful effects of meth use greatly exaggerated.

  • Pandora Says It Can Predict How People Vote. What do your tunes say about you?

  • McGill University forces student apology

  • Cyrus' latest work just might be worse than any twerk.

  • Kids need protection from rejection?

  • Was Michael Sam's reveal a big deal?

  • Airlines warned of toothpaste explosives

  • George Zimmerman to Fight DMX in Celebrity Boxing Match

  • Ivy leaguers film XXX flick on campus. Ellison Barber and Paul Mecurio discuss.

  • College declaring war on self pleasure?

  • Joanne Nosuchinsky, Buck Sexton and Gavin McInnes reflect on the wardrobe malfunction seen around the world

  • Miss New York Joanne Nosuchinsky, illusionist Penn Jillette discuss Brown University protests and Russian spying.

  • San Fran has gripes with free pipes; Jedediah Bila, Sherrod Small and Gary Johnson react.

  • Go for gold or put games on hold? Lori Rothman, Dan Bova and Penn Jillette weigh in.

  • Raiderette sues team over pay

  • Did DUI make Bieber cry?

  • Can you own a glock if you smoke pot? Harris Faulkner, Sherrod Small and Armond White weigh in.

  • Are two toilets better than one?

  • The president's stance on pot

  • Greatest threats to the world in 2014

  • 'Red Eye' honors fallen castaway

  • Hollywood glorifying E-Cigarettes?

  • Sandra Smith, Buck Sexton and Remy Munasifi react

  • Men don rubber doll suits in new film. Remi Spencer, Joe DeVito and Rick Leventhal weigh in

  • Reality star talks NJ scandal.

  • NJ scandal just water under the bridge?

  • Rodman serenades Korean dictator.

  • Ellison Barber, Gavin McInnes and Dean Cain weigh in

  • Kirsten Haglund, Paul Mecurio and Mike Baker sound off

  • USA world's biggest threat? Lori Rothman, Michael Kay and Terry Schappert react.

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