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  • TV-Y7
  • 1998
  • 1 Season
  • 5.0  (430)

RoboCop: Alpha Commando is a 1998 animated television series produced by MGM Studios. The show features the eponymous character, RoboCop, as its protagonist, as he patrols the streets of Neo Detroit, 10 years after the events of the original movie. The show aired for just two seasons, from 1998 to 1999, and consisted of 40 episodes.

David Sobolov voices the titular character, RoboCop, who is a highly advanced cyborg created by the OmniCorp corporation to serve as a law enforcement officer. Despite his mechanical enhancements, RoboCop still retains some of his humanity and is dedicated to protecting the citizens of Neo Detroit from various threats, including criminal organizations and rogue robots.

RoboCop is supported by a team of human allies, each with their own set of skills and expertise. Dean Haglund voices the wisecracking hacker, Dr. McNamara, who assists RoboCop with his computer skills and technical know-how. David Kaye voices the no-nonsense police chief, Sgt. Reed, who is in charge of coordinating the city's law enforcement efforts. Blu Mankuma portrays the tough as nails detective, Deputy Mayor Whittaker, who is always ready to lend a hand to help RoboCop in his mission to uphold the law.

The show is also notable for its impressive roster of villains, including the nefarious Dr. McNulty, a mad scientist who creates his own army of cyborgs to take over Neo Detroit. Campbell Lane voices this character with aplomb, imbuing him with just the right amount of sliminess and menace. Another memorable villain is the robotic crime boss, Dr. Cray Z, voiced by Akiko Morison, who offers a unique challenge for RoboCop as he faces off against a fellow machine with a twisted sense of morality.

One of the standout components of the show is its emphasis on action, as RoboCop is frequently engaged in high-octane battles against various villains and their minions. The action scenes are well choreographed and offer plenty of excitement for viewers of all ages. The show also features some well-placed humor and witty dialogue throughout, adding to its overall charm and appeal.

The animation itself is a mix of traditional 2D animation and CGI, which was relatively cutting-edge for its time. The character designs are sleek and futuristic, and the various settings - from the city streets to high-tech laboratories - are rendered with great attention to detail. The show's visual style is reminiscent of other cyberpunk properties of the time, such as the video game series "Deus Ex" and the anime classic "Akira".

Overall, RoboCop: Alpha Commando is an entertaining and action-packed animated series that offers a fresh take on the beloved character of RoboCop. With its memorable cast of characters, thrilling action sequences, and impressive animation, the show is a must-watch for fans of science fiction and action-oriented animation. While it may have only aired for a brief period of time, its impact on the RoboCop mythos is significant, making it an important part of the character's legacy.

RoboCop: Alpha Commando
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Talk About the Weather
40. Talk About the Weather
February 3, 1999
RoboCop, Miner and Neumeier must battle a weather controlling satellite activated by a vengeful former weatherman, Al Neenyoh, fighting through snowstorms, tornadoes and floods before the satellite goes out of control and destroys New Detroit.
Das Re-Boot
39. Das Re-Boot
February 2, 1999
RoboCop is forced to save the SS Colossal from a Titanic-like fate when he meets up with ex-DARC Roboterrorist and her fiancee-ship owner Archibald Royce. RoboCop and Francesca team up to save the craft and its rich passengers from a Titanic tragedy.
Out of the Dark
38. Out of the Dark
February 1, 1999
RoboCop, Neumeier, Miner and son Matt come face-to-face with a subterranean Neanderthal culture beneath New Detroit when surface efforts to tap geo-thermal power threaten the caverns.
Father's Day
37. Father's Day
December 1, 1998
Matt is reunited with his travelling salesman dad who is actually Special Agent Bravo. RoboCop, Matt and Bravo get caught up in a case involving DARC and a super laser in the Swiss Alps.
Thank You Very Mulch
36. Thank You Very Mulch
November 30, 1998
Maribeau B. Mulch is back in tree form, when a large humanoid, Maribeau II, blossoms off the tree. New Detroit is threatened to be overrun with plants intent on taking over the world.
DARC Secrets
35. DARC Secrets
November 27, 1998
En route to division headquarters with evidence against DARC, RoboCop, Neumeier, Miner and Reed are the victims of sabotage.
Head Games
34. Head Games
November 26, 1998
RoboCop finds himself stranded in the middle of nowhere during a mission to intercept DARC data from a robot-run base. With a long way back to his base, his journey is made more difficult by the talking robot head he must carry containing DARC data.
Small Packages
33. Small Packages
November 25, 1998
RoboCop and Miner are tricked into becoming miniaturized by a Reversible Matter Compressor - Neumeier's newest invention - so that they can investigate the inside of Sgt. Reed's ailing body.
Family Reunion (2)
32. Family Reunion (2)
November 17, 1998
New Detroit is under the control of the evil Harmony-bots. RoboCop has a brief reunion with his (Murphy's) wife and son and takes the opportunity to tell them good-bye, something he had not been able to do before he became RoboCop.
Family Reunion (1)
31. Family Reunion (1)
November 16, 1998
A mysterious Mr. Brink offers a solution to civil unrest during a record heat wave in New Detroit. His 'Harmony-bots' quickly restore order, but something sinister is afoot.
Return of the Hermanator
30. Return of the Hermanator
November 12, 1998
Remnants of the rebellious nano-chips invented by Herman Wonk are reactivated by a freak electrical accident. The nano-chips mutate into a predatory and very resilient artificial life form an Id-creature, bent on eradicating humankind.
While You Were Sleeping
29. While You Were Sleeping
November 11, 1998
After he malfunctions following an arrest, RoboCop is shut down for an overhaul. He awakens to find that the world has gone mad.
Survival of the Fittest
28. Survival of the Fittest
November 10, 1998
Anais Gaia pits her most dramatic 'Creature Creation' Biomax against RoboCop.
The ERG and I
27. The ERG and I
November 9, 1998
The Erg (the coiled metal agent of DARC) threatens to destroy New Detroit unless he gets the human 'body' he wants to inhabit: that of a newscaster Gerald Prattle.
Inside Out
26. Inside Out
November 6, 1998
RoboCop, Miner and Alpha Prime are mistakenly charged with treason and discover a DARC plot to discredit Division Alpha and destroy a NASA space plane. Our team must head to New Republic Florida to stop it.
25. H-2-Uh-Oh
November 5, 1998
After RoboCop and Miner raid a secret DARC laboratory in the desert, Neumeier is turned into water by some of DARC's latest goo.
Cop Games
24. Cop Games
November 4, 1998
A fake 'Cop Olympics' is set up by a cop-hating nephew of a Vegas-founding Mafia family, to do away with all of the cops in the community. Savvy human-minded RoboCop must then unite the robot division of the Olympics to save the cops and the town.
Brawl in the Family
23. Brawl in the Family
November 3, 1998
The world's beloved children's character, Norman Fuzzy, is a victim of a major ransom situation (masterminded by Norman's jealous brother). RoboCop finds Norman to be a foul-mouthed jerk and has a hard time acting as the mediator.
22. Robodog
November 2, 1998
Marta Kluj returns to New Detroit to seek revenge on the police force and inadvertently causes the creation of RoboDog. The dog becomes Reed's only hope when Kluj kidnaps the Sergeant to force a final showdown with RoboCop.
Garden of Evil
21. Garden of Evil
October 13, 1998
RoboCop and Miner confront a half-plant/half-man creature intent on taking over the world with his 'pods,' which can transform humans into plant creatures.
Best Friends
20. Best Friends
October 12, 1998
When RoboCop confronts Dr. Volt, the person responsible for massive power outages throughout New Detroit, he can't bring himself to make the arrest.
We'll Always Have Paris
19. We'll Always Have Paris
October 6, 1998
While on a mission in Paris to stop terrorists threatening to blow up the Eiffel Tower, RoboCop's 'emotion chip' goes on the fritz causing him to behave with wild abandon and he is overwhelmed by the terrorists.
Oh Tannenbaum Whoa Tannenbaum
18. Oh Tannenbaum Whoa Tannenbaum
October 5, 1998
RoboCop and Miner go undercover, to discover that mechanical toys are behind mysterious thefts in New Detroit during the Christmas rush.
Maxsop 4
17. Maxsop 4
September 29, 1998
Miner encounters an old nemesis, the Minotaur, while in Texas quelling a prison riot. The Minotaur has a genius for tricky escapes and a score to settle with Miner - the only person ever to outwit him.
Deep Trouble
16. Deep Trouble
September 28, 1998
Suspicious seismic disturbances in the form of severe tidal waves prompt RoboCop, Miner and Neumeier to check out New Frontier Colony - an under water community.
Power Play
15. Power Play
September 25, 1998
A crisis brews when a separatist Moon Colony group threatens to destroy Earth cities until their demands are met. RoboCop is forced to commandeer a space shuttle to contain the situation.
Francesca's Quest
14. Francesca's Quest
September 24, 1998
A Cyborg, Francesca, created by DARC, much like RoboCop, has been programmed for violence and is on a rampage in New Anchorage, Alaska trying to rediscover her past.
A Pretty Girl Is Like a Malady
13. A Pretty Girl Is Like a Malady
September 23, 1998
Embittered stand-up comic Joey the Laugh-Man, uses an engineered 'happy' virus to create chaos in New Detroit. RoboCop is effected and has to pull himself together during a showdown with Joey.
Really, Really Big Shoo
12. Really, Really Big Shoo
September 22, 1998
Ratings-hungry TV producer Joel Brass wants to use RoboCop in his fading 'COPS'-like reality-based show. Brass plans to destroy RoboCop as a ratings-grabber.
The Weakest Link
11. The Weakest Link
September 21, 1998
Neumeier's college love, lab tech Charlotte Tannenbaum, comes back into his life with a plot to steal RoboCop and deliver him to DARC for unlimited lab funding.
10. Robopop
September 18, 1998
An internet whiz kid, starts up a lie that Robocop is his father. But when DARC begins to believe the rumor is true, they hatch a plan use the kid, in an attempt to control Robocop.
The Hermanator
9. The Hermanator
September 17, 1998
When a nerdy police academy reject develops his own way to instantly grow and extrude any robotocized portion of his body, RoboCop must stop him from harming hundreds of innocents with his visions if glory.
Robo Racer
8. Robo Racer
September 16, 1998
The grueling Paris-to-Dakar rally is the setting for a kidnap attempt by D.A.R.C. of a racer who is the adult son of a European leader.
Plague on Ice
7. Plague on Ice
September 15, 1998
The world is threatened with an alien viral bacterium that causes paranoid delusions in people when it is discovered by a colony in Antarctica.
6. Cyber-Fagin
September 14, 1998
An arcade owner, Virtold Viper, brainwashes Miner's young son Matt, along with some other kids, to plant computer viruses in competitor's systems.
Town of Tomorrow
5. Town of Tomorrow
September 11, 1998
Robots running an exclusive neighborhood go haywire, and Robocop must restore order.
4. Doppelganger
September 10, 1998
After being offered the chance to be human again, Murphy's personality / mind are transferred to a "normal" body by a seemingly benign female geneticist named Anais Gaia.
Justice Reborn (3)
3. Justice Reborn (3)
September 9, 1998
Murphy is rescued from the research clinic by the officers that he use to work with.
Justice Reborn (2)
2. Justice Reborn (2)
September 8, 1998
Robocop finally gets to return to his former precinct and is welcomed back by officers who had worked with him before.
Justice Reborn (1)
1. Justice Reborn (1)
September 7, 1998
RoboCop is brought out of his cryogenic freeze in 2030.
  • Premiere Date
    September 7, 1998
  • IMDB Rating
    5.0  (430)