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2 Seasons, 29 Episodes
December 4, 2012
Cast: Joe Gallucci, Jordan Benjamin, Helen Daniels, Sydney Wade
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Rocket's Island Full Episode Guide

  • Jane, Archie and Izzy find themselves trapped in the mines while searching for the Dirgeldoor. Can Rocket and Alli find them before the mines collapse?

  • Upset over Brandon's departure, Jade searches for a ruined castle in the hope that she can be happy forever. However, Jade is soon trapped in the castle by the ancient knights who defend it.

  • A lone post box on top of Dirgelmor's only mountain is rumored to be able to send letters to historical figures. But when Brandon uses it to contact his mother, it leads to a big surprise.

  • When a handsome, mythical Selkie arrives on the shore, Alli hopes for an end to her loneliness. Meanwhile, Izzy gets herself into more trouble when she loses one of Sarah's treasured rings.

  • A skeleton washes up on the Dirgelmor shore, uncovering the journal of Lord Loomis and his quest to find a mirror that reflects a person's true self.

  • After being struck by lightning, Jade appears to have developed potentially dangerous magical powers.

  • When Archie uncovers an old toy soldier under his bed, Jade worries that he might have brought the toy to life.

  • When Dibber cheats on a school presentation, he appears to become the target of ancient powers.

  • After Rocket discovers a giant fossil, new foster kid Benjamin thinks he sees a real dragon. However, Rocket's reputation is put on the line when they go on a sunset hunt for the creature.

  • Everyone in the village thinks Brandon started the fire at school, so Rocket and Dibber decide to reform the Ballabungie Detective Agency and prove them wrong.

  • When Brandon refuses to bow to the goblin at Goblin's Hollow, Jade becomes concerned that they're all in danger.

  • When a stranger arrives just after a strange machine crash-lands in the village, Rocket becomes convinced he is an aging time traveler.

  • When Rocket's sheep dog becomes sick in his old age, Rocket seeks out the ancient Wolf Tree, which is said to have the power to make the old young again.

  • When Rocket, Jade and Brandon venture off in search of the mythical Mermaid of Dirgelmor, they soon find themselves trapped with the tide coming in.

  • Shada is desperate to hear news about her mother. As her hope fades, Brandon inadvertently upsets her by sharing his own experiences of abandonment.

  • When Alli finds a 14-year-old girl washed up on the island, she believes she "wished" her into existence.

  • Alli struggles to come clean after throwing a rare bird egg, which was stolen from Mrs. Sparks by Jade and Brandon, at her ex-boyfriend Tyler.

  • When a mythical Tancath is sighted in the woods, Rocket is determined to see the creature for himself. There he discovers Jade, a previous foster sibling, and learns that she has hitch-hiked back to the island.

  • With just hours left in the doomsday prophecy, Alli and Rocket come closer to learning the truth about Casey and Lena.

  • Rocket confronts Casey and Lena before they can drive off on Peter's tractor. Meanwhile, Alli is crushed when Sarah doesn't make it to the village show to see her compete.

  • With the annual village show just around the corner, Rocket and Alli are dismayed to learn that their family is fostering two mysterious newcomers.

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