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  • 1968
  • 1 Season

Roland and Ratfink Cartoons from MGM is a classic animated series that was first aired in 1968. The show features a duo of characters, Roland and Ratfink, who are constantly involved in hilarious hijinks and antics. Despite the show's short run of only 28 episodes, it left a lasting impression on viewers of all ages.

Roland is a tall, lanky man with a distinct cowboy hat and outfit. He is always seen carrying a revolver, but he rarely uses it. Instead, he relies on his quick wit and inventive ideas to get himself out of sticky situations. Ratfink, on the other hand, is a small, yet troublesome rat who is always looking for a good time. He often causes problems for Roland, but the two always find a way to work together to overcome any obstacles they face.

The show takes place in various locations, often in the Wild West or in an urban city. The animation style is very unique, with bright colors and exaggerated features, which adds to the comedic effect of the series. Each episode is around seven minutes long, making it easy to watch and perfect for a quick laugh.

The series is famous for its hilarious gags and witty humor. The show's creators were keen on using slapstick humor, which involved exaggerated physical comedy and humorous accidents. Several episodes also featured clever puns and wordplay, which were delivered in the show's distinctive style of humor.

One of the unique features of the show is the use of sound effects. The creators made use of a wide range of sound effects that enhanced the comedic effect of the show. These included footsteps, gunshots, and whistles, among other things. The sound effects were sometimes comedic in themselves, and they added to the overall humor of each episode.

Another interesting feature of the show is the absence of dialogue. Most episodes are entirely silent, with only sound effects and some background music playing. This was a bold move by the creators, but it paid off, as the show's humor is widely accessible, regardless of the viewer's language or age.

Roland and Ratfink Cartoons from MGM was a unique show that captured the hearts of viewers of all ages. Its humor was clever, and the animation style was distinct and memorable. Despite only airing for a short time, the show made a lasting impact on the animation industry.

In conclusion, Roland and Ratfink Cartoons from MGM was a classic animated series that was known for its slapstick humor and unique animation style. The show's main characters, Roland and Ratfink, were a comedic duo that always found themselves in hilarious situations. The use of sound effects and absence of dialogue made the show widely accessible and helped to enhance the humor. Overall, the series is a must-watch for fans of classic animation and those looking for a good laugh.

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Cattle Battle
17. Cattle Battle
August 4, 1971
Rattfink is up to no good and trying to steal some cows that are being guarded by Roland.
A Fink in the Rink
16. A Fink in the Rink
July 4, 1971
Roland gets Rattfink kicked out of the roller staking rink so Rattfink is looking for revenge.
The Great Continental Overland Cross Country Race
15. The Great Continental Overland Cross Country Race
May 23, 1971
Roland and Rattfink spoof The Great Race.
Trick or Retreat
14. Trick or Retreat
March 3, 1971
Rattfink tries to rally a group of Indians against Roland and his army fort.
Gem Dandy
13. Gem Dandy
October 25, 1970
Roland is guarding a valuable diamond that Rattfink is trying to steal.
War and Pieces
12. War and Pieces
September 20, 1970
Roland is commanded by the King to capture the evil pirate "Rotten" Rattfink.
Robin Goodhood
11. Robin Goodhood
September 9, 1970
Roland is a Robin hood figure who steals tax money from Rattfink.
10. Bridgework
August 26, 1970
Roland is in charge of building a new bridge and Rattfink is set on destroying it.
The Foul Kin
9. The Foul Kin
August 5, 1970
Rattfink discovers that he has a long lost rich uncle named Rotten Rattfink. He hurries off for a visit to see if he will be included in the old man's will.
A Taste of Money
8. A Taste of Money
June 24, 1970
Rattfink sets his sights on a rich widow and wins her hand in marriage. He gets more than he bargained for when he discovers how hard it will be to live with her and her brat child.
Say Cheese, Please
7. Say Cheese, Please
June 7, 1970
Roland and Rattfink play hero and villain in a series of movies. Rattfink decides he doesn't want to be the villain anymore and asks his father, the owner of the studio, to make some changes.
A Pair of Sneakers
6. A Pair of Sneakers
September 17, 1969
Roland and Rattfink are competing spies. Roland has a secret message that need to get through and Rattfink is in charge of stopping him.
Sweet and Sourdough
5. Sweet and Sourdough
June 25, 1969
Roland is hired by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to arrest Rattfink who has been causing trouble in the Yukon.
The Deadwood Thunderball
4. The Deadwood Thunderball
June 6, 1969
Rattfink is hired by the owner of a stagecoach line to stop the train from getting through to save his business. Roland is trying his best to make sure that the train makes it to the other end.
Flying Feet
3. Flying Feet
April 10, 1969
Roland is packing his bags as he is leaving for college.
Hurts and Flowers
2. Hurts and Flowers
February 11, 1969
Rattfink has big plans to do away with Roland. First he tries to catch him in a trap. When that fails he tries to push him off of a cliff. Then he gets so fed up that he tries using explosives.
Hawks and Doves
1. Hawks and Doves
December 18, 1968
Doveland and Hawkland declare war on each other. Roland tries to end the war while Rattfink takes the opportunity to drop bombs on Roland.
  • Premiere Date
    December 18, 1968