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  • PG
  • 1999
  • 1 Season
  • 7.4  (2,212)

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles is a science-fiction animated series that originally aired from 1999 to 2000. The show is set in the future where humans have expanded their reach into outer space and established various colonies on different planets. The series is based on the book Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein and the subsequent film adaptation directed by Paul Verhoeven.

The story follows a group of soldiers from the 3rd Mobile Infantry Division, also known as the Roughnecks. They are sent on a mission to fight against the Arachnids, an alien race that is trying to destroy humanity. The Arachnids are a formidable enemy, and the Roughnecks face many challenges as they try to save the world from these powerful creatures.

The main character of Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles is Johnny Rico, voiced by Rider Strong. Rico is a young soldier who enlists in the military after his hometown is destroyed by the Arachnids. He is a natural leader and quickly rises through the ranks to become a sergeant in the Roughnecks. Along with his fellow soldiers, Rico fights bravely to protect humanity from the Arachnids.

Another important character in the series is Captain Carmen Ibanez, voiced by Irene Bedard. Ibanez is Rico's love interest and also a skilled pilot who flies the starships that transport the Roughnecks to various planets. She is a tough and dedicated soldier who is always ready for battle.

Other members of the Roughnecks include Carl Jenkins, voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, who is a psychic and helps the team with his telepathic abilities. The team also includes T'Phai, voiced by James Horan, who is an alien scientist and expert in the Arachnids' biology. There's also Dizzy Flores, voiced by Tish Hicks, who is a female soldier and Rico's friend.

The show features a wide range of other characters, including General Redwing, played by R. Lee Ermey, who is the leader of the Roughnecks. There's also Lieutenant Razak, voiced by David DeLuise, who is the Roughnecks' field leader. The series also included a range of guest stars, such as Nicholas Guest, E.G. Daily, Rino Romano, Bill Fagerbakke, and Alexander Polinsky.

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles is notable for its stunning animation style. The show was one of the first fully computer-animated series to air on television, and the graphics are impressive even by today's standards. The animation is realistic, with detailed landscapes and intricate character designs that capture the energy and action of the series.

The show's storytelling is also a standout feature. Each episode is fast-paced and action-packed, with plenty of excitement and suspense. The characters are well-developed, with each member of the Roughnecks having a unique personality and backstory. The series also explores complex themes, such as the morality of war and the nature of heroism.

Overall, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles is an epic and engaging animated series that offers a thrilling story, stunning animation, and well-developed characters. The show has earned a cult following over the years, and it remains a beloved classic of science-fiction animation.

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (41 episodes). The series first aired on August 30, 1999.

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles
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Starship Troopers Chronicles: The Court Martial of Lt. Razak
44. Starship Troopers Chronicles: The Court Martial of Lt. Razak
April 6, 2000
At the beginning of a mission, Lt. Razak ignores a standing directive and orders the saturation bombing of a landing zone.
Court-Martial of Lt. Razak
40. Court-Martial of Lt. Razak
April 5, 2000
At the beginning of a mission, Lt. Razak ignores a standing directive and orders the saturation bombing of a landing zone.
39. Marooned
February 22, 2000
Dozens of Fleet Ships are hunting for the Bug Queen, after she somehow escaped during the M.I. showdown on Klendathu.
Propaganda Machine
38. Propaganda Machine
January 14, 2000
SICON officials discover a massive bug mound outside of Buenos Aires. Believing the bugs are mobilizing for another assault on the city, SICON tries to bomb the hill from the air.
Spirits of the Departed
37. Spirits of the Departed
March 15, 2000
The ROUGHNECKS, with RICO as their new Lieutenant, are re-routed to SICON HQ in OAHU to help defend the island against an expected BUG attack.
Funeral for a Friend
36. Funeral for a Friend
March 14, 2000
The ROUGHNECKS are being split up.
Pluto and Beyond
35. Pluto and Beyond
September 21, 1999
When it is discovered that the bugs have a vast network of tunnels and colonies beneath San Francisco, SICON decides the only way to ensure victory is to nuke the city.
34. Requiem
March 13, 2000
The Roughnecks' ship, the Zephyr, remains trapped inside what they now know is a giant bug. A team consisting of Rico, Brutto, Dizzy and Doc has been sent out to retrieve air.
Hide n' Seek
33. Hide n' Seek
March 17, 2000
After a long day of battling Bugs, the Roughnecks are called to a mission briefing only to find themselves in the presence of Sky Marshall Sanchez himself.
Among Us
32. Among Us
March 3, 2000
SICON forces move into peacetime duty after the Bug Queen and her transport are presumably terminated. But Carl insists the Queen is still alive and here on Earth.
31. Trackers
March 28, 2000
While at a temporary camp on Klendathu, the Roughnecks are attacked by a new and dangerous form of arachnid, an IMPOSTER BUG that approximates the size and shape of a human.
30. Checkmate
March 6, 2000
During a drop against a well-defended bug position, Rico's Drop Suit is struck by a plasma blast, knocking him out of his landing trajectory. rescues Rico, just as his air supply runs out.
Letters Home
29. Letters Home
February 21, 2000
The Roughnecks are facing a "Battle of the Bulge" situation on the Bug home planet of Klendathu. They have been ordered to hold the line against an inevitable (and overwhelming) Bug siege.
The Mission
28. The Mission
February 25, 2000
Aboard the Valley Forge on a long trip to their next campaign, the Roughnecks have drawn watch as most of the ship's crew rests in suspended animation.
27. D-Day
February 17, 2000
As the squad prepares for the D-Day invasion of the bug home planet of Klendathu, Dizzy receives an official notice from SICON that her brother, Eddie is presumed dead.
26. Metamorphosis
February 18, 2000
The Roughnecks are sent on a seemingly routine recon mission of the planet Tophet to determine if it can be used as a waystation for S.I.C.O.N. to the rest of the galaxy.
The Ice Men Goeth
25. The Ice Men Goeth
March 9, 2000
The Zephyr remains crash-landed on a frozen asteroid.
The Inside Story
24. The Inside Story
January 17, 2000
Their ship, the Zephyr, crashed again on the ice asteroid; the Roughnecks are running out of ammo to fight off the attacking Firefries.
Hot Ice
23. Hot Ice
November 25, 1999
Returning from a combat mission in a retrieval ship, the Zephyr, the Roughnecks are re-routed to an asteroid to join scientists from another ship, the Sequoia.
Mixed Signals
22. Mixed Signals
February 15, 2000
While returning from a mission, the Roughnecks are attacked and captured by a contingent of Skinnies.
21. Ice-Olation
February 8, 2000
The Roughnecks are crashed on a barren asteroid.
20. Heart
January 3, 2000
Unhappy with the negative news being reported from the field, SICON orders Fed Net reporter Bob Higgins to create a postive, upbeat piece about the war.
Liquid Dreams
19. Liquid Dreams
December 17, 1999
While RICO recovers from injuries at the Hospital at ZEGEMA BEACH, the ROUGHNECKS map strange tunnels out in the jungles of TESCA NEMEROSA.
18. Marauder
December 3, 1999
RICO -- hovering in a coma between life and death -- flashes back to High School with DIZZY, CARL, CARMEN & RAZAK, and Basic Training with DRILL SERGEANT ZIM.
...And Then There Were Two
17. ...And Then There Were Two
December 9, 1999
As the squad goes on Recon in the TESCA NEMEROSAN jungle beyond ZEGEMA BEACH, RICO still refuses to accept T'PHAI into the unit.
No Substitute
16. No Substitute
November 19, 1999
After GOSSARD receives a minor injury, RICO is assigned a MARAUDER suit for the ROUGHNECK's next mission: they're heading upriver to capture a BRAIN BUG.
The Face of Truth
15. The Face of Truth
February 14, 2000
After clearing a mountain pass of a row of Blaster Bugs, the Roughnecks are able to cap...
14. Captured
January 28, 2000
COLONEL T'PHAI -- the Skinnie who was partially responsible for CARL's fried brain -- joins the unit just as they're assigned the task of taking ZEGEMA BEACH as part of the TESCA NEMEROSA CAMPAIGN.
Of Flesh and Steel
13. Of Flesh and Steel
September 8, 1999
The Roughnecks are sent down to Hydora to find two squads that have vanished into thin air. On the way, Rico and Dizzy bicker when he criticizes her for taking too many risks.
12. Stranded
September 2, 1999
The Roughnecks discover LT.ROSS, commander of DELTA SQUAD, wandering on Hydora, his long-term memory wiped out, and his entire squad missing.
11. Betrayal
February 16, 2000
The Roughnecks are sent into enemy territory to search for a Rippler nest and destroy it.
Sole Survivor
10. Sole Survivor
November 4, 1999
The TRANSPORT BUG spotted dropping eggs and bugs onto Pluto is tracked to a previously undiscovered planet, which is named HYDORA.
Missing in Action
9. Missing in Action
November 11, 1999
LT. CARMEN IBANEZ is stranded on Hydora while rescuing Troopers injured in a fierce bug battle.
Search & Destroy
8. Search & Destroy
October 21, 1999
The Roughnecks are one of several squads sent beneath the surface of the planet to locate the source of the bug army, dubbed "Bug City," and call in an air strike.
7. Swarm
September 30, 1999
Fed Net reporter Bob Higgins hosts a half-hour Fed Net news special looking at the first weeks of the war on Pluto and Tophet--focusing on the battles, the bugs, and the heroics of the Roughnecks
Water, Water Everywhere
6. Water, Water Everywhere
October 12, 1999
When a Cyborg named Chas (Cybernetic Humanoid Assault System) is assigned to the Roughnecks, he is befriended by Higgins who views the robot as a kindred outsider.
Deep Trouble
5. Deep Trouble
September 22, 1999
When HIGGINS' actions during battle compromise the safety of the Roughnecks, LT. RAZAK wants to have him shipped back to Earth.
Basic Training
4. Basic Training
September 3, 1999
LT. RAZAK, suspicious of a lull in the Bug offensive, investigates the area with Higgins in a SURFACE SKIMMER. The pair spot a HUGE BUG MIGRATION and call in an air strike.
Handle with Care
3. Handle with Care
September 1, 1999
SICON decides to send the Roughnecks on a special mission: bring back a live Plasma Bug from behind enemy lines.
Plasma Bugs of Navarone
2. Plasma Bugs of Navarone
August 31, 1999
Carmen and Zander are trapped in a scientific research outpost on Pluto when their Retrieval ship is shot down by Plasma Bugs.
1. Freefall
August 30, 1999
Not long after military forces from Earth think they've defeated an alien Bug infestation on Pluto, the insects return and threaten our scientific outposts.
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    August 30, 1999
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