Queen's Blade

Clean the blade is a Japanese animated television show (anime), which features a cast of characters consisting of young female warriors (may not be suitable for audiences). The plot of the series centers around a turn and held in a mythical world known as Gainos, where a martial arts tournament is held every four years to determine the Queen of the land. The best female fighters from all over the continent travel to the capital city of Aldra in order to compete in the tournament and take their place on the throne by defeating all the other competitors. The storyline centers on a character known as Leina, who is an heiress of the well-respected and noble Vance family and by heritage and blood line is next in line for the throne. Each episode deals with the trials and tribulations that she goes through as she makes her way to the capital city for the tournament is different alliances and lessons that she learns as she contacts each of the individual fighters making their own way to the tournament Leina encounters a wide variety of personalities, as well as fighting styles that she will later have to contend with, as the tournament progresses.

There is a sufficient amount of drama that ensues in every episode as the main character often find yourself between a rock and a hard place and has to learn any lessons about humanity or a new skill set that will later be applied to her already extensive martial arts knowledge, thereby making her a more well rounded fighter and a better human being in general. This show is interesting because at first glance it looks provocative things to the way the characters are dressed as low as they age. However it does mean exceedingly interesting job of delivering a different perspective on a moral issue. In each episode, in between action sequences, of course for those viewers that are interested in fantasy martial arts and action sequences, and there are plenty of those jampacked into every episode. There is also plenty of unique artwork and character development to be had for the anime aficionado. The action sequences, as well as their daily life and interactions are choreographed in such a way as to make the characters extremely realistic even when performing feats that cannot be accomplished by an ordinary human being for those who are anime action junkies this show is a must see.

Thursdays at 8:00 pm et/pt on AT-X
1 Season, 24 Episodes
April 2, 2009
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Ayako Kawasumi, Aya Hirano, Mamiko Noto, Hitomi Nabatame
Queen's Blade

Queen's Blade Full Episode Guide

  • Aldra proves to be quite the opponent, as it is revealed she has made a pact with a fallen angel. Defeated warriors begin to arrive as Lana tries to effect a rescue. The honor Leina has shown throughout the journey has forged bonds.

  • Aldra's past is revealed, with an explanation of her power and the reason for her ambitions. Top warriors fall as the final match is set between Leina and Aldra.

  • It is determined that Aldra must be related to a divine entity. Leina and Tomoe engage in a disastrous fight, and new understanding of each other results.

  • Claudette and Risty trade victories as the outcome of the Count's coup is in flux. Revelations are made as to the changes in the lives of some of the warriors.

  • The sacred milk has magical power, as some of the petrified warriors are released. Count Vance puts a plot in motion to seize the throne.

  • Secrets emerge from past lives, as matches and battles continue. Friends fight to the death.

  • New matches are announced, as new modes of attack and menace are revealed. A match postponed from the street, takes place in the formality of the competition.

  • A husband frozen in stone is reunited with his wife. Ymir's skill in caring for and repairing weapons becomes more important and the matches continue.

  • Numerous alliances and battles set the field for the next set of matches.

  • Nyx reveals the source of her magical fire power and reaps the consequences. New teams are announced.

  • Nyx reveals the source of her magical fire power and reaps the consequences. New teams are announced.

  • Nanael is reassigned by the Head Angel to compete in the Queen's Blade as punishment for failing her prior assignment. Everyone is looking for residences in Gainos.

  • Enemies become allies again, and secrets and motives are revealed. A new army of enemies shows up, led by old rivals.

  • A former ally turns enemy and Reina realizes she needs skill and encouragement in order to participate in Queen's Blade..

  • The travelers become involved in a local feud, but meet new allies and obtain stronger weapons. Listy returns.

  • Tomoe avenges the death of her fellow priestesses, and Claudette announces her decision to participate in Queen's Blade.

  • From heaven, Nanael receives a new task. However, she ends up aiding Reina's enemies. As she realizes her mistake, she swiftly rejoins the three and defeats them. Heaven gives Nanael a new mandate, and perhaps Reina will now see some relief.

  • A swamp monster appears as new allies are met, and new obstacles arise to complicate the victory in the tournament.

  • Motives for the quest are revealed as Claudette and Reina fight with disastrous consequences.

  • Reina and Listy encounter obstacles as they approach the contest grounds. Echidna proves to be a worthy opponent-- but merciful too? Listy is back to her old thieving ways.

  • Two new warriors join together to travel to the Queen's Blade tournament. They are attacked, but emerge victorious, determined to avenge the death of so many friends.

  • Participants in the Queen's Blade tournament begin to encounter each other along the road. Some early conflicts arise among the warriors.

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